Mighty Vaporizer Review 2020: A Must Read Before Buying!

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The Mighty Vaporizer is the next release by Storz and Bickel after the very successful Crafty. The Mighty Vaporizer was made especially for herbs and concentrates. This Vaporizer has been one of the most popular ones in the vaping community for quite a few years. Which gives way to my next question: is it still one of the best vaporizers? Well, let’s find out in this Mighty Vaporizer review.

As per other reviews and my own personal experience with the Mighty Vaporizer, I’ll definitely say that it delivers rather brilliantly in terms of performance. The vapor output is excellent, the vaping experience is free of any complexities, and as far as the design goes, it is pretty much very outdated. If I were to compare the Mighty Vaporizer to a desktop vaporizer, I’d say it looked a lot like the Volcano. The Mighty – as it goes with the name – is one of the bigger handheld vaporizers currently selling in the market.

Mighty Vaporizer Review: Everything you Need to Know

Concealing this vaporizer is next to impossible. It is large in size, and there is no way you can discreetly carry it around with you. If you want to step out with this vaporizer in the public, you will need to quit trying to hide this in your coat pockets because of the size. This vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is a lot like its predecessor the Crafty.

The Mighty is a portable vaporizer with an excellent quality vapor output and performs just like if not better than most of the good desktop units out there. The biggest advantage of the Mighty Vaporizer as we will learn in this Mighty Vape review is that it performs exceptionally well. The quantity, smoothness, and potency of the vapor content it delivers are perhaps very much unparalleled.

Differences between the Crafty and the Mighty

  • The Mighty is bigger in size as compared to the Crafty which clearly indicates that it is not really a pocket vape, but a lot like a cordless vape for home and travel. The device is, however, portable and easy to hold, transport, and store in your luggage.
  • Since the Mighty is bigger in size, it gets the advantage of having double the battery life of the Crafty. With the long battery life comes a long cord, which is around 6ft. as compared to the Crafty’s 2.5ft.
  • The charging time in the Mighty is half than that of the Crafty’s. The Mighty can charge a completely discharged battery to its full potential in about 45 minutes while the Crafty takes about 2 hours.
  • Both of these vaporizers have pass-through charging, but only the Mighty allows for its proper usage. In the Mighty, you can plug it in and use it right away even if your battery is completely drained. But with the Crafty, you will have to wait about 25 minutes so that it could charge up to at least 20 percent and only then can you switch it on and vape.
  • The Crafty can be controlled using a smartphone app. For example, you can fiddle with the temperature settings or LED brightness. But with the Mighty, you have an LED screen that displays the battery life and the temperature settings so it does not require the app.

How to Use the Mighty Vaporizer

The first and foremost thing to do is to pack the chamber with your favorite herbs. Grind the herbs to the desired levels. The herb chamber of the Mighty vaporizer is pretty wide and quite shallow and holds about 0.15 grams of herbs. The good thing is that the Mighty works pretty well, either way, irrespective of whether the herbs are ground to a fine or coarse and loose.

If you are going with a fine grind then the vapors at the beginning will be very dense, thick, and flavorful, but will turn bitter towards the end of the session. Coarse grinds provide better consistency throughout the session. The draws are all pretty equal when it comes to how dense or flavorful they are.

The herb chamber is wide enough that you can reach in and fill it up with your fingers unless you are in possession of banana hands. In that case, you may need the filling aid. The filling aid is neat, latches on to the chamber easily enough. You can easily fill up the chamber and shake it up without actually having to use your hands in direct contact with the herbs in the bowl.

It does a nice job with filling up the chamber of the Mighty vaporizer without over packing the entire thing. The filling aid can also be used as storage for your already ground material, which is a pretty useful thing. It might seem like an unnecessary add on in the beginning, but it tends to come in handy when you want to fill up the chamber without spillage.

The next thing you have to do is hold the power button until the device turns on. The power button is located at the side of the device. Once the device is turned on, the heating unit will immediately begin heating up the material. The mighty comes with a built-in memory that keeps a record of your previously used temperature settings. The temperature can be easily adjusted using the up and down arrow buttons located at the side of the LCD screen.

At normal cannabis vaping temperature, the time taken to heat up the Mighty Vaporizer is about 1.5 to 2 minutes. Once the desired temperature is achieved, the Mighty will vibrate to indicate that you can now begin vaping. The Mighty vaporizer is one of the very first vaporizers to have included this feature.


As we have learned earlier in the  Mighty Vape review that it is one of the biggest portable vaporizers currently available in the market. The device has the exact dimensions of 5.5”H x 3.2”L x 1.2” D and weighs a good 230 grams. In contrast, the Crafty weighs about 135 grams, the Pax 2 weighs about 90 grams, and the Firefly is about 140 grams in weight.

