Best Dry Herb Vaporizers 2020

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1. Pax 3 Vaporizer


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2. Atmos Vicod 5G


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3. DaVinci IQ


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Are you looking for the best dry herb vaporizer, but feel a bit something like this? ->

Like you are in a dark room trying to find the light switch while simultaneously deciding which vape to go for.

Then you’ve landed in the right hands!

Whether or not you are a veteran vaper or a complete newbie who is looking for some guidance on buying the best vaporizer for dry herb to enhance your vaping experience, this article is aimed to help you find the best vaporizer. Vaping has gained immense popularity in the past few years, some studies have proved that vaping will add extra years to your lifespan, which is not possible with smoking. These studies have made people quit smoking and adapt to vaping.

Why is vaping so popular?

Vaping is not confined only to smokers but also for people who are suffering some deadliest diseases. Studies have proved that vaping medical marijuana helps in for PTSD, depression, and anxiety, which is really great!

Well, consumption of cannabis doesn’t have any harsh impact but choosing a method to consume it will definitely have an impact on your life.

There are so many methods, for example, you can smoke a joint, try dabbing or hash, or invest in a bong; in the end, the choice is yours. You can try all of them and choose an appropriate option for you.

However, a degree in medical science is not required to understand the cons of these methods on your health such as smoking weed affects metabolism and lungs and also affects your mental health, whereas, dabbing can lead to psychosis, paranoia, hallucinations, blackouts and rapid heartbeat.

Hence, when people understood this, vaporizers came into play. Today, there are vaporizers that support almost all the substance that could be smoked.

People commit a big mistake while buying their first vaporizer, they either opt for a cheap vaporizer or a high-end vaporizer. This is not right! According to me the first vaping experience can create a huge difference, it can either blow your mind with disappointment or make you fall in love with vaping.

If you are a beginner, then it is better to spend some time on research that would result in buying you a perfect fit. I also suggest you go through some weed vaping tips before you get along with your dry herb vaporizer.

However, this guide will take you through all the corners of dry herb vaping by reviewing some of the best portable dry herb vaporizers in the market today and also providing some of the weed vaping tips and information for the novice users.

Top 26 Best Portable Vaporizers For Dry Herb 2020

1. PAX 3 Dry Herb Vaporizer


This vaporizer is smart as well as attractive. You can customize this vape using your smartphone with an app. Additionally, PAX 3 has released new fingerprint-proof matte colors with some cool features such as haptic feedback, lip sensing technology and Bluetooth connectivity.

The vape is simple as well as powerful satisfying both newbies as well as advanced users. The vape consists of different kinds of dynamic modes that can be customized and are suitable for all kind of vapers. The dynamic modes include – Standard mode (perfect for beginners), Boost mode (suitable for a quick session, where temperature increases quickly but takes some time to cool down), Flavor mode (preserves flavor with quick increase in temperature as well as with a quick cool down), Stealth mode (perfect for low profile vapers), Efficiency mode (mainly to preserve battery life).

Pax 3 tops the list of all portable vaporizers. This is tiny as well as light just like your car keys, easy to carry in your pockets. If there was something to be called as the best dry herb vape, then Pax 3 would have earned it. The quality of this vape is quite impressive, built from anodized aluminum with magnetically attached mouthpieces. Pax 3 has a hefty body with excellent security in terms of its connections. You can easily have 5 to 6 sessions with the vape’s durable battery power but you will have to allow 2.5 hours for the vape to fully recharge.

You will enjoy the full flavor of your herb or wax by drawing short. The vape’s low draw resistance feature avoids all the hassle of long draws to get the full flavor. As you know there are different modes offered by this vape, and apparently, PAX 3 performs well with dry herb giving out top-notch and satisfying flavor content.

The drag is smooth and remains the same until the last draw. The customizable temperature setting feature of this vape will make you fall in love with this vape. Well, coming to THC concentrates performance, it is not the most satisfying performance, the wax will require a very high temperature to perform well, which is out of PAX 3 vape’s maximum temperature limits.

PAX 3 has totally conquered the hearts of many stoners as well as newbie vapers. It was launched in the year 2016 and still, this vape remains as one of the best portable vaporizers for dry herb.


2. Atmos Vicod 5G Dry Herb Vaporizer


Atmos has produced high-quality vaporizers and this one is exceptional in that line. This is a sterling portable vaporizer with all the advanced features, suitable for beginners as well as intermediate vapers. You are open to choose between different colors (red, orange, black, white). The vape is light as well as small, perfectly fits in your hand and pocket.

The sturdy structure of the vape will not allow you to take your eyes off the vape. The design is simple yet classy with an OLED display screen and three control buttons (a power button and two temperature adjustment buttons). The dry herb chamber is quite capacious which can easily take about half a gram of marijuana in it.

Adding to this, the vape comprises two air vents to create an overall symmetrical balance. You can use this vape for 3 consecutive hours once it is fully charged. It takes around one hour to completely charge, which is moderate.

