Best RDA Vapes 2020

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1. Vaporfi Venom

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2. Goon LP RDA

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3. Vandy Vape Bonza

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When it comes to buying the best RDA vapes, we always want to have what we love. The smoke and the flavor that makes us feel like the rulers of the world, don’t you want that? Well, if you do, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a vape for yourself.

But how to choose one when there are so many options in the market? Well, this buying guide has all the details that you would want to know about selecting the best vape RDA. Follow this one to know more about RDA vapes and how to select one from a bunch of other options.

Factors To Consider When Buying Vapes

Whenever you use a vape, one of the most important things that everyone should consider is the hardware of the product. Though it may be totally true or not the maximum percentage of the decision depends on the past habits of smoking of the person. There are many other important factors too that one should consider before they plan to buy a vape for use.

The decision might include if you want to buy something like e-cig that has maximum battery life or battery or get something that is small as well as discreet. Most of the people always prefer to buy the large-sized e-cig as they are ideal ones which will last for the whole day. But don’t forget that the budget is also an important factor to consider while buying a vape for you. Are you going spend wisely or simply go on to waste your money?

When you have to step your foot in the world of vaping, you will see that there are a lot of options that one has to choose from. The process of selection gets more and more confusing. To get you out of this loop we are here to tell you some important things that you can definitely look for. Here are some of the important factors that one should consider carefully if you want the best RDA Vapes.

Understand The Composition Of The Device

Nowadays the vapes that are found in the industry vary a lot in size, design as well as form. They don’t seem to appear similar in outer appearance but the layer underneath the items is almost similar. These may include the tank, battery, coils, e-liquids, mod, and coils.
The battery is the source of the power for every device and they are either disposable or rechargeable. If the battery is disposable then it will be of no use when the charge is gone. Talking about the tank, it is the place where the coils, wicks as well as the e-liquids are located. The tanks that are in the vaping devices differ in design and functionality. E-liquid is the main part of an e-cigarette which is responsible for giving flavors to the throat. The liquid consists of vegetable glycerine as well as propylene glycol. Now you might be thinking what is the coil? The wired part that is present in the product is known as the coil.

Portable Or Desktop?

One of the most common things you will notice among the people who are indulged in vaping is they do it while they are moving. So, in such cases, nothing can match the comfort of a portable device. But if you consider the desktop version then they are more powerful and can give out thicker vapor. But one of the cons of desktop vaping is that you will need an outlet. So, if you want to enjoy some dry herbs at your room and chill yourself then it will be better you get yourself a desktop vape. But if you compare the price between the desktop and portable ones then the desktop is a little bit on the higher side.

Flowers Or Concentrate? Which One Is Best?

The concentrates include oils, waxes etc. While you consider flowers you can use marijuana leaves or dry herbs. So when you are going to choose a vape for you, consider buying a device that will be best suitable for your needs of vaping. The portable devices accommodate both flowers as well the concentrates. In the costly desktop ones, you will notice that it has oils attached. However, if you really prefer to smoke marijuana or herbs then those concentrates then it will be better if you buy those vapes which are specially meant for herbs only. Those who are daily smokers always prefer the desktop ones as it gives more medicated feeling than the portable ones.

Price Of The Vapes

Don’t make the mistake to decide how much money you are going to spend after you have checked what is available on the market. It is important that one should know the budget before going through the items. Now you might think that why is it so? Well, this is because there are a lot of good quality desktops that are available in the market. They are very high in prices and can really be intimidating. S

uy a vape. The company offers a broad range of options to choose from. One more thing that you should know about is that if you are a budget-friendly customer then the concentrate pens will be the best option.

Don’t Stick Your Eye To One Type Of Vape Devices

There are maximum pens that have the cig-a-like vaporizers and has the complete system. You can bring the juice and ask for a replaceable coil atomizer or disposable atomizer. Nowadays, the devices that are available in the market are nothing but a single component that allows one to assemble a single device with the difference as well the customized part to suit the vaping quality that you require. So, if you are looking for any right or wrong answer here then don’t.

These things totally depend on the personal preferences of the person. If you come across complete systems then you can purchase the device in one go while other options have more customization and thus has better experience. Some of the common configurations of the vape devices include pen style vape devices, VW/VV vape devices, TC vape devices, and the mechanical vape devices.

Which Will Be The Ideal Atomizer?

If you want to get a vape that has high performance then it is important you have proper knowledge about the atomizers. Here is some information about a few atomizers.

