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Best Vape Juices & E-Juice Flavors 2020

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1. Rocket Popsicle Flavor

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2. Smurf Cake

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3. Blue Voodoo

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With the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes and box mod vaporizers, e-juice or e-liquid has also gained substantial interest from the vaping community. Before we delve into the the best vape juice, let’s clarify a few things. E-liquid, e-juice, and vape juice are all one or the same thing and are used interchangeably to describe the substance that is used to produce vapor.

It is very important as everyone likes different flavors and need exactly the taste they want from their vapes. I am very particular about what flavor I want so I understand your dilemma. This is a complete guide on Vape Juice. So let’s find the best e-juices out there.

What Is Vape Juice?

Many people have asked me this question. The e-juice or e-liquid is referred to as the substance used in electronic cigarettes. E-juice or vape juice is the fluid that is used to produce vapor in vaporizers in electronic cigarettes.

Best vape juice

Most e-juice comes with four basic ingredients. If you are aware of the basics, it will be really easy for you to spot the difference between e-liquids that vary slightly in compositions and the regular ones. The liquid contains nicotine but is also made without nicotine depending on the personal preference or vaping habits of the vaper.

Is It Safe?

The e-juice is heated between 200 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit by the vaporizer, turns into vapor, and is inhaled by the vaper through the mouthpiece. The e-liquid is a mix of food flavoring, water, different nicotine levels (or no nicotine as per user’s preference), propylene glycol is also known as PG, or vegetable glycerin also called VG. Food flavoring is safe to consume since it is often used in most foods, and tastes quite delicious.

Propylene Glycol is a substance used in many flavorings to distribute taste evenly throughout the liquid. It is often used in vanilla extracts, food coloring, and different types of medicines to dull the bitterness of the chemicals. Vegetable glycerin (VG) is a sweet liquid, thicker in consistency and is based on vegetable extracts. VG and PG make about ninety percent of the content of the e-liquid while nicotine and food grade flavoring makes up the rest of the ten percent.

Vegetable Glycerin

I like this a lot because of its cloud producing ability which any vape lover would like. The e-liquid used in modern atomizers usually has a greater ratio of vegetable glycerin, almost up to eighty percent in volume. This ingredient of e-liquid is a major cloud producer. Previously, most e-cigarettes used to produce little wisps of thin vapors, but now they are belching out large rings of vapor.

The ratio of VG in the e-liquid is responsible for making this difference. Glycerin is processed from different kinds of fat, and the one present in the e-liquid is made from vegetable oils, hence it is called VG. Another important point to note is that although glycerin is processed from vegetable oils, it is not oil, it is alcohol.

Best part? This makes glycerin safe to inhale. Glycerin is an odorless, non-toxic, and colorless substance with a sweet taste. The liquid is very thick in consistency, which means we need modern atomizers to put them to proper use. They do not wick well in small clearomizers. Some liquids use dilute or aqueous glycerin to solve the problem with viscosity.

They add some water to VG to make it a lot runnier and a lot less thick. VG is present in a lot of products that are in our daily use. It is used in the food industry as a sweetener and is also added to different foods to keep them moist. It is present in medicinal drugs as well. Scientists have thoroughly researched VG for years to ensure it hasn’t been linked to any health problems that may lead to complications later. Liquids having an excessive quantity of VG may be able to belch out dense vapor, but do not produce much of a throat hit.

Propylene Glycol

The remaining part of your e-juice that is not VG is probably propylene glycol. Some liquids have a greater ratio of PG that VG. Since PG is less viscous, it works just fine in old atomizers and clearomizers. PG is also an alcohol and it is nearly odorless. It has a sweet undertone, but not enough to be used as a sweetener, unlike VG. PG is added to foods, medicinal drugs, and other products to keep them moist.

I found another interesting feature about it, the property of PG that makes it a useful component of the e-juice is antifreeze. Antifreeze contains propylene glycol because it is non-toxic, and consequently less harmful to children and pets. In the past, there have been minor health issues in relation to PG. This is why PG has been continual studies from the 1940s onward and has been classed as a safe substance to swallow or inhale.

