Best Stealth Vapes 2020

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1. KandyPens Rubi

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2. Wismec RX Mini

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3. Aspire Breeze 2

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Vaping has become a trend these days, while some vapers love blowing massive clouds, showing vaping tricks and gathering as much attention as possible. In contrast, some people prefer privacy over attention and switch towards stealth vaping. However, you can’t be a pro by just choosing the best stealth vape but you should also be aware of the tricks essential for effective stealth vaping.

Stealth vaping, in simple terms, can be described as vaping in a discreet manner. Stealth vaping is not a mere option to get away with using an e-cigarette or vaporizer in places you shouldn’t but is also performed to vape privately and peacefully.

There are some rules and regulations that restrict vaping in few places, especially public places, and some people can’t stand vapers blowing clouds even in places where it is legal. Hence, to avoid discomfort to the people around, while still respecting the right to vape, people shift towards stealth vaping.

Vaping is restricted in some places stating to be harmful just like smoking but some studies have proven that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, also being the best alternative for smoking.

There are a variety of vaporizers in the market today but not all vaporizers are optimal for stealth vaping though. First of all, choose a device that fits right in your palm, I mean, small vape mods are the best vapes for stealth vaping. Are you thinking about your vaping experience with such tiny device?

Do not worry, the advancement of technology has made everything possible and easy. Advanced chip and battery technology with additional features that suits best for stealth vaping have been introduced in these mini vape mods. That means you are certainly going to have a great vaping experience!

This guide will take you around ten best stealth vape mods that can be considered for stealth vaping. Also, by the end of this guide, you will be aware of stealth vaping and the factors to be considered before buying any mini vape mods.

Take a look at these best smallest vape mods I feel are great in terms of performance, battery, design, and other factors listed in no particular order.

Factors To Look For When Buying Vape For Stealth Vaping

There are a number of vaporizers but you cannot buy any random vaporizer and start stealth vaping. Hence, below mentioned are some factors that you should look for in a vape while buying your small vape for stealth vaping.

1. Portable and discreet

Stealth vaping is all about being discreet. As you know, vaping is not really accepted in all the places, hence if you are willing to take a draw or a puff whenever you are out, then you need to carry a portable vaporizer. There are so many vaporizers in the market that are highly portable but the most important thing is to buy a vaporizer that is small in size, like small box mods or mini vape pen mods (example wimsec rx mini or kandypens mini).

Remember, you need to avoid grabbing any attention while vaping, hence avoid buying vaporizers that are very shiny and bright in color. Also, if you are going to buy a mini vape pen mod, then buy a device that has a feature of controlling temperature, so that you will be able to control the vapor and doesn’t end up getting noticed by producing dense vapor.

While most of the mini box mods are super portable, some can easily be attached to your key bunch and can be carried without any hassle. These small vape mods are so light and small in size that you will have trouble in finding them if you knock them down by mistake or drop it in between your other accessories or handbag.

2. Built quality and reliability

It is important to choose a vape that is built using high-quality materials. It is always better to use vaporizer built using metal rather than low quality plastic. Cartridges of oil vaporizers are made of glass but the mouthpiece is either made of glass, metal, or even plastic. Select a cartridge with a mouthpiece that doesn’t really get hot while vaping.

3. Potent and intense

If you are new to vaping, then definitely you shouldn’t go with a vaporizer that is harsh or intense. To avoid harshness, you can choose a vaporizer that allows you to control and set an appropriate temperature. Also, if you want potency, then look for a vaporizer that includes a quartz atomizer.

However, using a vaporizer that includes both ceramic and quartz atomizer will let you have a smooth as well as intense vaping experience. I would suggest all the novice users use a vaporizer that offers temperature controls as well as atomizers.

4. Simple and easy-to-use

This is one of the critical factors to be checked while buying any vaporizer. If you are looking to buy a vape pen mod, then check if the vape has temperature control, whether it is easy to load wax onto the coil, and if it is easily rechargeable. For stealth vaping, it is best to buy a vape that offers low draw resistance.

