Best Weed Grinder for Vaping 2020 – Buying Guide & Reviews

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1. Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa-Cruz-Shredder-Cookies-4-Piece-GrinderCheck Price

2. Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic-Flight-Launch-Box-Finishing-GrinderCheck Price

3. Space Case

Space-Case-4-Piece-GrinderCheck Price

A grinder and a vape go together like a car and its engine. But do you think all grinders would give you great experience? Of course not. Not all the vape grinders are made the same and not every vape grinder would give you the same amazing experience.

Now, if you are planning to buy a vape, getting the best herb grinder is important for you. This is a one-time accessory to support your vape so it must be chosen carefully. So are you rummaging for the best herb grinder and confused about what to look for?

Well, vape grinders are very easy to choose once you learn a few things about them. High-quality vape grinders can cost you an arm. Hence, I am here to help you with what to consider before you purchase your vape grinder. For an efficient grinder keeping in mind a few factors which will make your vaping experience a lot better.

To make your choice of grinder the best, I will explain you in detail why exactly vape grinders are different from each other, what factors to consider before buying and what makes the best weed grinders, and which will give you the best vapor experience. Grinders help you maximize the potential of your herb.

Grinding for vape is essential as it grinds the herb evenly providing a larger surface area which facilitates uniform heating. Let us go through the guide and explore what the best weed grinders are:

What Are Vape Grinders And Why Do We Need Them?

A grinder is a vape’s best friend. In order to make a great production of vapor, you need a fine grinder with your vape, to cut them asymmetrically. The know-how of packing the vape and pre vaporization preparation of the material go hand in hand.

For a smoother, denser and stronger vapor, you need to find the best weed grinder for your herb. A grinder churns the herb evenly for your vape in a consistent pattern and provides your vape with more surface area when it heats the herb and gives you a strong vapor.

The best herb grinder improves the efficiency of your vape, gives you a consistent vapor, improves the timing of vapor production and makes the storage of herbs easier.

What To Look For While The Best Grinder for Vaping

There are various factors that I would recommend you to consider before buying a grinder for your vape. However, the three most significant factors that I always take into account are:

Number of Pieces

A herb grinder comes in two, three or four pieces. The two-piece grinder consists of a container and a lid that has teeth which interlock with the container. You just have to place your herb in the container, lock the lid and twist thrice. 2 piece grinders are easier to use and clean, and are relatively affordable. Since there are no filters, the ground herb might not be very even.

If you’re looking for a relatively more even grinding, I would recommend you going for a 3 piece grinder which comes with an additional compartment that also has teeth and helps in a rather finer cut of the herb. It has more storage as compared to a 2 piece grinder. A 4 piece grinder does everything the first two do.

However, it comes with an additional compartment that can help you in collecting the microscopic pollen of the herb that would usually go to waste in the first two. It also has extra storage space and grinds every chunk of the herb to the finest extent. I would recommend you to choose the pieces of grinder based on your specific needs. The cost of grinder goes up with the number of pieces.

The Material Of The Grinder

A vape grinder generally comes in three materials, wood, acrylic and metal. Each comes with a set of pros and cons that you should thoroughly consider before choosing one. The grinders made of wood are generally serviceable and do the trick for a small number of herbs.

However, I would only recommend a wood grinder if you grind in small chunks at a time and use a two piece grinder only. The second material you can go for is acrylic grinders.

I would recommend using these as a 2 pieces grinder only. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to metallic or wood grinders, acrylic does the trick. However, the teeth and collector made of acrylic aren’t very strong. If you are looking for a stronger and more pieces grinder, metallic is the best weed grinder for you.

Although metallic grinders are high end and generally cost more than wood or acrylic I personally prefer them for a lot of reasons. The metallic grinder is stronger, give you a fine grind and generally come in all shapes and sizes. The teeth in a metallic grinder are generally titanium coated and are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a 4 piece grinder.

The Teeth Of The Grinder

The most significant element of any grinder is its teeth. Although the teeth come in various sizes, I would recommend you to go for 2.5 inches. The recommended number of teeth in a grinder is 50, which are evenly distributed over the lid.

If you’re looking for an affordable grinder, do not go below 25 teeth. Teeth also come in various shapes. The one I personally prefer is the diamond shape. The best herb grinders are available in a diamond shape. It gives you the finest cut and even grinding. However, the diamond cut is only available in a metallic grinder.

Affordability, functionality, and portability

If you are vape lover, the grinder is essential for you, but grinders can cost you a lot. You have to find a grinder which is best in affordability and which can function really well.

A much important feature of grinder that you should keep in mind is its portability if it is portable enough to be carried everywhere you want them to carry and if they are functional enough.