Cartomizer/ Cartridge: These two types of atomizer have almost everything in common. They are considered as the part of cig-a-likes. The heating device of the material comes along with a heating coil that has a removal mouthpiece which is tube-like.

Clearomizer: This is one of the most popular options that are available on the current market today. The tank system consists of a refillable structure along with a coil head which can be replaced easily. Most of the clearomizers have an adjustable airflow. This is what every beginner wants.

Sub Ohm Tank/ Clearomizer: Just as same as the clearomizer, this version of the vape device functions with sub-ohm equipped resistance coils. This device has a comparatively larger inlet for the liquid and has a good airflow that can be adjusted.

The Coil Resistance Of The Vapes

Whenever you are considering the coils into account then you should keep in mind that these coils give various resistance. The standard coils are taken to be 1 ohm while those of the sub ohm values have a lower level. Don’t take the sub ohm level to be a bad thing.

When the coils have lower resistance it means it has a large surface area and a larger size. So, if there is a large surface area then it means that the coil will hold more juice. This will result in good vapor as well as flavor production.

If you are really interested in buying a decent as well a reasonable cost product then it will be better if you do some research before you go. Make sure you also look for the warranty of the vapes when you are buying. There are many models that will provide a standard warranty but it will be better if you get a better deal. It doesn’t matter whether you liking vaping for long sessions or short sessions. It is always better to buy the best vaporizer for a better experience.

Important Details About RDA Vapes

We all have heard about different types of vapes and probably most of you who are reading this article have tried vape. All of us have definitely heard that there are different kinds of vapes but no one knows all the relevant details of a vape. To know more about different types of vapes keep on reading the article below.

It has always been a fun thing to know about what are new RDAs that are demanding on the market. The trust factor is also an important thing as one should really know which the tried and true ones are. If you are looking for the quality RDAs for the beginners, or the flavored ones or get a little course about RDAs and what to expect when you are smoking one then you are in the very right place. You will get all the basics that are essential.

What Is An RDA?

RDA stands for rebuilding dripping atomizer. This rebuildable atomizer is made especially for dripping e-liquid directly on the wicks and the coils. If you consider a typical RDA, the bottom of the atomizer has a building deck which is used to place the coils. There are RDTAs and RTAs that comes with wick holes and tank sections. There is a juice well at the lower part of the build deck that helps in holding the e-liquid of the RDAs and wells have wick tails that are placed in it. In general, the capacity of the juice well is not as same as the capacity tank. So the vaper has to keep on adding juice every now and then. This will prevent the prick from becoming dry.

In the RDA you will not find any chimney just like those present in the RTAs or the sub ohm tanks. Instead of a chimney, you will see a top cap that is seated on the build deck and the vapor will rise straight up in the drip tip. One thing to notice is that the airflow will be fed to the coils from the tops, sides, bottom or it may be in combination to any of these. It is up to the users how they adjust the flow of air in order to suit their style of vaping.

Various Types Of RDAs

There are various styles and sizes that the RDAs come in. The size of the RDAs ranges from a diminutive 14mm in diameter to 40 mm and sometimes more. The most common diameter is the 22mm and 24mm. The building deck allows holding up to 8 coils and most of them come with a dual coil or single coil design. There are many coils that work well for both for the horizontals and the vertical coil builds.

The airflow is very suitable from mouth to the lung (MTL) or direct lung (DL) vaping styles. You can get them is a number of styles and size variety. From brass and copper to stainless steel and most of them also have the color option.

You can also get many configurations in the build decks. In the early days, most of the RDAs had a total of three posts, one shared a post in the middle and the other two remains on the side of the deck. The very first evolution in the triple-post was the two-post velocity style RDAs. And most of the RDAs that was designed the year before had to implement the variation of this deck to get the best RDA vape. Since then we have been seeing a plethora of innovation in the department of the build deck. The drop downs and the post-less RDAs were becoming favorite among the people. Day by day the number of designs kept on increasing and became more interesting.

There are many RDAs that with the optional hollow positive pin. This will help for the use of the special bottom-feeding mods which are known as the squonkers. In the squonk mod, there is a plastic bottle for the e-liquid which is squeezed in order to channel juice to the bottom fed atomizer. Even though people always use these to drip the juice from the tank, they started to gain their popularity in the year 2017. In recent years, we have seen that a large number of squonkers has been manufactured by most of the manufacturers.

