Grasshopper Vape Review: Read this Before you Buy it!

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Built in the USA, the Grasshopper vaporizer comes with a lifetime warranty and the guarantee of unparalleled and stupendous power. I’ll admit, the stainless steel design gives it a fanciful appearance, and it is one of my favorite vaporizers to carry with me when I want to vape in public or on a hangout with friends. The design and power of the Grasshopper vaporizer, when combined with the lifetime warranty, make it one of the leading vaporizers on the market.

The Grasshopper Vaporizer by Hopper Labs has received some outstanding reviews from buyers for its incomparable performance, build quality and exceptional vapor output. The Grasshopper vaporizer has a slim and sleek design, and personally, I think, in terms of both appearance and performance, it is one of the most sophisticated and promising vaporizers currently selling in the market.

Grasshopper Vape Review: What Stands out?

One of the reasons why I love this vaporizer so much is because it is so easy to carry around. It is light in weight when compared to other vaporizers like Pax 3 or Brass Knuckles, and the sleek and elegant design makes you want to show it off in public. This vaporizer weighs about 65 grams and is about 30 grams lighter than the Pax 3 vaporizer which weighs about 95 grams.

The Grasshopper Vaporizer has a solid stainless-steel and titanium construction. The Grasshopper Vaporizer pen is equipped with unparalleled power and its comparative size makes it industry leading in almost every way possible. According to various Grasshopper Vaporizer Reviews conducted among customers groups and other consumer selections/backgrounds, across the US market; the Grasshopper is currently rated a 9.1 out of 10.

The excellence in size to portability ratio is one of the highest ever rated by reviewers in the existing market, also allowing quick sessions due to discreteness. In addition to all this, this Grasshopper Vaporizer Review found the Grasshopper Vape Pen to be one of the least fusty vaporizer pens which have led to it being one of the most preferred vaporizers on the market.

The first impression that makes a lasting image of the Grasshopper Vaporizer Pen to any customer that purchases it is that this vaporizer pen tends to heat up pretty fast and you can start vaping right away after you power on the device.

The heating capacity of this unit is very smooth and impressive compared to other competitive vape pens in the offering, literally, it takes 5 seconds after clicking the button. After the 5th second the unit displays a blue LED, this indicates that the grasshopper vape pen unit is ready to go. Compared to Grasshopper Vaporizer Pen, no other battery powered vaporizer could get a session as quickly.

Another impressive feature of the Grasshopper vaporizer you will immediately notice is that it has a spinning dial, on the back end of the vape pen. With this dial you can adjust the temperature of the vaporizer in the temperature range of 130 °C – 210 °C (266 °F – 410 °F).  When you hold a Grasshopper Vaporizer Pen, you will instantly notice the excellent build quality of the vaporizer.

You can order and ship the Grasshopper directly from Hopper Labs for a cost of $225 for the Stainless-Steel version Or the Titanium Grasshopper Vaporizer Pen for a cost of $265. Both the vape pen units are offered with an exclusive lifetime warranty.

Product Design Features

After the recreational introduction of vaporizing pens, most people now tend to go for vaporizers that are well-performing as well as sporting a sleek and slim design. The Grasshopper Vape Pen is quite frankly a sought after product simply due to its brand-vision checking these two right boxes; which is vaporized dry herbs that are disguised in the shape of a pen.

Available in two different versions, you can purchase the original Grasshopper Stainless-Steel Vape Pen for a selling price of $175, or the Titanium Grasshopper Vape Pen for a selling price of $225. It is a revolutionary concept that is still new in the market, which is why it comes with a lifetime warranty. The Grasshopper Vaporizer Review will now enlist the following ‘off the cuff’, design specifications and features

a) Design: A sturdy mechanical button providing a satisfying click, which turns on and switches off, the Grasshopper Vape Pen. It also consists of a rotating dial for temperature adjustments.

b) Control: A simple dial allows for precise temperature adjustments. This temperature range is between 100°C – 210°C, quick response means that the herbs will not burn.

c) Durability: a made to match stainless-steel casing protects the device in certain demanding conditions

d) Power: The heating element has a total power of 30 Watt. This relates to the availability of spare power even if the pen is used aggressively.

e) Capability: A maximum heating-up time required is 5 Seconds and a total battery life of 3 Hours. Grasshopper Vape Pen is quite effective and efficient and available on the go

f) Affordability: A starting price of 100$, the Grasshopper Vape blows the competition out of the water.