In spite of this, a small percentage of people may be sensitive to PG. These people often complain about feeling unwell after the consumption of PG. In this situation, the user should switch to an e-liquid with a higher ratio of VG than PG.

PG does not give much of a vapor output and is extremely unpopular amongst cloud chasing vapers who only want the best vape juice for clouds. But people who prefer to vape discreetly and often vape on the go prefer PG. PG carries flavor and gives a good throat hit.


Honestly, if you ask me one of the best charms of vaping is that you get to taste a variety of different deliciously tasting vape juice flavors. The liquid itself doesn’t have much taste, so food grade additives induce flavor in the liquid and give it taste. There are several health concerns when it comes to using flavorings in the vape juice. Some ingredients may be safe to eat but they are not necessarily safe to inhale.

The vaping industry is currently working on eliminating the additives that may cause harm. It is highly suggested that you avoid flavorings from the supermarket because some of them have oils. And oils are not safe to inhale. You must always try to use the flavors that come from vape manufacturers since these flavors are chosen on the basis of inhalation safety.


This is what get us all hooked. Most vape juices contain nicotine. The reason why vaping is considered such a strong alternative for smoking is because it contains nicotine. Smokers who switch to vaping to quit their vaping habits are able to satisfy their nicotine cravings through vaping without having to inhale smoke and cause damage to their lungs. Higher nicotine level in the vape juice is often preferred to achieve a good throat hit.

Nicotine is notorious in all markets and has gained plenty of bad publicity, usually in the context of smoking. But when we pull smoke out of the equation, nicotine is a pretty safe drug. It’s the harmful smoke from the cigarette that causes damage to the lungs and not nicotine.

It is definitely toxic when taken in high doses, but there’s little to no chance of poisoning yourself through vaping. Long before you reach a level that can be dangerous, you can feel nauseous and have a headache. Vapers and smokers are good at determining the amount of nicotine they need.

I would recommend avoiding e-liquids that contain anything other than these four basic ingredients. Vitamins, food grade coloring, supplements like caffeine do not take away anything from the quality of your vape and unlike flavorings that have the potential to be harmful, they do not and hence, are not been selected for inhalation safety. But if you only use the ingredients that are listed here, you can have an enjoyable vaping experience without potentially risking your health.

How To Choose The Best Vape Juice

Ah, it took me a lot of time to answer this question myself. It’s tricky enough to decide which flavor suits you best, but when you pull apart each ingredient of the vape juice and study it, determining the quantity and type of vape juice that will be suitable for you can be a difficult task.

There’s no simple answer to this question. What may suit one person does not necessarily have to suit another. This is why I have prepared a guide for you to be able to choose the best vape juice as per your preference.

1) PG/VG Ratio

Let’s talk about the chemical aspect first. The most important factor to determine when you buy a vape juice is to determine its PG /VG ratio. People who are unaware of the terms may find this a bit baffling, but most experienced vapers are well informed about their preference when it comes to the PG/VG ratio.

The PG/Vg ratio is different for everyone. The 50/50 blend works well for most vapers unless you are more inclined towards either taste or cloud production. In this case, you will have to choose your own preferable PG/VG ratio.

Both PG and VG are odorless and colorless in nature. They make up the major composition of nearly all types of vape juices. Though both serve to provide you with an enjoyable vaping experience, there are some differences that you must know of. PG e-liquid gives the vapers a better throat hit and intense flavor.

VG e-liquid, on the other hand, allows vapers to experience greater vapor production. VG is thicker in consistency, stickier, and most people do not have any allergies associated with any type of VG e-liquid. But overuse of an e-liquid with a huge quantity of VG can cause the buildup of phlegm in the throats of vapers. The more VG vape juice you use, the better will be the throat hit.

When it comes to the choice of vapers and the general opinion of the vaping community; cloud chasing might be the trendy way to vape but you will be surprised to know that a lot of vapers prefer intense throat hits and a more robust flavor than just belching out plumes of vapor.

But if you are looking for an experience that somewhat resembles smoking, or has turned to vape as a way to rid yourself of your smoking habits, then I suggest that you begin with either a balanced ratio of PG and PG vape juice or you go with a higher quantity of PG e-liquid.