According to me getting a grinder is not all you have to see what is the quality of it and if it grinds the herbs properly and evenly or not. Get yourself a grinder that has all the qualities and still affordable enough for you. Getting a good grinder will enhance your vaping a lot.

Magnetic Lid

Some grinders offer a magnetic lid, making sure that it stays airtight and the herbs to stay intact. The magnetic lid makes sure that nothing spills and everything is secure and it also makes sure that even the smell doesn’t leak. This feature might cost you a little more.
The below listed are my personal favorite best weed grinders that are super smooth:

Top 12 Best Weed Grinders 2020

1. Santa Cruz Shredder Cookies 4 Piece Grinder

Santa-Cruz-Shredder-Cookies-4-Piece-GrinderThis is my personal favorite grinder that comes in four pieces with a lifetime warranty. The material of this grinder is aluminum which comes with aromatic blended teeth. The knurled grip gives you the finest quality grinding.

The material of this grinder is either gloss or matte finish and is available in different sizes depending on your storage needs. The grinder is perfect for you if you are looking for more storage and kief/pollen collection.

It is a 3 piece grinder, which cuts finely and it has teeth which can give you a uniform cut. It has a firm grip and has a really good design. It is designed to give a perfect grind. It also has a magnetic lid providing you a secure compartment for herbs. It will keep your herb finely ground and airtight.

It is available in many colors to suit your style and with all those amazing features it is made of aluminum which increases its durability and it will make the grinder last a little longer. I have used and owned Santa Cruz grinders before so I know the quality would be the first rate.

It is a 3 piece grinder with all the other good features really good design, a storage compartment and a magnetic lid allowing the herbs to be airtight and secure and the magnetic lid also makes sure that it doesn’t leak any smell. Santa Cruz grinders are the best of their kind.

They ensure you to get the finely ground fluff and to experience the best you can get. It is one of the best and popular grinders and you wouldn’t regret getting one.

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2. Magic Flight Launch Box Finishing Grinder

Magic-Flight-Launch-Box-Finishing-GrinderThis grinder is a perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a fine grinding for conduction vaporizers. It powders the herb and comes with a considerable storage area. If you have an MFLB, I would recommend you to go for it since it directly clings to the trench.

However, the grinder is made of wood hence works best for small amounts of herb. You can choose your choice of wood from maple, walnut or cherry. It’s a super handy grinder with two pieces that are intact and give you a micro-fine grind.

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3. Space Case 4-Piece Grinder

Space-Case-4-Piece-GrinderI would recommend this grinder. It is one of the best weed grinders with low price high-quality grinder and is known for its really nice functioning. I have used this grinder for a pretty long time and it worked fine for me. I produce fine herbs and it is popular among the vapors for its good quality.

The body of this herb grinder is titanium coated and has a magnet to save your pollen from being waster. The sharp teeth are made of aluminum are maximize the vapor production by grinding the herb finely for you.

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4. 4-Piece Grinder – Large ($32.99)

4-Piece-Grinder-LargeBigger is always better. Usually, its said that the bigger it is the more herbs it will be able to keep. This grinder is 62 mm in size especially if you are a heavy smoker you will need a grinder which is large enough to keep all your herb and secure them. This grinder is available in red blue black and silver colors, you can always choose what you want and what you like the best.

It has a 4 piece functionality which means it will grind the herbs more finely and it is accompanied by a kief screen to collect all the pollens and kief. It is an easy grip design with a really nice body. It is made of aluminum which is a very good option to use. It is durable and a very safe option. Grinders made of aluminum can last for a very long time.

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5. Space Case 4 Piece Grinder ($90.00)

Space-Case-4-Piece-GrinderIt is a 4 piece space case grinder and according to personal experience space case never disappoints. It has this really good storage capacity and size can differ. It is available in many colors to suit your personality and your personal style. It is of aluminum which promises the durability and the long-lasting behavior. It has this sleek style and has a nice shape.

Space Case is hands down the star of herb grinders. The quality and craftsmanship are crystal clear from the very first use. The price is a bit more than other grinders, but the teeth stay sharp for many years, it always turns your herbs into a light, fluffy, and aromatic material, perfect for bowl packs, vaporizing and rolling up. Space Case will never let you down.

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6. Groove 4-Piece Grinder ($59.99)

Groove-4-Piece-GrinderIt is a 4 piece grinder making sure to provide a lot of space for the herbs and to keep them secure and airtight. It is available in many colors to suit your personality. It has sharp teeth, which gives you a nice finely chopped and fluffy cut of herbs and keeps them aromatic and it gets you a light feathery grind.

The heavy lid helps with grinding and it separates the seeds and bid stems, delivering you the best feathery herbs that you can enjoy. It is one of the best quality grinders you can get for yourself.

This grinder would give you the perfect fluff. It is an aluminum design which will make it last longer and ensures the durability of the grinder and the good part is that its teeth stay sharp and it gives you the same finely ground herb even after a longer period of time and will still give you the same amazing experience.