The Grasshopper Vaporizer is designed and built for all types of vapers.  It is based on a lifestyle platform, taking aspects such as climbing a mountain, sitting at a cafe, or just lounging around campus/home/neighborhood, the Grasshopper vape pen will always provide accessibility and portability. The device is not only stylish to look at, but it also offers the kind of durability that allows the vapers to take it out during their outdoor adventures and recreational activities.

Hopper Labs have put in a tremendous amount of effort to create a device that is simple, powerful and elegant. The overall exterior of the Grasshopper Vape Pen is simple. Four basic parts work together to deliver and create an easy and powerful experience. Each of these components/parts was designed and redesigned around the following;

  •        usability
  •        durability
  •        functionality

Every minute working component or space was intended to maximize battery capacity whilst maintaining the signature sleek and elegant design. The Grasshopper Vaporizer Review classifies the unit in three sub-components:

(1) Back-End: the back-end of the vape pen comprises of the Power button, to switch on/off the device and it also consists of a Temperature dial, which is an adjustable temperature range between 100°C – 210°C, ensuring that this large range of temperature cater to all herb type(s).

(2) Body: This takes most of the Grasshopper’s length; the maximized millimeter space is equipped with a battery which provides a running time of over 3 Hour(s) of continuous usage and pleasure. Grasshopper due to its battery is one of the long lasting available vape pens in the current market.

The body also comprises of the Grasshopper’s 30 Watt Shell- Heater. The battery life is a huge plus point for the Grasshopper vaporizer and one of the major reasons why you may choose this vaporizer amongst others in the market.

While other portable vaporizers pens are limited by their respective length(s) of heating pathways, the Grasshopper’s Shell is influenced by nature encompassing of a spiral-shape design squeezing a 36mm long heating pathway in only 4 mm of space. There is also a ring of LED’s which always displays the unit’s status.

(3) Mouthpiece with Chamber: The frontal end of the vaporizer houses the chamber where the herbs are loaded, upon unscrewing – a wide mouth would be exposed for easy loading of herbs. Grasshopper is truly a convection vaporizer designed around the free flow of heating evenly and efficiently. Advanced insulation provided in the pen maintains and keeps the mouthpiece cool for prolonged sessions.

(4) Magnetic Charging Ring: The charger of Grasshopper Vaporizer Pen is a single component of a magnetic ring that slips over the button. It can easily be charged from any USB port/outlet even during its use.

Now, this Grasshopper Vaporizer Review would access both Vape Pen model offerings by Grasshopper; that is the Stainless-Steel model Versus the Titanium model on three main parameters; Size, Weight & Portability. The Grasshopper is one of the smallest & most concealable vaporizers that are currently available in the market. It is even smaller than its rival Pax 3. The small size and portability of the device have made it popular amongst users who love to vape on the go.   

It imitates the look of a pen and the clip provided on it makes it easy to keep (in pockets). The exact dimensions of the Grasshopper vape pen are; 5.60” in length and 0.55” in diameter.

The Stainless-Steel model weighs about 65g and the Titanium model weighs 56 grams. Both units are light, but noticeable in their respective weight difference. Between the two models, titanium is the preferred model based on the overall decreased weight in comparison to the stainless-steel unit.

However, a few vapers enjoy the extra weight of the stainless-steel model. Other than the weight difference, the one key advantage the Titanium Grasshopper has is the ability to not pick-up scratches whilst going through your day to day activities. This makes it look like new even when it has been through thorough usage by the vaper. The Grasshopper Vape pen uses a very powerful heater that has a total output of 45 Watts.