Same goes with the box mods. Choose a mini box mod that includes a cartridge that is easy to load. Not just the performance of the vaporizer but cleaning is also essential, hence look for a mini vape that contains the structure, where tank, atomizer, mouthpiece, and other vital parts of the vaporizer can easily be cleaned.

5. Juice

Usually, most of the e-juices contain a mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG), appropriately mixed in terms of a ratio. Well, these days, you can see most of the vapes with high VG ratio for dense vapor production. If you are stealth vaping, then I would suggest you use e-juice with higher PG ratio to avoid massive clouds. Also, the most important thing to remember while choosing your e-juice is ‘aroma’.

Even though people won’t notice you vaping using mini vapes but can smell your strong strawberry cream e-liquid, that’s like inviting trouble by yourself. However, methanol and tobacco juices have a neutral odor, hence select an e-juice with high PG ratio as it avoids leaving any prolonged scent behind.

Moreover, the stealth vapes are very tiny, hence if you want to retain the same throat hit that you get from your bigger vapes, then increase the strength of nicotine in your e-juice.

6. Battery and Wattage

Most of the mini/nano vape mods usually do not come with powerful batteries as you get in your bigger vapes. However, the advanced chips and battery technology has installed the option of replaceable batteries in some of the vaporizers and has increased the battery life in stagnant batteries.

If you are a chain vaper and wants something long-lasting then go for small vape mods with replaceable batteries. As you are stealth vaping, you should always look for a device that has low wattage output. This will avoid massive vapor production.

Top 10 Best Stealth Vapes 2020

1. KandyPens Rubi

KandyPens-RubiYou will definitely fall in love with the design of this mini vape. One thing that distinguishes Rubi from other pod mods is the refillable pod property. Yes, you can now refill your pod not just with your favorite e-juice but also with oils. This is an ultra-tiny vape, hence contains 280mah battery with 8W wattage output. Seeing the battery life, this is certainly not meant for long vaping sessions.

Inside the pod, there is a ceramic coil which is the heating element and 1.6-ohm stainless steel coil wicked in Japanese cotton is used for better taste. Trust me, it gives pretty flavorful vapor compared to its size. The vape includes a small USB port for charging and also LED lights as indicators.

Like some other small vapes, Rubi also limits vaping while charging but you won’t have to wait for long. It recharges pretty fast. The two pros of using this vape are, it is leak proof and there is no spit back through the mouthpiece.

The vape performs well, I was able to get some good vapor and was able get around 30 to 50 draws at a time. This super portable KandyPens Rubi is one of the best stealth vape mod that can be used either for traveling or stealth vaping.

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2. Wismec RX Mini

Wismec-RX-MiniIf you are looking for a vaporizer that has an amazing design, super portable along with a long-lasting battery and performance, then Wismec rx mini is perfect for you. This mini vape mod features 2100mah battery with a maximum of 80W output.

The design is sturdy and unique, there is an OLED screen and on top of that, there is a fire button. Also, the selector buttons are located at the bottom of the device.

Moreover, there’s a leather casing at the back which feels really good when you hold it. It is always like a hassle for me to fill the tank but with mini, it is super easy. It is a top fill mechanism, and here, you can completely remove the top cap, a very helpful feature.

It seems like manufacturers of rx mini have packed a lot within this small vape. But one thing is true, this vape doesn’t have any steep learning curve, hence suitable for all the novice users. The vape also includes a preheat feature, wherein you can set the desired temperature and the mod automatically heats up when activated.
There is also an option to turn off the OLED screen while stealth vaping. However, rx mini has come up with some great features and also, the 510 threaded structure makes the vape flexible allowing different tank setups. Besides, you must be careful with the tank and the coils as the vape offer 80W output.

Performance wise, I felt the clouds were pretty fair and the flavor was quite normal, not something extraordinary. I must say, this small vape is a tough contender in the race of being the best mini vape mod in the market today.