Cloud RDAs Against The Flavour RDAs

There are many vapers who confirm that the RDAs are especially for the flavor or for clouds. The clouds based RDAs have two or more room for coils. They can hold coils which are large in diameter and of heavy mass. The diameters of these coils are like that of the Aliens, Claptons and other designs that are creative as well as fancy. Such type of RDAs also has a large airflow to generate thick as well as immense clouds of vapor and has direct appeal to the lung vapers. Some of the users of the cloud chasing RDAs also compete among themselves just to check who can create the thickest and the best RDA vapes. These types of super-airy RDAs are also sometimes known as “competition RDAs”.

Talking about the flavor RDA, they have less flow of air. These types of vapes are suitable for those who don’t want to have direct lung vapes or mouth to lung vaping style. A flavor RDA can only hold single or a dual coil design and the diameter is around 22mm or less. As it is expected, the main aim of the RDA is to provide the best RDA vape flavor and a decent cloud vapor too.

Advantages Of RDAs

There are many vapers who prefer the RDA for their best flavor and they have this feeling that it excels in this category over all the types of atomizers. This is because the vapor present in the RDAs has to travel a very short distance and has no obstruction in its way other than the drip tip. The path is maximized for the user for the experience of better flavor and best RDA vape.

In addition to this, there are many juices which you can try in the RDAs. Nothing can beat the taste in trying the new e-liquids. A few drops of the e-liquid will only let you decide whether this is going to be your next best thing or pass them away to others.

One more thing one would like about the RDA is that they are very easy-to-wick. They don’t have a wick channel basically, so you don’t have to care about the balancing of the wick tails between the dry hits and flooding like the RTAs and the RDTAs. They are also free from those very small extra parts that the other rebuildable come with. One has to give a little and a quick rinse off and the RDA is ready for the reuse. Just keep in mind that the wick is fitting snug enough into the coil along with maintaining a little freedom for movement and then you are ready to go.

If you are really interested in building your coil and plan to have amazing vapor production then it will be best that you choose RDA. Even though you are a little bit worried about the capacity of the liquid, the squonk RDAs are the best solution for you.

Now that you know how to choose the best RDA vape, why don’t you go ahead and buy one? Here we are going to present you with some of the best vapes that you can try in order to pick out the best ones.

Top 11 Best RDA Vapes 2020

1. VaporFi Venom RDA

VaporFi-Venon-RDAThe 22mm diameter RDA Vape comes with some certain specifications that make it the best. With a brass center screw and stainless steel dual posts, it is certainly a very good vape. Also, there are 6 different airholes provided as well. Another one of the amazing things is that it changes color too and it can be a really cool device to use.

The dual post deck has got a velocity style so building it is pretty simple. The canthal wire resistance is in between 0.1ohm to 2.0ohm. The quality and design of the product are impressive with amazing threads that are buttery smooth and have got great resistance.


  • Great design comes in black as well as grey colors
  • The manufacturing of the product is done very nicely The product is temp and wattage compatible as well
  • There is also cotton provided with the set
  • The best thing is that it changes color which can look pretty cool for some users


  • Some users might complain about the size of the product which is a bit small
  • The product can be a bit expensive and cannot be afforded by people on a strict budget

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2. Goon LP RDA by 528 Custom Vapes

Goon-LP-RDA-by-528-Custom-VapesAnother one of the best vapes that we have so fast is this particular model by the Custom Vapes. It has a very sturdy construction and it looks really great. For those who want large and thick clouds, this is the option that they should go for.

It might take a while to get adjusted to the design and the construction, but after finding the perfect coils for it, you will have a wonderful performance for sure. With a rich and deep flavor, the vape is the best for sure. You will be impressed with the clamp design that it has and you will be able to put thicker coils in it as well. Rebuilding is pretty easy and the airflow holes have dual slopes which deliver air right into the core. Try it out and see for yourself.


  • Awesome device for thick and huge clouds
  • Reliable and sturdy construction
  • The juice and flavor is pretty deep as well
  • The building deck has 2 posts
  • The device has got pretty good build
  • Great quality of flavor on the amazing device
  • With a sleek design, it is one of the most fashionable vapes ever


  • The vape is not that suitable for the beginners
  • The price of the product can be a little bit high
  • The holes for airflow are a bit small according to some users

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3. Vandy Vape Bonza RDA Vape Tank

Vandy-Vape-Bonza-RDA-Vape-TankThis vape is another one on the list of the best RDA vapes because it has some amazing features in it. The deck that it has comes with 2-post configuration which makes it pretty easy to build. Suitable for handling double and single coils as well.

The drip tip adaptability is probably the best feature. It has a wide bore tip which comes along with a 510 adaptor which is suitable to handle the different tips. Increased connectivity is established with the 24K gold connections.