2) Choosing The Right Nicotine Content

Trust me this is the decision only you can take for yourself. E-juice comes with different nicotine levels. The different best-selling vape juice brands prefer different nicotine levels. A lot of the brands selling the best vape juice currently available in the market give the buyers the freedom to choose their preferable nicotine level when you make a purchase for vape juice.

The bottles of vape juice usually come labeled with the nicotine levels they contain, so it is not exactly difficult to find out the nicotine levels in different vape juices. What may be tricky, though, is to determine how much nicotine is preferable for you. For this purpose, you must start out with a low nicotine level and then go higher with experience and time.

I have reduced my nicotine consumption with vapes but how did I control it?
As people age, they tend to reduce their nicotine intake due to health concerns. When it comes to typical cigarettes, determining and reducing the nicotine intake can be a very difficult task, but that is not the case in vaping. All you have to do is make a purchase for a vape juice that has either a very high or a very low nicotine level.

From there onwards, you can either work your way down or up to the nicotine level you are comfortable with. You can even enjoy nicotine free vape juice while still enjoying all the perks of vaping. Usually, when you go out to buy vape juice, you are allowed to choose from the following nicotine levels:

  • 0 mg/mL (nicotine-free)
  • 3 mg/mL (low nicotine)
  • 6 mg/mL (low nicotine)
  • 12 mg/mL (medium nicotine)
  • 18 mg/mL (high nicotine)
  • 24 mg/mL (high nicotine)

Some vape juice brands also offer higher nicotine levels to more experienced vapers who crave a stronger throat hit and prefer higher nicotine levels than most other vapers. To sum it up, the nicotine level you choose only depends on what is best for you and what is your preference.

If you want to add your herb of choice to your vape juice to mix things up a little bit or make your own perfect concoction, I recommend that you go for a nicotine-free vape juice.

Best Vape Juice Flavors

With the amount of different vape juice brands offering a variety of vape juices, it may get a little confusing as to which vape juice to choose. Moreover, what is trickier is to choose the flavor because you don’t necessarily know how a certain flavor tastes until you have tried it out. This is why I have compiled a list of the most popular best vape juice flavors of this year.

Top 10 Best Best Vape Juice & E-Juice Flavors 2020

1. Rocket Popsicle Flavor (Murica E-Juice) – $2.99

Rocket Popsicle Flavor (Murica E-Juice)

This is the one I used for quite some time. When it comes to popularity in vape juice flavors, Murica has won all rounds. The flavors offered by this brand are not only exciting and extremely delicious, but they also have an exciting range of different flavors that give you the freedom to choose one of your preference.

The Rocket Popsicle Flavor has been the ultimate hit this year due to its Popsicle notes of red cherries and how the flavor gushes across your taste buds and give you the ultimate experience of the Rocket Popsicle Flavor. With the combination of red cherries, tart lemon-lime, and blue raspberries, this is currently the best fruity vape juice available in the market.

The trio of three exciting and addictive flavors makes this flavor by Murica one of the best vape juice flavors for vapers who prefer to go on the sweet-citrusy side of flavor combinations. This flavor by Murica is the ultimate taste of freedom and excitement with an undertone of sweetness.

2. Smurf Cake (Vape Wild) – $2.99

Smurf Cake (Vape Wild)

If you have a sweet tooth like me then you will like this. The Smurf Cake by Vape Wild has earned its position in this list by being one of the best tasting vape juices of this year. The Vape Wild offers quality and excellent taste at a low price range. It is one of the best cheap vape juices that provide an excellent blend of blueberries and cheesecake with a touch of creaminess along with fruit and pie crust.

Although Smurf Cake has been one of the most popular choices of flavor when it comes to vape juice, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s definitely not because it’s too heavy or too sweet, just very light compared to what a lot of other vapers crave from their vape juice. 10 ml of Smurf Cake vape juice is available at $2.99 while 30 ml is available for purchase at $6.99. Thus vape juice is a cheap buy, which means that you don’t have to spend much to try this flavor out and see if you like it or not.

This vape juice also offers a very wide range of PG/VG ratios from 20% to 80% VG and about eight nicotine levels from zero to about twenty-four milligrams of nicotine. This way you can choose you preferable nicotine level and PG/VG ratio to tailor your vaping experience and have an enjoyable and fulfilling aping experience.