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3. Aspire Breeze 2

Aspire-Breeze-2With the same compact and ergonomic design, breeze 2 is an upgraded version of its predecessor Aspire breeze. There are a few noticeable changes in Breeze 2 like, – the open window to check your e-liquid is one great upgrade. Aspire Breeze has an amazing finish and powdered texture with an aluminum alloy framework,

Breeze 2 has retained the same design of its predecessor Aspire Breeze. Apart from this, there are LED lights for battery indication and a snappy crisp fire button to give you an idea of vape when it is fired. Further, the battery of Breeze 2 has been improvised to 1000mah, also the pod tank can hold about 3ml of e-juice now. In comparison with the original Breeze, Breeze 2 has adapted some critical changes such as flat bottom and attention has been paid towards built-in security features.

The security features include automatic cut off, low voltage protection, short circuit protection, overcharge protection. The LED lights on the mini pod work great and blink in two different colors (orange, blue) with respect to the status of the battery. For example, if the battery falls 3.2 volts, the orange light blinks 15 times. It is super easy and fast to charge the vape using micro-USB port, also the battery life is really long.

I really enjoyed MTL hit by taking a tight draw, the vapor came out to be flavorful and yes, the airflow nozzles do play a major part here. I guess, the 0.6-ohm and 1.0-ohm U-Tech coils perform their job pretty well by letting the users have a good vaping experience. Overall, With all these features and performance, Aspire Breeze 2 should definitely be considered as one of the best stealth vapes 2018. As a note, use an e-liquid with high nicotine content to enjoy a great hit.

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4. Vaporesso Tarot Nano 80W TC Vape Starter Kit

Vaporesso-Tarot-Nano-80W-TC-Vape-Starter-KitThinking about stealth vaping, then vaporesso Tarot Nano should definitely be considered as it is one of the best mini vape mods. Basically, this is a smaller version of Vaporesso Tarot Pro. This tiny, compact box mod consists of a Veco sub-ohm tank with EUC coil technology found in all new vaporesso tanks.

Also, the vape runs on Vaporesso made Omni-board chipset that gives you complete authority over controlling the temperature for safe vaping. Although it is a compact box mod, it can run 0.15-ohm coil with temperature control and wattage mode. What’s more? Vaporesso has taken vapers safety seriously, hence built this vape with short circuit protection, low voltage protection, low resistance protection, and also the low battery warning will never interrupt your vaping session.

According to me, 2500mah battery with 80W maximum wattage output is a pretty good deal for this stealth vape mod. It is a top-fill vape with 510 threaded Veco sub-ohm tank. With this mod, you will have an option of either direct to lung or mouth to lung vaping, also with the adjustable airflow mechanism it is easy to switch between the two.

Stainless steel construction will never let you doubt on the quality of this mini vape mod. This starter kit comes with a pre-constructed coil, 0.4-ohm Clampton coil, and 0.5-ohm ceramic coil. Adding to this, you will also get a spare tank section in case of any breakage. Overall, I can say this is one of the best small vape mod for stealth vaping.

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5. Eleaf istick pico 75W

Eleaf-istick-pico-75WEleaf is a very well-known company in the vaping industry and has been producing great and affordable vaporizers. Yet another vape by this company has been a huge success and loved by most of the vapers.

The latest edition istick pico is a compact, reliable, user-friendly, portable, and perhaps, most importantly, affordable vape. As you can see, the competition is too high in the vaping market, hence to excel and stand out in this tough competition, istick pico has come up with a new design feature.

The raised top battery cap which rises alongside the tank is an innovative and effective space-saving feature. Also, this feature reduces the height of the vape, making it super small vape mod by allowing users to easily replace the battery. The device is powered by 1860mah battery with a maximum of 75W output, paired with Melo 3 Mini Sub ohm tank.

The small boxy design of the vape with 5 different colors (white, black, grey, silver, hot pink) is very appealing. It also features an OLED screen with a fire button and micro USB port at the front end, while the temperature settings and other controls are executed using the selector buttons located at the bottom. Eleaf istick pico unfolds a number of features, it contains variable wattage mode that will allow you to directly adjust the power from 1W to 75W.