Also, the well of juice is large and has a capacity of 7 ml. With adjustable airflow all thanks to the tank slots, this vape will perform really well for sure. Also, there is a particular squonk pin adaptor which is a perfect addition. The performance of the vape is pretty smooth as well so you will have strong flavors all the way.


  • The hybrid-clamping mechanism has got clamps and screws for better build
  • There is a 2-post setting up the process
  • The 810 resin made drip tip is an additional bonus
  • There is a mouthpiece adapter which is provided with the set
  • The chassis is made of stainless steel which makes it durable
  • Large and spacious juice well
  • Build deck is gold-plated


  • The vape might not be that suitable for the beginners

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4. Vandy Vape Iconic RDA Vape Tank

Vandy-Vape-Iconic-RDA-Vape-TankThe Vandy Vape Iconic is another one of the collaborations that happened between YouTube stars from Mike Vapes for creation a vape that is amazing and performs well. The clamp system in the vape is spring-loaded and also it has a 2-terminal vape post which makes it easy to set up.

The juice well is 7.5 ml and is pretty large. The build of the Iconic is leak-free and the wicks and coils are adjusted properly as well. Also, the deck is properly built and is very spacious and so the coil and the wick building is pretty easy to do. With a very great airflow, the vape is amazing to use. Even if you use the thicker wicks, then you will get more coverage of air.


  • Side and bottom airflow integrated together
  • The airflow tubes at the bottom are steeped
  • There are dual post clamps
  • The 510-threading is a nice addition
  • There are two different mouthpieces that come with the set
  • The 510 squonk is pin ready
  • The juice well is large and spacious


  • There is no 510 adapter available
  • There are no hex screws which can be a problem

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5. Driptech DS Dual 18650 Squonk MOD by 528 Custom Vapes

Driptech-DS-Dual-18650-Squonk-MOD-by-528-Custom-VapesHere is another one of the best vapes that have got a very simple and elegant exterior design. There is a parallel battery and the configuration of it is best for the performance of the vape. There is a firing button at the top of the vape and it works smoothly and very comfortably. The bottom of the vape has got 24k gold in it which is compact.

The MOD is very portable and easy to carry. The specialties of it are the 18650 batters that are provided with the kit. With a spacious squonk bottle with a 10ml capacity of juice, this is one of the best vapes that we could find for you. You can easily fit up to 24 mm vape tanks in it.


  • The juice well has got a great capacity of 10 ml
  • The battery performance is really great
  • The product is completely compatible with the vape tanks of different ranges
  • Contacts are gold plated
  • 510 connection is self-adjusted


  • The product can be a bit expensive
  • 10 ml juice capacity
  • The product is not that suitable for the people who are beginner

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6. Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 TC Squonk MOD 100W

Eleaf-Pico-Squeeze-2-TC-Squonk-MOD-100WThe Squeeze 2 from Eleaf Pico is another great looking mod set which doesn’t have superior style but is decent due to its amazing exterior looks. There is a 0.49 inch LED screen in the Squeeze 2 which shows all the vital stats in a better way. You will have ventilation holes in the bottom which will help in reducing the temperature in a great way.

The coil resistance has got a range of 0.05ohm to about 3.0ohm. Apart from that, there is a squonk bottle with a capacity of 8ml. The vapers will be able to fire up the different wattage of coils in this vape. With a 18650 adapter along with 21700 and 20700 batteries, the vape lasts very long.


  • The product is able to handle the larger tanks
  • The sturdy and compact construction makes it durable
  • The firing modes are pretty efficient
  • Better performance of the battery
  • The 2A charging is super fast


  • The LED screen can be a bit small
  • The fire button is not that comfortably placed

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7. Augvape Druga Squonk Mod with RDA Kit

Augvape-Druga-Squonk-Mod-with-RDA-KitThis particular Mod that is also an RDA kit is a great option due to its affordability and amazing performance. Although it is a low-prices mod, the features and the specification in this kit are perfect for the experienced vapers.

However, there is a simple flaw and that is the squonk bottle which has a capacity of just 5ml. With a 18650 battery, the vape is pretty powerful. You won’t really be able to control the temperature or the wattage, but with optimal output levels, this vape is a pretty efficient one on itself. Another great thing is that you will be able to use it as a dual or single coil vape.