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7. Aerospace 3-Piece Acrylic Grinder ($5.95)

Aerospace-3-Piece-Acrylic-GrinderThis vape grinder has some really good features. It’s transparent allowing you to see what is inside and it is super affordable. Affordability is its great feature. It is a 3 piece design with a storage compartment that will help you store the herbs and keep them intact. The material it is made of is acrylic which is a good material and makes sure the functionality of the grinder.

It is pocket-friendly and functional design which will help you have a great vaping experience. It is a 3 piece design which helps you get evenly ground herbs and stores the herbs in the second compartment. And if you are on a tight budget this acrylic grinder should be you go grinder as it is affordable and user-friendly.

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8. Wood Grinder ($9.99)

Wood-GrinderWooden grinders don’t have many compartments but when it comes to aesthetics it is a number choice. It is low in price which is another plus point. You can get this grinder if you are so much into aesthetics and that too at a very affordable price. It is user-friendly and has a function.

Wood grinders are known for their statistics and designs and it does ground well, but it does not offer any extra compartment it is long lasting but it will have a strong issue. If you are not so much into heavy vape then it is definitely your thing to get. Also, it will satisfy your style aesthetics.

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9. Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Grinders ($54.50)

Santa-Cruz-Shredder-4-Piece-GrindersSanta Cruz is one of the brands for providing the best grinders and it would never disappoint you. these grinders are known for the great quality they have. Its teeth are sharp enough to produce you the best fluff you want.they are very strong and will never disappoint you with the kind of feathery fluff they provide.

its teeth cut both ways and deliver you the herbs cut to perfection. It also provides an easier grip, the easier the grip is the easier it will be for you to use.it has an improved finger and hand grip making it easier for you to turn and rotate and producing a smooth aromatic blend of fluffy herbs.

It also has a magnet keeping the herbs airtight and protect the herbs and the aroma and doesn’t allow the leaking of the smell. These magnets ensure the durability and they last longer than usual grinders.

Magnet provides a reliable closed system and protects against corrosion. It also prevents the herbs from drying out and from spilling. And also provides a lifetime guarantee. It will give you that microscopic texture and enhance your vaping experience. These ultra high-quality grinders are also scratch resistant.

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10. SLX Dry Herb Grinder 2.0 ($49.99)

SLX-Dry-Herb-Grinder-2.0It is a really great Dry Herb Grinder ever built, this Grinder might not only exceed your expectations but it is your go-to tool for grinding. This Grinder offers one of the smoothest grinds you’ve ever experienced. It stands out from a crowd of grinders with its very unique features including the trapezoid shaped teeth for the finest final product.

It is designed to bring convenience and quality to you. This 4-piece grinder has an internal cup for catching the tiniest bit of ground herb. The unique construction of this Grinder will make it last for years and years to come while satisfying with every smooth twist.

It has Proprietary Ceramic Construction which makes it even better. Anti-Chip, Flake and Burn Materials is also a feature that makes it stand out, it’s Durably Built makes sure that it lasts longer.

And it is made of aluminum and designed very nicely. It also has Internal magnets which make it reliable and secure to keep all the herbs. Its size is2 inch (50.8mm) or 2.5 inches (62mm) and it has Single Threaded Teeth.

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11. VaporFi Dry Herb Grinder ($18.99)

VaporFi-Dry-Herb-Grinder-18.99It helps you grind your herbs at the peak of efficiency. It is made from aircraft grade aluminum, which ensures its durability. This Grinder has been crafted to offer great quality and it also offers user-friendliness. This Grinder has a smooth exterior that prevents scratch marks.

Shape blades will ensure that your herbs are ground finely. A kief screen collects the finest pollen in this herb grinder. Powerful magnets ensure the seal on your grinder is airtight. It makes sure that the herb is secure and that the aroma is intact. It produces a smooth and friction-less grind every time.

Its Diameter is 2.2″x55mm and the Height is 1.81″x45mm. it is Anodized for a Smoothness it is also Smudge and Wear Resistant.

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12. Volcano Acrylic Grinder XL ($9.80)

Volcano-Acrylic-Grinder-XLThis grinder is one of the largest herb grinders available and it has a very large compartment. It is made up of acrylic which is very affordable and has an exceptionally large 90mm herb chamber. It can be used for grinding bigger amounts of dry herb. It is transparent so you know through every rotation and twist that how much has been ground and the extent to which your load has been ground. This grinder is an essential tool for preparing and producing fine fluffy herbs for vaporization.

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There is a large number of grinders that are available in the market and you can get any of them but before buying keep some factors in your mind and also keep in mind the list of these best grinders shortlisted for you to help you so that you can have the best vaping experience.

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