Is Vaping Better than Smoking?

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According to all the recent studies that have been conducted over the past few years, it has been proven that vaping is indeed better than smoking. Public Health England and Cancer Research UK are the top pioneers in the studies that deem the vaping to be a better option than smoking.

It was noted in 2015 that vaping helped on an average of 49 people to quit smoking every day. The question that arose during that time was if vaping was a safer option. Consequently, the effects of vaping on human health were studied.

Linda Bauld, the professor of Health Policy at the University of Sterling, said, “Since I last wrote about e-cigarettes in this column one year ago, headlines about the dangers of these devices have continued to appear and show no sign of abating. The result is clear.

More people believe today, compared with a year ago, that e-cigarettes are as harmful as smoking. In fact, these incorrect perceptions have risen year on year. With the headlines set to continue into 2017, coupled with new WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines that look at severely limiting or banning the sale of e-cigarettes in certain countries, public opinion looks set to be at an all-time low.”

However, on the other hand, the Cancer Research UK found that e-cigarettes are safer than smoking. They found that vaping has not yet been associated with any serious health issues which were associated with smoking in high numbers. Vaping reduces the health risks on the people smoking e-cigarettes and those around them by a substantial amount.

They give the smoker the required amount of nicotine without the harmful effects of the smoke, tobacco and the tar.

The danger that the people who vape face are mainly from the exploding equipment, which is mainly due to the use of the wrong chargers. Thus, it’d be safe to say, vaping is the safest option.

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