O.Pen Vape Review 2020: A Must Read Before Buying!

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With time technology is getting more advanced and smaller in size, evolving from large models to palm-sized gadgets. Similarly, vaporizers are also advancing in functionality and shrinking in size. O.pen Vape is one of the smallest and most compact vape pens currently available in the market. This Open vape review covers all the aspects penned down by me when I tested this vape. This is not like other vape reviews, we have tried to be very comprehensive so that you can make the best choice. 

What is O.pen Vape?

This pen is quite the same size as a standard writing pen and only about twice as heavy. This electronic cigarette has a battery in its bottom half that attaches itself to a cartomizer. The O.pen Vape works with disposable cartomizers prefilled with cannabis-infused CO2 oil. This is why you can only purchase the O.pen prefilled cartridge from one of the MMJ friendly states, namely California, Washington, and Colorado.

First thing’s first for Open vape review, let’s see what we receive when we purchase the O.pen Vape Kit.

  • 1x Honey Pot with a syringe fill tool
  • 1x 0.5ml of O.juice and Honey Pot
  • 1x Honey Pot Lid
  • 1x USB charger
  • 1x empty 0.5ml cartridge
  • 1x O.pen Vape lanyard
  • 1x fill tool
  • 1x mixing tool


When you purchase the O.pen vape, you will receive a dead internal battery that needs to be charged before it can be used. Once you plug the battery into the USB, the charging light on the charger will turn red to indicate that the device is currently charging.

Once the device has finished charging, the light will turn green and you will know that your device is not ready to be used. Once your device is fully charged, all you have to do is to screw the cartridge in and you are ready to start vaping.

Factors Considered for O.pen Vape Review 

1) Design

Personally, I loved the O.pen vape. It is thin, light in weight, and smooth to hold. The pen fits perfectly in my palm and looks very elegant. The O.pen vape is 6 inches in length and has the size of a standard pen or pencil, which may be a bit long for a few people.

The O.pen vape is slightly longer than an average standard pen vaporizer. Its size exceeds the size of most palms so it will not give complete discretion when you are holding it in your hand. However, that may not be a major concern for a lot of vapers, unless you really want to be discreet about your vaping habits.

The O.pen vape fits perfectly in the pockets of coats and trousers, which makes it a perfect choice for you if you love to vape on the go.

2) Safety

Leaving your vape pen in a car or places with extreme temperatures can be lethal because of leaking. A huge mess will start with liquid spilling all over so be careful of that. The O.pen vape package is comfortable to carry around. The box has separate portions for all the components of the kit so that they can be kept well-arranged. The lid, also referred to as the honey pot is used to mix oil.

It is perfectly sealed so leaking issue not a common occurrence. It is also used as a container to store the vape tools. This cylinder-shaped package for the O.pen Vape is futuristic in appearance so safety is insured. The style is new, original, and undoubtedly very impressive when it’s about protecting your vape pen.

3) Potency

Not only are the concentrates expensive, but they can also be very difficult to consume. Secondly, the water pipe designed for concentrates costs more than $100, which makes a lot of marijuana consumers to turn to vape pens as suitable methods to have their intake of medical marijuana.

While vape pens are definitely cheap, they are also more prone to breaking and will eventually cost as much as a standard water pipe does. O.pen Vape is designed for the vaper’s ease of use. It is not only easy to operate but is also available to a large audience.

The flagship product by the company called the O.pen Vape ranges in between $20 to $25 and works with prefilled cartridges that cost about $30. Once you have purchased the vape pen and the cartridge, all you have to do is screw it on to the battery and the heating element of the vape, and you can start your vaping experience right away.

While O.pen’s simplicity may be a plus point for many, it also limits its diversity in terms of functionality. In short, its simplicity could be limiting for vapers who seek more thrill and versatility in their vaporizers.

Coming back to the original point of discussion, patients of medical marijuana who are looking to gain access to concentrates without having to pay too much may find the perfect solution with O.pen Vape.

4) Flavor

A syringe of hash oils is available for purchase at dispensaries; all you have to do is heat it for some time before you load it into an empty cartridge. The O.pen Vape can also be used for vaping nonliquid concentrates. Just mix the concentrate with polyethylene glycol so as to give it a proper consistency and you’re ready to start vaping!