3. Blue Voodoo (Mister-E-Liquid) – $14.50

Blue Voodoo (Mister-E-Liquid)

I use it when I want something different. Blue Voodoo by Mister-E-Liquid is one of the best vape juice flavors in the market right now. Mister-E-Liquid is a vape juice company based in Michigan that started in 2010. The company used to make vape juice on order by order basis until it expanded and now operates in three stores across the state of Michigan.

Blue Voodoo is one of the best hits from Mister-E-Liquid. It has a sweet and tangy taste and was first introduced into the market in 2013. This vape juice has earned quite a strong following since then and is sold out in huge numbers.

The juice has a sweet undertone, a blueberry flavor, and some mystery tones that vapers can’t quite place but enjoy the taste nonetheless. This is also one of the best fruity vape juices available in the market today and has also won several awards since its launch.

Blue Voodoo has received quite some critical acclaim from experienced vapers and is one of the best-selling liquids today. This vape juice does not only taste good, but it is also pretty easy on the pocket.

You don’t have to spend much to give Blue Voodoo a try. It costs $5.75 for a 10 ml bottle, $14.50 for a 30 ml bottle, and $45 for 135 ml of vape juice. This vape juice is another best cheap vape juice in the market that comes in eight nicotine levels and comes in different PG/VG ratios from a 33 percent VG blend, to 0 percent and 50 percent being the maximum VG blend.


4. Mother’s Milk (Suicide Bunny) – $22

Mother’s Milk (Suicide Bunny)

I know the name is weird but the taste is not. Mother’s Milk is another best-selling vape juice by Suicide Bunny that has won the hearts of many vapers. Suicide Bunny is an e-juice mixer company based in Texas. The Suicide Bunny uses only the best and high-quality America made flavors in all of their vape juices, and their utmost priority when making vape juice is to provide their customers with the best tasting vape juice.

Mother’s Milk has a rich and creamy texture with a smooth custard dessert flavor. When you exhale, you experience a sweet strawberry flavor hit with the exhale and some vapers have also claimed to have experienced notes of spice in the flavor. This flavor has been one of utmost success amongst vapers and has received excellent customer reviews for its rich, creamy taste, and sweet undertones.

Moreover, this vape juice has been one of the ultimate best vape juice flavors of 2018. Mother’s Milk is a widely loved flavor by many and comes in $22 for a 30 ml bottle, $80 for a 120 ml bottle, making its per ml price to be between 60 to 80 cents.

While Mother’s Milk may taste really good and be a huge success, it is not exactly cheap. It lies more in the upper price range and is available in 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 milligrams per milliliters of nicotine levels with a PG/VG ratio of 30 and 70.


5. Straw-Colada Vape Juice (Vaporfi) – $15.99

Straw-Colada Vape Juice (Vaporfi)

Everybody loves Pina Coladas including me and Vaporfi has the ultimate Pina Colada flavor vape juice for you all to transport you straight into vacation mode. And while you’re there the rich undertones of Vaporfi’s Straw-Colada vape juice will book you a ticket to paradise with its delicious taste and fruity flavor.

This flavor is one of the most exceptional ones on this list. It has not only won a contest but is also one of the most popular choices of vapers that shop for the best vape juice online at Vaporfi.

This e-juice is the perfect blend of Pineapple, Coconut, and Strawberry liquids to give you a tropical feel. This is an exceptional mix of all the fruity flavors combined in a contest-winning combination of Straw Colada Vape Juice. This vape juice is available in 30 ml and 60 ml bottles of e-liquid. Moreover, the PG/VG ratio comes in slight variations to suit the preferences of the vapers.


6. Dragonthol (Solace Vapor) – $8.95

Dragonthol (Solace Vapor)

Looking for the ultimate mind-blowing best menthol vape juice? Dragonthol has you covered with its delicious flavor with a strong burst of menthol. The Dragonthol is a dangerously tasty combination and a delicious blend of the juicy dragon fruit and the tingly, cool and soothing taste of menthol that work perfectly with each other.

