Best Disposable Vape Pens 2020

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1. KandyPens Slim

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2. Honey Dabber II

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3. Snoop Dogg G Slim

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Are you considering to buy the best disposable vape pen? Then you have landed on the right article and let me guide you through the process.

Vape pens can look like a memory stick, a pen or an asthma inhaler. There are different variants of vape pen releasing every now and then, by various companies and brands, since its emergence. Similarly, disposable vape pen and disposable CBD (cannabidiol) vape pen are now found in the market quite boldly. Before investing in any fancy and expensive vape pen, I will suggest you go for a disposable vape pen first.

A typical vape pen consists of: battery, button, tank, atomizer, and mouthpiece. To choose the best disposable vape pen and the best disposable CBD vape pen, here is a well-explained guide for you with factors to look for when buying the product, along with the suggested top 10 best disposable vape pens in 2020.

Disposable vapes to vape pens are just like training wheels to the bicycle. There are pre-loaded vape pens which are disposable. They contain a pre-charged battery which is designed in such a way where battery dies when the tank empties. These pens do not have rechargeable batteries, as well as there is no requirement of a button for the heat source to activate. Plus, they are easily available at dispensaries at a very low price.

Working of a Disposable Vape Pen?

A Vape pen consists of a tank/chamber which holds the strain of your preference. Strain can be in the form of a flower or in concentrated form- oil, or wax. A disposable carriage is for single-use only. The heating component inside disposable vape pen starts to heat up when you inhale through the mouthpiece. The heating component is the atomizer and in disposable vape pens, it is in the form of a coil. To prevent overheating, there is an automatic switch off factor which turns the heat off if inhalation exceeds six seconds.

Under the tank, a tiny hole for air intake chamber is given. Vapors are created when you breathe in through the mouthpiece. There is a small LED light at the bottom of a disposable vape pen which turns on when you are inhaling and indicates that the pen is in working condition. If the inhaling lasts for more than 5 seconds, the light will blink twice and then the pen will be turned off automatically, utilizing the feature of automatic switch off factor.

Factors To Look For When Buying the Best Disposable CBD Vape Pen

The use of cannabis, in the last few decades, have increased drastically- especially in the states which have legalized its use. Legalization has also opened gates for its research in many avenues. Vape pens are preferred when it comes to the consumption of cannabis through vaporization, this is mainly due to its discrete structure, low cost, and prefilled tanks. There are various factors that are recommended to be taken into account when buying a disposable CBD vape pen, some of which are listed down:

1) Recycling Program Offered By The Company:

Check if the company, you are buying from, has a recycling program. If the thought of creating waste is holding you back from buying a disposable vape pen, there are a few companies equally concerned and determined, as you are, to reduce waste.

Hence, they offer the consumers an option to return their vape pen to the dispensary they bought it from, once the vape pen has emptied and out of charge. To encourage consumers to actively take part in the recycling program, companies offer them credit on their next purchase.

2) Rating

Before you buy a vape pen, do not hesitate to ask for its rating. Higher the hit a pen gets, higher will be its functioning. The hits of each pen should not be less than 100. Moreover, it is recommended to ask how many doses the amount equates to, as it entirely depends on what is it filled with; it can be oil or wax.

3) Brand Selection

You have to do proper research in order to select a brand which offers your favorite strain. There are such companies as well which make pens particularly derived from popular strains. For instance, if you normally smoke Sour Diesel, then you will not face much trouble finding a disposable vape pen with Sour Diesel.

4) Cross-Check The Plant Quality

It is now being observed that throwaway trim is being used to make concentrates, instead of plant extracts. It is very essential to invest your time to know about the companies behind each brand, along with their business history. Cartridges used in vape utilize wick to absorb the liquid cannabis extract and give it to the vape chamber.

In case of using cheap material for wick it may result in non-uniform absorption, and if the pen is kept upside down for a long time, there are high chances that you would be smoking strings.

5) Look For Oil That Is Consistent As honey

To find hash oil with the right thickness is a very frustrating task. You have to keep your eyes open for something that is neither too viscous nor too thin, but something in between.

Oil that is thick, brackish and viscous, retains chlorophyll and cuticle waxes from the cannabis plant which are not supposed to be vaped. But, an oil that is runny like a liquid is more likely has been mixed with synthetic flavors or cutting agents, such as propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol. These additive degrade and form nasty carcinogens. The oil should have the consistency of honey.

6) Test The Pen

Make sure you test the pen before leaving the shop. It may be time-consuming and you might feel lazy to unpack the pen, but trust me, you do not want to take home a bad pen and then take another trip back to the shop to exchange it. Save yourself a trip by overcoming the laziness! Beside this, dispensaries rarely have exchange or refund policies.

7) Number Of Doses In Single-Pen

Doses can vary from 50 to 200 depending on the pen. You have to decide for yourself that how often you plan to use the pen and the number of doses that are appropriate according to your needs. If you are on a budget, do some smart calculation. All you have to do is divide the price of the pen by the number of doses to figure out the best deal.