The vaporizer uses a 30 Watt heater compared to the Grasshopper pen. This allows the Grasshopper to heat in about 5 seconds and provide on-demand heat. The mouthpiece does get heated-up with prolonged use. The Grasshopper also comes with a silicone mouthpiece that fits on the end of the hopper and helps in keeping the tip cool, and it also fits perfectly with a 14mm water pipe adapter.


One of the best things about the Grasshopper Vaporizer is that it only heats up to a certain degree of temperature. It does not go beyond that and reach the red hot or the hazardous off-gassing temperature range that can be potentially very harmful to the vaper.

The makers of the Grasshopper Vaporizer use laser sintered brass as the heater material for the heating chamber. There are PCBs in the air path but since the chamber is designed in a way that the air is directed around them with brass standoffs, not only is the heat in there minimum, but the contact is also kept to the minimum.

A lot of other vapes on the market go with a bit more of a basic style with their heater coils. But the sintering gives the heater of the Grasshopper vaporizer an edge over others because it allows for immense surface contact per square inch. This allows the heater to deliver maximum power at the desired temperature since the heat exchanger heats up the air in its path to equilibrium.

The Grasshopper has many innovations that make it an exceptional vaporizer, but since it is neither marketed nor sold as a medical device, safety is not exactly a primary concern. This is because either way, vaping is not considered to be safe and hazard free activity in general.

From what I have gathered from personal experience and judging from the feedback from the buyers and active Grasshopper users, I can easily say that the Grasshopper Vaporizer is as safe as a vaporizer can get.


The vapor output of the grasshopper vaporizer is very impressive. Given its size and build, the device gives a commendable vapor quality at higher temperatures. The only problem most vapers using the Grasshopper vaporizer (including myself) face is that the vapor path is quite short which means that the vapor received by the vaper’s end through the mouthpiece is still pretty hot.

So while we can have a good vapor quality at higher temperatures, the draw is often uncomfortable due to it being a bit too hot for inhalation.

The power output of the Grasshopper vaporizer has made it one of the highest in demand in the market. The device functions best at around 180 degrees to 200 degrees without causing a lot of discomfort from warm draws.

The Grasshopper Vape can provide consistent heating to keep up with the continuous aggressive draws. This allows the vaper to enjoy aggressive drags without having to wait for the vapor to form again. The heating chamber is huge.  The consistency and distribution of the herbs vaped are very impressive.

Cartridge Flavour

The Grasshopper Vaporizer offers a lot of flavor choices and certain different aromas to match the preferences of the vaper. A vaporizer is basically, a device which extracts flavors & aromas from plants or herbs. Much like essential oils or incense.

A vaporizer gently heats the plant matter, without burning it, allowing aromas and flavors to escape/consumed. The following is a short list of herbs that you can use in your Grasshopper:

  •      Rosemary
  •      Peppermint
  •      Liquorice Root
  •      Sage
  •      Green Tea
  •      Ginger
  •      Tarragon
  •      Eucalyptus
  •      Ginseng
  •      Fennel
  •      Tangerine Peel
  •      Aloe Vera
  •      Lavender
  •      Garlic
  •      Coffee

Grasshopper Vaporizer Efficiency

This section of the Grasshopper Vaporizer Review would look at the efficiency of the product. Grasshopper uses advanced technology in both its design and manufacturing. Installing the best available materials and processes available, Grasshopper Vaporizer has ensured the optimum efficiency in attaining durability and battery life. This efficiency is attained by maintaining the following three key aspects and ratios while developing the vape;

(a)  Exterior: constructing an entire body sleeve from stainless steel, it is incredibly thin, which maintains excellent durability. A thin, strong exterior maximizes interior space, allowing for a larger battery and chamber.

