Best Vape to Quit Smoking 2020

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1. Innokin Endura

innokin-endura-t18-vape-pen-kit-previewCheck Price

2. Juul Starter Kit

2. Juul Starter KitCheck Price

3. Aspire K4

Aspire-Speeder-200W-Vape-Starter-KitCheck Price

Your decision to quit smoking and trying out vaping is for sure the right one. I think we all share the experience of trying, with various methods, to quit smoking, but failed, over and over again. I have been there, none of the options worked for me but to my surprise, one thing that took me out of cigarettes was vaping. Right now you probably feel a little bit of skepticism. This is totally normal, I had the same thoughts for the first time I tried vaping. Don’t worry, this article will clearly give you an idea of how vaping can help you quit smoking, and also about the best vape pen to quit smoking.

You may think that all vaporizers are the same and will try to look into some cheap vaporizers. Let me warn you, cheap vaporizers may do more harm than being beneficial. As a newbie in the world of vaping, I would suggest looking out for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vapes rather than DTL (direct-to-lung) vapes. There are so many best vapes for smokers that offer the same flavors, throat hit, and experience that you get from a cigarette but without the cons of smoking.

Moreover, vaping is more rewarding than smoking. Why?

  • Vaping is definitely going to improve your health by reducing 95% of toxins comparatively to cigarettes.
  • With vaping, you will end up saving some money, which is really great!
  • People will not be vexed with smoke or the smell that you get after smoking.

The best thing about vaping is the smoke that is exhaled is not actually the smoke but nicotine-infused vapor, which is less harmful compared to the smoke inhaled while smoking. Moreover, it hardly resides, even for a few seconds.

Meanwhile, vaping has taken a huge leap. There are different types of vapes in the market today. You have vapes for cloud chasers (sub-ohm vaping), which is trending these days, also there are portable vapes such as cordless vape pens, vape mods, etc. It is better if you look out for best vapes to quit smoking rather than looking for vapes generally to avoid the hassle and to get along with vaping easily.

Before getting into vaping, here are some things that are necessary for you to take note of. If you have got a brand new vape and it requires filling up the tank or is required to install the coil within it, you better prime the coil with a small amount of liquid before taking a draw to abstain from experiencing a bad throat.

I recommend you getting a starter kit or portable vapes which are very handy and you can take a puff easily no matter where you go.

Are you ready to look into some best vapes that will make never look back?

Top 10 Best Vapes to Quit Smoking 2020

1. Innokin Endura T18

innokin-endura-t18-vape-pen-kit-previewIn this trending world of sub-ohm vaping, Innokin Endura T18 stands out to be the best mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw vape. MTL is the best vape pen to quit smoking. This tiny vape can be charged through USB and allows you to vape whilst charging. There are different colors of LED lights to indicate the status of your battery.

The draw is smooth and similar to that of cigarettes. Since the coils are super sustainable, you don’t have to invest money in changing the coils all the time. Thus, the vape is ideal for those looking forward to quitting smoking.

T18 has a 2.5 ml e-liquid capacity with a pre-installed 1.5-ohm prism coil head. I would suggest using VG/PG ratio not higher than 70/30. To get more flavor and better throat hit from this vape, using 65% PG e-liquid is recommended.

T18 is very easy to use. This does not involve any complex stuff regarding wattage or airflow, which is perfect for all the new vapers. Overall, Endura T18 is super cool with its easy functionality and performance, ideal for those switching to e-cigarettes.

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2. Juul Starter Kit

2. Juul Starter KitPersonally, the first thing I fell in love with was the design of this vape – and I am sure it will definitely grab your attention as well. This vape is a part of Pax Labs and is just 9cm long and 1.5cm in width, making it a very portable and easy-to-carry vape. Getting started with this vape is uncomplicated and as easy as pie.

First, you will have to insert a pod with a flavor of your choice to start vaping. Unlike other vapes, there are no buttons on this vape. Just tap twice anywhere on the vape to check its battery status. There are LED light indications which will be flashed in either of the three colors (green, yellow or red) the moment you tap the vape. Charging the vape requires you to insert the magnetic USB charger into the USB port.

If you are finding something that would act similarly to a cigarette, then I would definitely recommend this for you. This vape gives a massive throat hit due to its high nicotine content and high PG ratio. You will definitely enjoy the hit you get from this vape. Overall, this no-hassle tiny vape is amazing and ideal for all novice vapers.

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3. Aspire K4 Quick Start Kit

Aspire-Speeder-200W-Vape-Starter-KitIf you are inspired by the sub-Ohmers and want to try sub-ohm vaping, then this vape is all you need to consider. The vape features a 2000mAh battery and a single button on the vape, making it simple for the users to get started with it. The vape comes in a single color and even though the design is a little outdated these days, it is still a very good vaporizer.

The manufacturing quality is good, and great for beginners to start with. The only thing I would point out is the lack of features. Totally, this is quite a good vape for beginners with 0.27-ohm coils and 2000mAh battery.