Even though the device is quite big in size and relatively heavy, a lot of vapers who don’t mind vaping out in the open or carrying around the extra weight still vape with the Mighty when they are outdoors. It is a good choice to take the Mighty with you when you are hanging out with your friends because it guarantees an excellent battery life and it’s so easy to use that even a beginner can use it without much effort.

As we have discussed before in this Mighty vaporizer review, the Mighty may not be the best vaporizer for concealment. You can fit it into your backpack, a handbag, but it’s definitely not one to be carried in your pocket. Its size can be compared to a packet of ramen noodles. Imagine carrying that in your pocket, eh?

We can say that the Mighty is a great group vaporizer, but it is not the best choice for personal concealment type vaporizer. You can even share this vaporizer with your friends since it is very easy to hold and pass around. Another plus point is that no matter how long you use it, it remains cool and doesn’t heat up on prolonged usage. The fins on the outside act as the heat sinks which allow the exterior of the Mighty to remain cool and make for an enjoyable vaping session.

Battery Life and Charging Options

When it comes to battery life, the Mighty is perhaps the best vaporizer you can find in the market. The Mighty is one of the highly rated portable vaporizer for its excellent battery life. It charges fast and goes on for hours without the battery completely draining. Personally, I think the battery life of the Mighty is pretty fantastic. I usually don’t have much time to sit around and constantly wait for the vape to charge, which is why it’s absolutely perfect that I can get an average of about eight sessions in before the battery dies.

When I’m using it constantly in uninterrupted vaping sessions, it goes on for about more than ninety minutes before the battery completely drains away. Also, since the Mighty Vaporizer has full pass charging as we have discovered earlier in the Mighty Vaporizer review, we can also use it while it is charging. A lot of other vapes including the Crafty have only partial pass-through charging in which the vape can be used during charging but the battery life falls slower than it does when the device is not plugged in.

Since the Mighty comes with a better than average battery life and some excellent charging power, it cannot be charged through USB charging. You have to plug it into a wall socket for proper fast charging.

Heating Element and Temperature Control

The Mighty uses the conduction heating method as well as the convection one. So it is one of those hybrid vaporizers that deliver excellent power. The Mighty produces dense and tasty vapors consistently without you having to stir every few minutes. It comes with a 1×1 LCD display screen that has buttons on the side so you could control the temperature settings of the device.

It’s a lot like the Volcano as we found earlier in the Mighty Vape review. You have the option to select the temperature settings from 105F to 410F at any point during your vaping session. This control maximizes the quality of your vaping experience since different herbs require different temperature setting at which they work best.

As we have established before, the Mighty vaporizer cannot be controlled by a smartphone app like the Crafty. It’s a standalone vape and every function you perform will be on the vape itself.

I can tell you that the Mighty heats up faster than the Crafty but still, the heating time is a lot slower than the other vaporizers in this pricing range and power output. But once the Mighty heats up perfectly, it holds the temperature irrespective of the environment or length of the vaping session.

Capacity and Ease of Use

The Mighty bowl has the capacity to hold up to 0.25 grams of dry herb which may vary depending on how you grind it and the way you load it into the chamber. You can get the capacity up to 0.3 grams if you give your herbs a super fine grind. I can personally vape the entire bowl in about a dozen draws which means that the vaping session with the Mighty ends quite fast as compared to the ones in other vaporizers.

As compared to most other vaporizers that deliver as much of a vapor output as the Mighty does, using this device is comparatively easier. All you have to do is press the power button and the device will automatically begin heating up to your temperature settings. Moreover, the LED screen will display the default temperature, the actual temperature (which can be useful for beginners with no idea about how a vaporizer’s temperature settings work), and the remaining battery life. No holding buttons or batteries; all you have to do is wait for the device to heat up and you are good to start your vaping session.

In this Mighty Vaporizer review, you will learn that the Mighty comes with a Filling Aid which makes loading and unloading the bowl very easily. You simply have to load the herb, attach the filling herb and drop in some herb into the bowl. Once you are done, reattach the Mighty vaporizer’s cooling unit and you are ready to vape!

Accessories and Efficiency

The Mighty delivers thick and dense vapors and has excellent battery life. But to top it all off, it also comes with a boatload of accessories that improve the vaping experience by $50. The device comes with an oil pad which is to be used with the concentrates.

Secondly, you can also use it in place of herb in case you don’t want to pack in all the accessories. But considering that the Mighty is a conduction based vaporizer, it is necessary that you pack it well. With an ample amount of herbs in the chamber, you can put the oil pad on top. It fits really well and guarantees a better and smoother vaping experience.