(b) Circuitry: Grasshopper initialized the use of a pair of microprocessors. This not only monitors user input but also precisely controls the varied temperature(s). These microprocessors communicate through the metal housing of Grasshopper Vaporizer, relaying information from one end of the vape pen to the other end.  

This also enables to design the Grasshopper Vaporizer with no wires, hence saving space and increasing reliability whilst reducing the cost.

(c)  Heater: The heater is without a doubt, the most innovative component of the Grasshopper. It uses a ‘Direct Metal Laser Sintering’, (a type of metal 3D printing), which has created an extremely compact heat exchanger with an extremely minor flow resistance. A 30-Watt heating element enables the Grasshopper to ensure that it will always keep up, irrespective of the tendency of usage, normal or aggressive.

Grasshopper Ease of Use

The Grasshopper is currently one most discreet vaporizer on the market. The clip placed on the pen cap makes it easy to get it attached with various pockets. The chamber in contrast to the overall size of the vape is quite enough. Customers can place up to 0.3 grams, if finely packed. Normally consumers tend to pack in 0.1 or 0.2g of herbs.

One factor that gives the Grasshopper an edge is its ability to perform efficiently with a filled chamber. One can even throw in a few crumbs and vape to get going. On the contrary, a lot of other vapes work effectively, only when they are filled with the full chamber capacity. Since the Grasshopper is strong, completely soothing an entire bowl, in only a few draws. It also warms evenly the bowl with no further requirement to stir.

The batteries usually take 60 minutes of charging time. An external charging dock is also compatible with the ease of use along with a handful of batteries. Many customers prefer to charge extra batteries and just swap them rather than must plug in the USB charger. The charger magnetically hooks to the back of the charges via a USB port/socket.

The charger had a few issues with the original version, but it has been redesigned and the fault now rectified. Few vapes in the market offer a lifetime warranty. In case there is an issue with the product, they (Company), will either fix or replace the unit for the life of the unit, and the market shall not have any doubt relating to their customer service and relations.

Included with the Grasshopper for the customer ease of use there are certain accessories; first would be the mouthpiece guard, then there would be extra mouthpiece screens and the USB charging system. The company earlier released the PFE (Performance Front End) which doubles up and serves as a water pipe adapter (without using the silicone mouthpiece).

It also increases airflow, not necessarily but it is an enjoyable upgrade over the stock mouthpiece.

Temperature Control

The Grasshopper comes with a powerful heater which gives a tremendous power output of 45W. The heater can heat up the Grasshopper on various different temperatures. The Temperature Range varies from the provided range of 130 °C – 210 °C (266 °F – 410 °F).

One disadvantage that is glaringly obvious is that when you hold the mouthpiece in your hand, you will immediately notice that it tends to get pretty hot. It may be because the path to the mouthpiece is pretty short, or it may be due to heat conduction on the stainless steel surface of the vaporizer.

Reputation & Reliability

The Grasshopper Vaporizer Report understands that delivering a product of the highest quality is the main focal point of Hopper Labs. Their straightforwardness in maintaining their reputation in the assembling, quality control, flexibility in the supply chain have all contributed very much in developing customer reliability on the brand and its outreach has been part and parcel of the design process from the very beginning.

Grasshopper is 100% hand assembled at Hopper Labs facility in the US. This allows Grasshopper to personally inspect each component as it becomes part of a Grasshopper Vaporizer. CNC machining has been sourced via an Australian manufacturer; this process not only lowers the costs but also inculcates maintaining superior quality assurance and control.  Grasshopper already developed a solid relationship, with customers and assures that market expectations go smoothly.

Should you buy the Grasshopper Vape?

Grasshopper Vaporizer Reviews are usually positive due to its durability and performance for a long time period. New users can always start with this vaporizer while seasoned vapors usually stick to Grasshopper too.

It is built in such a way that flavor is enhanced while vaping. This vaporizer can be your choice when deciding to buy your first vapor. One of the best features of this vaporizer is it heats up quickly allowing to be used without wasting any time.

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