There is also this bypass mode where you can vape at a raw battery voltage without any adjustments like a mechanical-mod operation. Additionally, there is a TC-SS and TCR (Temperature Coefficient Resistance) mode. It allows you to use any temperature controlled material for your coils on top of the ones which are already preset for the vape. Yes, it is quite a learning curve for the new users but amazing to see such features in such a small vape mod.

Along with a lot of design features, istick pro also ensures user’s security by taking measures such as short circuit, 10-second cutoff, low voltage, and high voltage protection. Moreover, it also limits the atomizer resistance to 0.1 ohms in standard or bypass mode, and 0.05 ohms in TC mode. The device also includes upgradable firmware where you can keep your mod updated in future. Honestly, I didn’t feel that the vape has been overloaded with a number of features as I had a great vaping experience.

The right hit and perfect flavor, I was really impressed by its performance. Seeing the features for such a price, this mini vape is one of the best stealth vapes you can have.

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6. Smok Priv One Starter Kit

Smok-Priv-One-Starter-KitIf you are looking for something that is efficient and highly portable, then Smok Priv One should be your choice. You can see an array of Smok products are hitting the vape market, and out of them, Smok Priv One is definitely one of the best small vape mod for stealth vaping. With 920mah battery and 60W wattage output, this mini vape mod is the best fit for all the novice users.

The vape looks kind of flashy, different kind of patterns on each vape. Apart from a tiny window (to check on e-liquid) and a firing panel, there are no other adjustment buttons on the vape. This is an all-in-one vaporizer, hence you can enjoy both direct to lung and mouth to lung vaping. Smok Priv includes 0.6-ohm Smok Stick AIO core coils that help vape’s atomizer to produce some great flavorful vapor.

Well, the credits are also shared by wonderfully designed top airflow controlled capacity of the vape. Although the vape is designed with all the necessary features, there is certainly a room for its improvement in terms of its performance, I can’t deny the fact that it performs well for shorter sessions and for newbies but doyen vapers can certainly look for some other best mini vape mods.

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7. AirVape OM Mini

AirVape-OM-miniResembling a keychain ornament, OM mini is a shrunken version of AirVape OM. The vape involves a stainless steel framework and is one of the best small vapes compatible with wax or other oils under $100. It has a discreet and compact design, the reason behind its portability.
For better flavor and thick vapor, OM mini includes dual quartz rod atomizer with a glass mouthpiece for cooler hits. Just like the normal, bigger portable vapes, OM mini also features variable voltage for user convenience, indicated using three LED lights (red, blue, white).

In comparison with other portable vaporizers, OM mini contains 350mah battery which might not be that great for few vapers while vaping solid concentrates. But if you are using it for quick, short sessions, this mini vape won’t let you down. You will not have to wait for long as it can instantly recharge and heat-up in no time. However, the vapor quality cannot be described as above par but great for such a tiny device.

Especially, when vaping wax concentrates, this performs the best but doesn’t really fit well with other liquids. Moreover, any novice vaper can also effortlessly use it and you can certainly consider this mini vape mod if you are looking to vape on the go, just a puff here and there.

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8. HoneyStick MiniMax Pro

HoneyStick-MiniMax-ProCertainly stunned by the detailing of this mini fob vaporizer! I am sure, you will not be able to distinguish between this vape and any other premium vaporizers. The design makes this vape truly to stand out from other best stealth vapes in the market today. It is a flip fob vaporizer, looks similar to your luxury car key.

MiniMax pro contains a prefilled 510 threaded tank and has this cool feature of ejecting the cartridge by pressing the switch. This is a super portable oil vape and doesn’t come with any pre-installed cartridge, you have all the freedom to choose one. The ultra USB port allows the vape to recharge in no time also, the vape doesn’t consume a lot of time to heat up.