But contrary to its variety of options, as deducted from a few O.pen Vape cartridge reviews, the vapers claim that they do not have much time to check the consistency and make sure that the concentrate is homogeneous and unvaried. As a result, a lot of vapers find the O.pen Vape’s cartridge system very restrictive.

5) Efficiency

The built-in battery of the O.pen Vape comes dead and needs to be charged before it can be used. When you plug the battery into the USB, make sure that the charger light has turned red and once your O.pen Vape is completely charged, the light will turn green.

As estimated, the battery takes about three to four hours to charge, and that is not exactly fast charging which according to the O.pen Vape review a lot of vapers have repeatedly complained about. The battery also contains the automatic shut off feature that cuts off the battery power in about eight seconds to avoid overheating and causing unnecessary damage to the product.

6) Ease of Use

The O.pen Vape is extremely easy to use and comes with no buttons. You can start vaping by just drawing air through the mouthpiece and the heating unit automatically heats up and lets out hash oil vapor.

When you are using the O.pen Vape, the LED light at the tip of the pen lights up, and the heating element stays on for about eight seconds before the automatic shut off technology turns it off. The O.pen Vape is very discreet, easy to use, and very easy to conceal when you are on the go.

Since its release, I was pretty excited to get my hands on the O.pen Vape Fill It Yourself Kit and get a first-hand experience. The Fill It Yourself Kit that comes along with the vape pen is a unique and exciting concept that many vapers were curious about. This technology allows vapers to create their own oil solution, fill it into the vaporizer, and start vaping. The O.pen Vape is a button-less device simplified for ease of use so that the vapers can focus completely on the “Fill It Yourself” aspect of the device.

7) Temperature Control

Once you have attached the concentrate filled cartridge to the O.pen Vape, you can immediately start vaping. The heating element works up until eight seconds during which the LED indicator on the bottom of the device will continue to blink.

8) Reputation and Reliability

When you unbox the device, O.pen Vape is a simple pen-like device with a USB charging tip that is screwed at the end of the device. This battery when initially purchased contains no charge, so the first thing you will have to do is charge the device upon its purchase. The maximum time the O.pen vape will take to charge is about three to four hours. According to the O.pen Vape reviews, customers seem to find the charging speed somewhat slow and a bit of a pain.

The brand O.pen Vape keeps open communication with its retailers. Not only that but on their official website they claim that their distributors are well informed about their products. The company also offers a warranty on their products through their distributors.

The company policy of keeping the doors of communication and collaboration open with their distributors and retail partners is a big asset in an industry that is flooded with all types of good and bad quality products with questionable price tags and severe inconsistency.

Despite the company’s claim of excellence in customer service, according to a few O.pen Vape reviews, the company had failed to follow through on their promises. This definitely cuts down the plus points of O.pen Vape and the brand’s credibility in the vaping market.

Upon usage, you will require a cartridge that screws onto the threaded tip where the USB charger is located. The best way to start using the O.pen Vape right away is to purchase a separate prefilled cartridge. You can buy the company’s own O.pen vape cartridge.

As per O.pen Vape cartridge reviews, the cartridges seem to be very cost effective. These cartridges cost around $30 for half a gram and $50 for a whole gram. Prices differ in different states; Colorado is rumored to have a friendlier pricing scheme than the other states O.pen Vape and its cartridges are sold in.

This can eventually turn out to be pretty costly (even more expensive than the vape pen itself), so most retailers usually throw in an O.pen Vape with the purchase of one or more than one cartridges. The O.pen Vape is 510 threaded, which means the prefilled cartridges sold by other brands that fit this size will work just fine with the O.pen Vape. This way you are not bound to purchase cartridges from a single vape brand only.

O.pen Vape Cartridge Review

O.pen Vape sells empty cartridges besides the prefilled ones that are a perfect fit for the O.pen Vape. You can purchase a five pack of the smallest 3ml size cartridges which will cost you almost $35. This is definitely a more cost-effective choice than having to buy prefilled cartridges over and over again.