  • The product is lightweight and compact
  • It is easy to clean and use
  • The exterior construction is sturdy
  • The clamp snag mechanism is a great bonus
  • You can easily access the battery panel


  • The squonk bottle capacity is only 5ml which is less
  • The product is not regulated which can be a problem for some

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8. Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W Squonk Box Mod

Vandy-Vape-Iconic-RDA-Vape-TankThere is no doubt that Vandy Vape is a premier name in the vapes industry. So, the Pulse edition of the vape is undoubtedly on our list. This compact, light-weight and great-looking vape, has got the best squonk box mod on the list. With amazing buttons for control, excellent battery housing, and door, the box is pretty good for you.

ABS and Nylon used for the construction keep it pretty light-weight. The mod’s battery life is also very impressive and it comes along with an 8ml juice well so, you can easily fire up different coils with ease. Apart from that, there is a wattage mode that is variable. Try its fantastic features out and you will love it for sure.


  • 20700 batteries make it a very long-lasting product
  • There is a 18650 sleeve included as well
  • Comes with fantastic features of safety
  • Compact, temperature resistant, and light-weight
  • Firing modes are efficient


  • The charging can be a bit slow
  • The display is not really legible in the daylight

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9. Tugboat V2 Mod

Tugboat-V2-ModThe Tugboat V2 Mod is another one of the mechanical mods that we have on the list. It is basically a 18650 tube mod which can be perfect for the vapers. There is a flush mounted cap for the safekeeping of the mod.

For those who want to have the best RDA vapes, this one comes with an array of fantastic features such as copper contacts, hybrid connections, Delrin insulators and also a silver-plated bottom as well. The conductivity of the product is pretty unique and it looks great as well. The performance of the vape is another great thing as it allows vaping to be a fun activity. Now, who wouldn’t want to try it, right?


  • Stainless steel construction makes it pretty durable
  • Improved condition of the airflow in the product
  • There is a three post design which allows the product to accept single as well as double coils


  • The product can be a bit expensive

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10. Innokin Coolfire Ultra TC150

Innokin-Coolfire-Ultra-TC150This particular mod is another one of the biggest names that we have on the vape market. This amazing kit comes along with a very durable in-build battery of 4000mAh and a wattage that goes up to a maximum of 150 watts. Also, there is an ultra-thin design that measures about 22m in width. A relatively low-priced product, it has got a 150W Aethon chipset which provides better performance as well. Along with that, you get a pre-boost tech, dry hit prevention and so much more.


  • You can save the battery lifespan with the standby mode
  • Safety features are amazing
  • Provides a quick charging for the vape
  • The battery life is pretty long
  • Temp and Wattage modes
  • Compact and elegant design
  • Detention of dry hit and prevention


  • The battery doesn’t last a whole day when at the high power setting
  • Batteries can be a bit sensitive

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11. Augvape Merlin RDTA

Augvape-Merlin-RDTAThis particular vape is a basic 24mm vape that provides exceptional flavor to the vaper. There is a two-post deck that is large enough to fit the larger coils that have a diameter of 3.5 mm and more. Apart from that, you will also be able to have an option to pull off the top can and unscrew the whole portion at the top.

One of the best things that we absolutely loved about the Augvape Merlin RTDA is that is has got a design that is self-sealing. There is a particular sealing rod which is used for connecting the top portion to the rest of the body.

You know what that means, right? After closing the device it will be completely sealed off. So, there is no chance for any leakage in the product. Apart from that, you get some additional cotton for the juice wells. Also, you get a better airflow system at the bottom.


  • Amazing flavors for those who want it
  • The self-sealing system and design of the vape makes it leakage-less and efficient
  • The mouthpiece is very comfortable to use
  • The large size is supportive of the large coils
  • The machine quality is great


  • The capacity of the juice well is just 5ml which can be a problem
  • Sometimes condensation might happen due to the self-sealing
  • There are no additional screws or spare glasses
  • Not suitable for the coils that are smaller

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Selecting The Best RDA Vapes Is Not A Challenge Anymore

So, now that you know all about the RDA vapes and how you can select the best one amongst so many, why don’t you go ahead and buy one? Well, we get it that selecting the best ones from so many options can be a really challenging task. However, we have already mentioned some of the best RDA vapes that we could find amongst the lot. You can easily choose the one that you find is best in the lot and it will make your job a lot easier.

When it comes to choosing the best vape RDA, you need to make sure that you consider all the factors that you need. After all, it is you who is going to be using it right? So, what you want your vapes is the only thing that matters.

We hope that this buying guide for selecting the best RDA vapes has been useful to you. Don’t waste any more of your time and order one right now, people.

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