The device also comes with a grinder that has a packing tool attached to it. This way you can grind your herb whether fine or coarse and have an enjoyable vaping experience. Another advantage is the cleaning and maintenance. As we will later discover in the Mighty Vaporizer review that cleaning this product is super easy.

The cleaning brush that comes in the kit, aids in the cleaning process. The heat up time of the Mighty, albeit a bit more than that of a few others, is pretty impressive. It takes a total of about two minutes to heat up, which, considering its size and vapor output is pretty reasonable. Some vapers argue that it is a bit too high of heating time for a portable vaporizer, I think, given its size, it’s still pretty reasonable.

The temperature to vapor production is excellent; the higher you go with the temperature settings, the more will the heat and the denser will be the cloud. Although, I will admit that when you reach the highest temperature levels, the taste starts to fall into a bit of a bland combination and loses its rich, potent flavor.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you use the Mighty vaporizer on a daily basis, then a quick brushing of the ABV from the chamber and screens right after you are done vaping is the best way to go about cleaning the device. You should get it all cleaned and wiped off while it is still hot because if you leave it for later, it will become sticky and difficult to clean. About every two weeks of use, you will have to perform a deeper cleaning of the device.

Now let’s teach you a few things about cleaning the Mighty vaporizer in this Mighty Vape review. The cooling unit will have to be separated and then it is relatively easy to clean. There are a few different rubber rings to deal with as well as the screens which may make cleaning a bit of a chore if you are not aware of the shortcuts. When you start the deep cleaning you will be faced with 4 different parts, 7 if you remove the O-rings. You can use iso-alcohol for the cleaning along with Q-tips, paper towels, and bendable pipe cleaners.

Drawbacks of the Mighty Vaporizer

The next step in this Mighty vaporizer review is to list down all the drawbacks of the device. There are always downsides to any and every product. So, when it comes to the Mighty, you may realize that the very first drawback is its biggest one – the size. It is a pretty large device which is difficult to put in your pocket and conceal, especially if you are wearing skinny jeans.

For some people, one of whom is I, holding it and maintaining a strong grip on the device is rather a difficult task because we have small hands. This problem is easily avoided with pen vaporizers or other vaporizers which are comparatively smaller. The battery is also a bit of an annoyance because well, it just does not connect through a micro USB port.

It is easy to use when I am at home, but if I’m out and do not have a charger with me, the Mighty after some time of use soon becomes dead weight. It works well enough for 90 minutes if it is fully charged, but 90 minutes is not a long time when you are out and enjoying with your friends.

For a vaporizer that costs $399, I should not have to keep worrying about the battery life of my vaporizer and wondering just when it will completely drain itself of all the battery juice by not even using for a good two hours. Although, the full pass charging helps matters a bit and enables you to continue vaping if you connect your drained vaporizer to a charger.

Just because we have taken into account a few of the drawbacks of the Mighty Vaporizer in this Mighty Vaporizer review, does not mean there is no good in the vaporizer. The fact that the vapor quality is excellent still stands. The battery meter and the thermometer also help in having an enjoyable vaping experience. The Mighty Vaporizer, as mentioned at the very start of the Mighty Vaporizer review, works best with concentrates but also works pretty well with herbs. The flavor is robust and strong, and you will never draw a pull that says otherwise.

The Pros of the Mighty Vaporizer

Listed below in this Mighty Vape review are the pros of the Mighty Vaporizer:

  • Mostly uses the method of convection to ensure maximum efficiency
  • The device looks solid and strong and has a good feel to it
  • The battery life is excellent
  • The device offers full pass-through charging
  • It comes with a digital LCD display that shows temperature settings and battery life
  • The herb chamber is wide enough that you can load it up with the help of your fingers
  • The reloading is a quick and easy process especially with the help of the filling aid
  • The device comes with the two-year warranty.

The Cons of the Mighty Vaporizer

Listed below in this Mighty Vape review are the cons of the Mighty Vaporizer:

  • The plastic mouthpiece and vapor path give it a cheap look
  • The batteries are irreplaceable
  • The base of the unit is not flat so the device has trouble having to stand on its own on a flat surface
  • The unit turns off after two minutes if the temperature rises too much and you do not draw hard enough to keep it from escalating further.

Where Should You Buy the Mighty?

I would say that the Mighty is overall a perfect portable vaporizer if you are not looking for concealment. The battery works pretty well, the flavors are rich and consistent, and the vapor quality is definitely better than most. That is why it fares in rating a lot more than its competitors. Average rating is 9 out of 10 on different platforms.

You can buy the Mighty Vaporizer from VaporNation or you can purchase it directly from the Storz & Bickel official website.

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