The subtle undertone of dragon fruit perfectly balances the crispness and refreshing taste of menthol. This vape juice offers a 50 VG/ 50 PG ratio which is somewhat of a middle ground between vapers who prefer throat hits and the others who prefer clouds of vapor.

The liquid comes in a 15 ml bottle of Dragonthol Vape Juice by Solace Vapor with its primary flavors being Dragon Fruit and Icy Menthol. The nicotine strength for this vape juice ranges from 30MG to 50 MG and is recommended to work best with vaping devices like Suorin Air, Aspire Breeze 2, SMOK Priv One and similar Portable Devices.


7. King Cake Vape Juice (Vaporfi) – $15.99

King Cake Vape Juice (Vaporfi)

I use it when I am craving dessert-like taste. The King Cake Vape Juice is the ultimate choice of vape juice flavor for people who prefer the rich sweetness of desserts and the strong robust hit of vape liquid. When craving the sensational sweetness of the dessert from your vape juice, the ultimate combination of sugar glazed donuts, flavored cinnamon, and creamy condensed milk gives you a classic New Orleans treat with VaporFi’s King Cake Vape Juice.

This vape juice comes in a 30 ml and a 60 ml bottle with the flavor of your choice. The PG/VG ratio varies with a 70% PG / 30% VG, 50% PG / 50% VG or a maximum VG concentration as per user preference.



8. Hype Mixed Cotton Candy E-Liquid (Propaganda) – $28.95

Hype Mixed Cotton Candy E-Liquid (Propaganda)

This amazing vape juice comes in two primary flavors: blue and pink cotton candy flavors. Propaganda e-Liquid’s hottest new line of The Hype Collection, you will want to experience the soft, gooey goodness of cotton candy along with the intense flavor hit.

This is so far one of the best cotton candy vape juice currently available in the market. It comes in a 60 ml bottle with excellent cloud production and rich flavor. The Hype Mixed Cotton Candy E-Liquid from Propaganda gives the ultimate vaping experience with the sweetness and softness of cotton candy and the flavor hit of a good vape juice. The PG/VG ratio of this juice is 30 and 70, respectively.


9. Blue Raspberry Hard Candy E-Liquid (Candy POP) – $25.95

Blue Raspberry Hard Candy E-Liquid (Candy POP)

If you are looking to experience the ultimate explosion of tart and sweetness; the Blue Raspberry Hard Candy E-Liquid is your ultimate destination when shopping for the best vape juice. This mouthwatering, rich, and sweet tasting flavor is a combination of ripe blueberries and tart raspberries that will take your taste buds on a fantastic and mind-blowing ride on a journey you are likely to never forget.

This vape juice comes with a rich and sweet taste of blueberries and raspberries and excites your taste buds with the mind-numbing sweetness of hard candy.

When you exhale, your tongue will then experience the tastiest and most delicious blast of candied blueberry notes that will counter the tartness of with a sugary delight that will leave your taste buds singing with the ultimate burst of flavor. This e-liquid comes in a 100 ml bottle and has a 30 percent PG to 70 percent VG ratio with primary flavors being blueberry, raspberry, and hard candy.


10. ChocoJava Vape Juice (Vaporfi) – $15.99

ChocoJava Vape Juice (Vaporfi)

ChocoJava is the supreme combination of chocolate and coffee and is one of the best coffee vape juices currently selling in the market. Coffee is one thing, but when it is combined with the rich goodness of chocolate, it becomes a paradise for your taste buds.

Chocolate and Java create a terrific combination of heavenly mocha, and if you love your coffee with a side of indulgence, this vape juice is your best option. It comes in a 30 ml and 60 ml bottle and comes in a variety of PG/VG range that allows the vaper to choose the ratio of his preference and have the ultimate vaping experience.



Shop For the Best Vape Juice Online

You can shop for your favorite vape juice online at different stores that offer a variety of e-liquids in different flavors including the best coffee vape juice, the best dessert vape juice, the best cotton candy vape juice, and the ultimately best-selling vape juice flavors that are guaranteed to provide you with the ultimate vaping experience. You can visit Direct Vapor and VaporFi to purchase your favorite e-liquids.

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