Here are some recommended disposable vape pens that you must buy in 2020:

Top 8 Best Disposable CBD Vape Pens 2020

1. KandyPens Slim Vaporizer

KandyPens Slim Vaporizer

If you are eyeing for a quick, discreet as well as an affordable way to enjoy some amazing oils, like CBD, CO2, etc. then KandyPens Slim deserves your attention.

It has a super easy-fill tank design and does not require the button to operate, the Slim is, certainly, a handy and effective way to vape when you are on the-go.


2. Honey Dabber II

Honey Dabber II

The Honey Dabber II has a cherry wood concentrate straw and it makes your vaping experience amazing with waxy oils. All you have to do is heat the straw then dip into any waxy oil concentrates you feel like enjoying at that time.

Heating of straw can be carried out with a torch or, even flame would work. The Honey Dabber II solves the problem of waste of time, while you wait for the hot tip to cool down, by providing a removable wooden sleeve that covers the hot tip.


3. Snoop Dogg G Slim Disposable Vaporizer

Snoop Dogg G Slim Disposable Vaporizer

The Snoop Dogg G Slim Disposable Vaporizer is a customized vape in clean blue exterior and white accents. It can be used immediately, once taken out from the box. It has an on/off feature to prevent accidental activation. Each package contains a multi-purpose G Slim Tool.


4. Honey Stick Rip and Ditch Disposable Vaporizer

Honey Stick Rip and Ditch Disposable Vaporizer

This Rip & Dip disposable vape pen is from HoneyStick. It is not an average tank that you would throw-away after use, it possesses a sleek, sturdy design and distinctive features. Its exterior is smooth rubberized in combination with the magnet so you can keep it close to the hip.

It has a single-button control which light-up the cannabis leaf when pressed. Before inhaling, the button is supposed to be pressed five-times to unlock, and for safety, the button is to be pressed five times after vaping. It guarantees rip of about 200, and then ditch.


5. G Slim Disposable Vaporizer

G Slim Disposable Vaporizer

The G Slim Vaporizer Disposable is specially designed for concentrates. As it is disposable, so you can enjoy instant out-of-box usage.

It has an on/off feature to prevent accidental activation. Each package contains a multi-purpose G Slim Tool.


6. KandyPens Rubi Pod

KendyPens Rubi Pod

This amazing vape pen comes with a refillable cartridge for your e-liquid. The refillable pod made the vape fun super unique since it is available at an affordable rate and can contain both liquid and oils.

The heating system consists of a ceramic inducting coil which is covered in special cotton to deliver uniform and smooth vapor. RUBI pod pen can be a perfect choice for you if you are a huge vapor person like me. The pod can save you from a great deal of mess and prevents wastage of liquid or oil. From the open end, you can refill your pod with your choice of liquid or oil.


7. AirVape OM Mini Vaporizer

AirVape OM Mini Vaporizer

This vape pen is one of my favorites because of its sleek and compact design and size. AirVape comes with a pre-filled cartridge. If you are not really into carrying heavy vape pens with you, this is the one for you. The shape of this vape pen is of a keychain, hence you can carry it around super conveniently.

Carry your vape discreetly with your keys everywhere you go. The small size of the vape, however, doesn’t compromise on the heating mechanism of it. It creates super smooth vapor with single button operation. The vapor of AirVape OM Mini is condensed and fairly average in size. It can easily be charged with a USB port.

The design is not only compact but also really aesthetic. The keychain disguised vape pen has a metal shell with conventional OM logo. The matte finish of the metal makes it less slippery. The build of the vape pen is pocket-friendly yet long-lasting. It is compatible with universal oil cartridges of 510 threading and you can find it in a vast variety of oil. The box comes with a USB size AirVape with key ring, USB charger, and a cap.


8. Open Vape FIY Kit

Open Vape FIY Kit

Make unique liquid concentrations with O Pen vape kit that lets you customize your flavors from a wide variety. The kit comes with a battery, mixing material along with some O juices. The reason why I choose this pen over others is that it condenses in just 8 seconds and gives you a perfectly smooth vapor. If you prefer control over your vaping, O Pen is the perfect vape pen for you. The kit lets you fill the cartridges with every flavor you want.

To make the perfect vapor, remove the rubber tip from the mouth of OPen. From the top lid lets, you fill in your cartridge. Use the mixing bowl available in the kit to make your perfect mix of liquids. The perfect concoction that I would recommend would 0.5 ml of each O juice and your choice of flavor. Using the syringe fill the cartridge of your vape pen. Plug in the battery and attach the mouthpiece. The vapor condenses in about 8 to 10 seconds.


Choose the Best Disposable Vape pen from the List

There are various variants of disposable vape pens from several brands and companies, in this guide you can easily understand vaping, and how disposable vape pens work, along with some factors to keep in mind when buying a vape pen with some, recommended, disposable vape pen shortlisted for you.

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