The Pros of O.pen Vape

  • Since the O.pen vape is about the same size as an actual pen, it is easy to carry around. If you find carrying the assembled device too difficult to transport, you can easily unscrew the bottom portion that contains the cartridge and carries the two parts separately.
  • Secondly, one of the biggest advantages of the O.pen Vape is its preloaded vape cartridges. These cartridges do not contain any carrier liquid, which makes it easier to be well aware of the amount of THC being consumed by the vaper and allows you to make accurate deductions about the ideal THC intake for you.
  • Another advantage of the O.pen Vape is its lifetime warranty. The company in several cases has provided replacement parts, but in many cases, we have come to know through the O.pen Vape review that the company refused to provide a replacement for the damaged or poorly functioning parts of the device. So, if you are relying on the lifetime warranty to save you some money with O.pen Vape, you are looking at a 50 50 chance here. If you are persistent enough and deserve to receive the replacement parts, then the company will probably provide you with the replacement to which you are entitled.
  • The device is button-less which makes it simple and very easy to use.
  • Each of the O.pen Vape devices come with a serial number that allows you to call CW Analytical and ask for lab testing data for your device.
  • The battery tends to last very long. With regular use, it may even last for as long as one week.
  • The LED lights at the bottom of the pen turn on when you inhale through the mouthpiece. This makes it easy to assume when you will be activating the heating element.

The Cons of O.pen Vape

  • The O.pen vape contains a thinning agent called the Polyethylene Glycol (PEG). This compound is said to have adverse health effects when it is heated and inhaled. The product has not yet been tested for safety by the FDA.  Moreover, patients of medical marijuana should carefully study the labels on cannabis products and consume them at their own risk.
  • One disadvantage of the O.pen vape is that it cannot be exposed to higher levels of hotness or coldness since that can cause the device to leak. If some of the concentrates leak onto the pen, it will interfere with the smooth functioning of the vape and eventually cause the vape pen to stop working.
  • This indicates that even though the vape pen is portable, you cannot be completely reckless with it and must be careful enough to let it get any direct exposure to extreme temperatures.
  • The O.pen Vape at its core is quite like other electronic cigarettes. A similar product can be purchased from different e-cigarette retailers in the same pricing range as the O.pen Vape. People who are experienced users of electronic cigarettes are very likely to find excellent alternatives to the O.pen Vape for almost the same price as this product.
  • A lot of the vapers do not know which flavor they are vaporizing. And the O.pen does not really ease the dilemma. The flavors indica, hybrid, and sativa strains are very difficult to differentiate and usually come with a hint of chemicals. Also, we have discovered from the O.pen Vape cartridge reviews that the prefilled O.pen vape cartridges are only filled up to two thirds or three-fourths of the entire bottle.
  • O.pen uses plastic cartomizers which may not be the safest or the healthiest choice. Plastic cartridges do not come recommended and most of the times, plastic cartridges are meant to be disposable.
  • Another disadvantage of O.pen Vape we have discovered is that the oil present in its cartridge is not as pure as it could be. There are products out there with a much higher level of THC or CBD per ml.
  • Another major disadvantage is that the O.pen vape takes a long time to charge, almost around 4 hours. From the O.pen Vape review, this is one of the features of this device that annoy the customers the most.
  • We know that O.pen Vape is one of the most inexpensive electronic cigarettes currently available in the market that gives you access to concentrates, but a massive downside of this is that eventually, it is just another basic and affordable vaping product. Users who have had spent years vaping and are looking for devices more advanced and versatile in functionality will never go for O.pen Vape. People who have an accommodating budget and value reliability will look for a more expensive product to get a better experience. To sum it up, this product is for a specific kind of vapers, and undoubtedly, it provides an excellent vaping experience to those who go for it.

O.pen Vape Reserve Review

O.pen Vape reserve is different from other vaporizers because unlike other e-cigarettes, it uses cannabis concentrate cartridges that consist entirely of pure cannabis oil. It has quite the same look and design as the other O.pen Vape products and is easy to assemble with only two components: a cartridge and a battery. The USB component of the device can be screwed into the battery when the device needs recharging.

The O.pen Vape Reserve holds a thicker concentrate that requires more strength to draw than your usual concentrates. Moreover, its pure concentrate gives the vaper a clean oil experience and offers robust smoke to make the vaper feel completely satisfied with their hits.

O.pen Vape: A Simplified Vaping Experience

All in all, the O.pen Vape offers a wholesome and neat vaping experience. It is not too expensive, easy to operate and has brought in some promising O. Vape reviews. Not to mention, that O.pen is a brand having successfully released a slew of products that have grossed successfully in the market. You can go through our O.pen Vape 2.0 review and the O.pen Vape Reserve review to quell your worries. The O.pen Vape provides a simplified and rich vaping experience and is the perfect choice for beginners as well as more experienced vapers who love simplicity in their vaping habits.


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