The only thing I disliked about this vape is the long charging time. Moreover, you will have to work a little more to fill the tank by unscrewing the top and also, the tank should be drained completely to access and change the coils.

The flavor that this tank and coil pull out is simply great. The vapor quality is great as well. The clouds came out to be big and satisfying but also tasted good. These features are great for such a small product.

The things that are unappreciated about this vape is its power flexibility, charging and not so quick access for filling. Apart from these things, this vape is excellent for novice users.

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4. KangerTech EVOD Pro V2

Kanger-K-Pin-Mini-All-in-One-VapeKangerTech EVOD Pro V2 is the updated version of KangerTech EVOD Pro, for a better vaping experience by adding additional features. The EVOD Pro V2 has been designed both for MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) and DTL (Direct-to-Lung) vaping along with CLOCC (Child Lock Organic Cotton Coils) feature.

This all in one vape comes with high powered 2500mAh battery, that longs for a day along with a maximum wattage of 30 W. Large adjustable airflow holes are located at the top of the tank and the drip tip is interchangeable and insulated, thus, you won’t be at a risk of burning your lips.

To get into more details, this vaping kit consists of two atomizer heads that are made from NiChrome (1-ohm) and the other with stainless steel (0.5-ohm). The vape is easy to use with one-button design along with a built-in 4 ml tank which is leak-proof. The vape is sleek and intuitive but some of the experienced vapers might feel a bit difficult to cope up with this 30 W vape. Overall, this device is great for the beginners and medium vapers.

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5. Joytech eGo AIO Pro

Joyetech-eGo-AIO-Starter-KitThis all-in-one vape offers both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping with an inbuilt battery. Those looking to quit smoking will love this. This vape comes with a 2ml tank which is to be filled from the top. One feature that is unique with this vape is its childproof lock on its top fill lid. You just have to push down on it to open it.

Coming to the battery, this vape comes with 1500mAh battery which fits well with its size. The vape is very handy and stays well in the pocket without any risk of leakage. Vapers get to select from an ample of coils that vape well and brings out a good flavor. You can consider 0.6-ohm coil and the 1.5-ohm Clampton, these are pretty great and fits well with the vape.

With the airflow setting on this vape, the direct lung vaping is just okay. Unlike other sub ohm tanks, the direct-to-lung vaping is restricted. The Mouth-to-Lung vaping is good (turn the airflow dot 90 degrees). Overall, this vape is pretty good for all newbies.

This vape can still improve in terms of its markings, which are barely visible making it difficult for the vapers to adjust. The size of the device constricts the capacity of the liquid on this vape. The vape can also be upgraded with respect to its design.

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6. Halo G6 Starter Kit

halo-vapeHalo G6 is very similar to a cigarette with its design and also with its throat hit and flavor. You can customize this vape with a battery of your choice (between 180 mAh and 240 mAh).  The vape is very stylish and attractive with a clean matte black finish and I am sure that you will definitely fall in love with its design.

This vape is very impressive with respect to its battery adaptability. We checked for both manual and automatic batteries, to our surprise both the batteries fit well. Manual battery turned out to give more vapors, but the throat hit remained the same with both the batteries.

Not only batteries, you also get to choose different flavors and blank cartridges to refill your carts with e-liquids. Cartridges come in different sizes such as 1 ml and 1.5 ml and Halo also offers a see-through tank making it easy to fill it.

Overall, Halo is a good quality vape with its attractive design. Customisable features are pretty awesome. Most of the novice vapers are definitely going to love this vape.

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7. JAC Vapour S-17

SERIES-S17-Topfill-KitThis is the best vape for those who are trying to switch from cigarettes to vaping. This vape offers novice users to experience the sub-ohming capability, who would like to explore the world of sub-ohm vapers. S-17 comes with a 900mAh battery, tank with 1.8 ml capacity and 1.0 ohm MTL coil.

S-17 comes in three colors (silver, black or pink), which are very attractive and lovely to handle. S-17 is strong enough to endure few inevitable knocks and drops easily. The mouthpiece can easily be detached for cleaning and clicks back perfectly on the same place. The airflow is regulated via airflow slots situated at the end of the base, which can easily be set using control ring.

Basically, one thing to grouse about this vape is about the coil that comes separately in a box and not within the vape. If you are a newbie who doesn’t like to read instruction manuals and if you start to vape directly, then you might end up with e-liquid everywhere.

So, make sure to fit the coil inside the vape, which is not all an intricate task. Remove the tank and unscrew the base of the coil and the coil will perfectly fit in. Further, don’t forget to prime the coil to avoid burning the wick and giving you a dry hit.

The draw with 1.0 ohm fitted coil was fair and tight, exactly like the draw of a cigarette, using MTL vaping style with a good throat hit as well. The vape stands out among other vapes due to its capability to offer higher powered sub-ohm vaping. We suggest you use a 0.5-ohm coil with a 70/30 high VG e-liquid, in case you want to try sub-ohm vaping.