Three temperature levels (low, medium, high) offered by this vape lets all the newbie vapers have a great vaping experience, also the veteran vapers will get to enjoy their right hit. MiniMax pro is a budget-friendly, on the go small vape mod. You will definitely be able to get some fair clouds and flavor with appropriate settings. Considering its design aesthetics and performance, MiniMax Pro should definitely be in the list of best stealth vapes 2018.

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9. Yocan Hive 2.0 Vaporizer

Yocan-Hive-2.0-VaporizerA well designed, compact, discreet, portable, 2-in-one mini vape mod, compatible with both oils and wax comprises Youcan Hive 2.0 mini vape mod. It is a user-friendly device with no learning curve. The two atomizers are used that fit in the vape just with a magnetic click. The quartz coil beneath the wax tank ensures flavored vapor.

We are talking tiny here, hence the tanks come with just 0.8 ml capacity. Hive 2.0 consists of very sturdy and appealing shiny bright colors, it also has three voltage variations indicated using LED lights. All you have to do is to just click the control button three times to set the appropriate voltage level. The device is powered by 650 mah battery and can be quickly recharged through the micro USB port. Also, there is a tiny window to check the e-liquid avoiding any leakage.

I won’t say that the vapor quality is phenomenal but average, best suited for the newbies. If you are looking for stealth vaping, then this vape definitely ranks a place on the list of best stealth vape mod 2018. Slide this vape in your pocket or handbag, and just take a draw, it will not let you down.

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10. KandyPens Mini

KandyPens-MiniWell, another vape, KandyPens Mini from one of the famous vaping brands KandyPens has been introduced. It is a mini vape pen compatible with wax and THC concentrates. KandyPens products are expensive but the performance of these products justifies the price tag.

Yet another pricey small vape pen is powered by 950 mah battery with a pass through tech (vape-while-you-charge). Compared to other kandyPens vapes, the design is a little plain. Mini, in terms of its height, it is short with a little fat body compared to other vape pens. Single button operation of the vape allows all the newbies to effortlessly use the device. Three different temperature levels 350℉, 390℉, 430℉ are included, you can set the temperature of your choice by just clicking five times on the single control button. The temperatures are indicated using red, green, and blue colors respectively.

To preserve the quality and flavor of the vapor, a ceramic chamber is installed. The chamber features KandyPens SlowBurn technology with zero combustion rate. This feature really works well, I didn’t experience any dry hits. Sub-ohm vaping means a very low draw resistance, I didn’t have to pull hard, the Elevated Airflow system did not offer any draw resistance at all.

The ceramic pathway paired with dish style atomizer produces excellent flavor. I was able to taste the subtle flavor of the wax and the vapor was smooth on the throat with no dry hits. For me, the vapor strength was average, if you want stronger hits then you need to invest in the dual quartz rod atomizer. Seeing the performance and vapor quality, Mini justifies the price and can certainly be considered as one of the best stealth vapes in the market today.

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Choosing The Best Stealth Vape Made Easy

So, I have reviewed ten best stealth vapes which include both mini/nano box mods as well as vape pen mods, compatible either with e-liquids or wax concentrates. The purpose of choosing these small vape mods is the combination of stealthy form factor they hold, like the low wattage output, temperature control settings, USB rechargeable batteries, and most importantly, high portability.

If you are totally into stealth vaping or learning to vape stealthily, you can pick any among these vaporizers according to your preference. Well, in my opinion, all these vapes are worth the money. Remember, these are small vape mods that come with limited battery life.

Hence, the devices with mouth to lung tank with low voltage may last longer, whereas sub-ohm vaping requires longer battery life. However, if you are a chain vaper, then you should certainly go with the vapes that include replaceable batteries. Even now when vaping is considered safer than smoking, it is really not accepted in some places or cities. Also, vapers go through some hassle even in the places where vaping is allowed.

I think, all the vapers don’t perform stealth vaping to elude rules and law but for some, it might be a matter of privacy to avoid unnecessary attention. I hope through this guide, you have gained knowledge about stealth vaping and the mini vaporizers used for this purpose. I am sure, you are now ready to buy the best mini vape mod for yourself. Happy vaping!

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