The results are very impressive. You will love this vape and this might also turn out to be the best vape to quit smoking. You will definitely feel like you are using a top quality device once you use this.

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8. Philip Morris IQOS

Philip Morris IQOSThe iQOS is very user-friendly vape with its design similar to the traditional cigarette, ideal for those smokers who are looking to switch to vaping. The vaping kit is very simple and includes the vape in the shape of a cigarette (e-cigarette), charger and tobacco HEET sticks used for vaping. HEETs are disposable tobacco sticks resembling the butt of the cigarette, containing nicotine, VG, additional flavors and tobacco.

Even Though iQOS resembles e-cigarette in shape but differs in its functionality. The nicotine e-liquid, which is present in most of the e-cigarettes is replaced by real tobacco in the form of smaller Marlboro cigarettes facsimiles. To use this vape, first you have to insert a HEET stick and wait for few minutes for it to heat up and the amount of time you have to use the vape depends upon the number of puffs (14 puffs) or time (6 minutes) whichever the user reaches first.

You will definitely experience something unique regarding the quality of vapor. It stands out from other vapes with its subtle odor, sensation and cloud production. The tobacco throat hit is impressive and well recognized by the smokers and does not leave any acrid taste in the mouth. Well, this is a classic vape for previous smokers who are on the verge to quit smoking.

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9. Phix

PhixPhix is a small tiny vape mod focused primarily on ex-smokers with its flavors and throat hit very close to a cigarette. The design of the device is very slick and comes with a ceramic coating, which is a pleasure to hold the vape. As the vape comes with a pod, it is a doddle to vape by keeping away all the fuss of setting up a vape with coil, tank, and battery, which is favorable for all the novice users.

Phix includes 1.5ml pre-installed pod, battery, a Tobacco Blend pod and 1.4-ohm and 1.5-ohm coils installed within it. You can start vaping by installing the pod taken out from the blister pack in the device with a satisfying click (as this a magnetic attachment). Start pulling and you are ready to go. There is a 280 mAh battery which can translate to around 220 puffs per charge.

This vape focuses on MTL vaping (most suitable for initial vapers) rather than DTL vaping. Initially, the draw is smooth but you will have to draw a little longer to get a more intense flavor. Throat hit is semi-intense striking a line between hard and smooth. There are LED lights that lit up every time you draw, which is cool but LED lights that would lit up as an indication to recharge the vape was much preferable.

The flavors for the pods are designed suitably by MLV and doesn’t contain variety. The device restricts you from using the vape simultaneously while charging. The device is tiny, long lasting and sleek, ideal for newbies but not at all suitable for cloud chasers.

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10. Eleaf iJust Start

Eleaf-iJust-3-80W-Vape-Starter-KitiJust Start will definitely grab your attention with its style and clean lines, adding to it, you will have an option to pick among five different colors.  It also comes with three different coil heads which is an added bonus for all those who are new to this world of vaping. Moreover, this product comes in two sizes (regular iJust and a 120.5 x 19mm, 1600-mAh iJust Plus).

iJust Start has a 1300-mAh battery that offers direct-output voltage. The product doesn’t make you wait for long, allow 3 hours (for iJust Start) and 4 hours (for iJust Start Plus) to get it charged. iJust Start and iJust Start Plus comes with 2.3 ml and 2.5 ml tank with a low minimum resistance (0.4 ohms, up to 3.5 ohms).

The vape is compatible with many tanks including JoyeTech’s eGo One series. This is not a sub-ohm or your usual high watt device, but a svelte and stealthy device. Therefore, you have to ensure that the top portion is compatible in terms of size.

The iJust tank is GS Air 2 which allows you to adjust the airflow. This can be done by just turning the silicone ring. The draw is only okay and doesn’t give a maximum throat hit. The tank is confined to use with iJust Start or the device operating at 25W maximum. However, the suitable range is 8W to 25W. The product is reliable and is made of Pyrex and stainless steel.

On purchase of this vape irrespective of the size, the kit includes a battery with GS Air 2 atomizer of the correct width. You will also receive two GS Air Atomizer Heads rated 0.75 ohms, USB cable, and an airflow control ring. I feel that the vape can get better and it is better if Eleaf offers built-in airflow rings rather than giving it separately.

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Say Bye to Smoking With These Vapes

Being a smoker and suddenly switching to something else is hard and also appalling by the thought of not being able to take a puff when you like it. The best solution for this is to switch to vaping because it satisfies the nicotine grip in the throat and the sight of smoke exhaled. Basically, it is offering exactly the same what you get in a cigarette but in a good and a healthy way. The vape market has been enlarged to an extent that you will get any kind of vapes with a variety of flavors.

I will definitely recommend all the novice users to check out best vapes for smokers rather than using a random vape without knowing anything about it and experiencing something bad. Doing this might again get you back on cigarettes. Now, throw your cigarettes now and start vaping.

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