I am in love with the vapor quality offered by Vicod. This tiny vape, producing full-flavored vapor clouds with small draws was surprising. The dual air vents are really of great support to maintain the low resistance, rendering a relaxing experience to the users. You will never miss on the temperature settings as the two buttons allow you to set the temperature of your choice precisely.

For me, the best temperature was around 360℉-400℉, especially when the mouthpiece is hot, I enjoyed the flavor pretty well. I would suggest you avoid temperature beyond 400℉ because that will end up in losing the flavor quality, which is not at all satisfying.

The vape has indications such as LED lights that blink each time you pull and the best part about this vape is it being resistant to foul odor. You get a smooth and the best flavor when the temperature is right, so look for an appropriate temperature as per your convenience.

Well, Vicod utilizes convection method for vaping than burning the herb to maintain good flavor quality. This vape is highly suitable for beginners as well as veterans to explore different combinations. This tiny little vape with an overall rubber coating and good battery life is definitely on the list of the best dry herb vaporizers!


3. DaVinci IQ


This is a super portable vaporizer that will make you fall in love with vaping. Just like PAX 3, this vape also comes with a smartphone app but with slightly different features. This one’s sleek and stealthy, suitable for novice vapers, as well as with the ability to satisfy the most experienced vapers. The built-in quality is unbeatable. The idea of using Zirconia (excellent in thermal conduction) material to build the component is simply great. Aluminum exterior with a ceramic chamber adds to the quality of the vape.

This good-looking vaporizer comes with two mouthpieces. A flat mouthpiece, this might feel weird on lips to vape with, and another one the longer mouthpiece, which feels natural and more comfortable but affects portability. The vape works on the conduction method of heating and using zirconia in airpath and mouthpieces is gold.

You get a Zirconia pearl along with this vape that helps in enhancing the oven temperature and maintains the consistent oven temperature during the sessions. The flavor chamber provides you the room to store extra herb, as well as acts as a flavor enhancer while you are vaping, pretty cool! The vaporizer comes with a smartphone app that will allow you to precisely set the temperature.

It involves two heating modes, a precision mode (to set the exact temperature using up/down arrows) and a smart path mode. Unlike other vaporizers, the smart path mode is quite unique. In this mode, the IQ steadily increases the temperature of the vape, which is preferred by some vapers (slight temperature increase) for effective vaping.

The IQ automatically does that for you and do you know what the best part is? You can customize this smart path according to your preference in the app. Moreover, a good LED interface with 3 simple buttons makes it more intuitive.

With the easy packing of the herb, the flavor comes out very well and the clouds are clear and visible. The vape also offers a haptic feedback, as well as low resistance that helps to take small puffs effectively.

There is this flavor chamber that makes IQ exceptional in this line, where, an oven can use the bud for next sessions available in the flavor chamber. Using the flavor chamber is optional, you get the great flavor as well as ample clouds without using that. Zirconia Perl is golden when it comes to heating. You won’t see any remains of the green color herb as all the herb ceases after each session.

The Davinci has been producing great vaporizers and this one is a champ. The thought of introducing zirconia for the construction of the vape has come up as a trump card to the company. Some unique features, such as the introduction of smart paths has made IQ to stand out from other vaporizers. Yes, the price is a bit exaggerating but it’s worth the experience you get from IQ. I must say, this is the best dry herb vape for the money on the market.


4. Firefly 2

Firefly-2-Vaporizer-1Firefly 2 overcomes all the snags of its forerunner and has gained fairly good popularity in the market. If you are a person who loves to have a quick vaping session, then Firefly 2 should be your choice.

Why?, because Firefly 2 has a small chamber with the ability to heat up quickly. You can reconnect to smoking with its long mouthpiece and the flavor produced by this vape in a short time. This vape is pretty simple to use and also avoids any wastage of herb (suitable for beginners).

Unlike other vaporizers that don’t allow you to vape with a half-full chamber, Firefly 2 offers its users to vape the desired amount of herb, which makes it unique. The built-in features and the design of this vape have been enhanced in comparison to its forerunner. Firefly 2 is almost half the weight of its predecessor (Firefly) and comparatively smaller in size. You can see two portions in the vape – a magnetic lid and the body of the vape.

The magnetic lid helps in exposing the chamber and airpath and who wouldn’t like to see the herb in the chamber directly without the hassle of removing the chamber? Firefly 2 has this window where you can take a look at your herb without even removing the chamber, another clever move! This helps in replacing the herb at the right time.

The construction of the vape is quite awesome with an aluminum exterior shell along with a small transparent viewing portal. Another cool thing about this vape is its wire-free charging facility, which is achieved using USB 3.0 charging dock. The charging time is pretty quick that takes around 45 minutes to completely charge and you are all set!

You get around 40-80 draws with the fully charged battery. To maximize the battery power, Firefly 2 has introduced an extra swappable battery which comes within each kit. The glass airpath introduced in the vapor retains the low temperature to offer its user the flavorful vaping experience.

Coming to the vaporizers performance, this vaporizer is known for its instant heating and hence this vape heats up while vaping, allowing to vape at a temperature of 400℉ as well in no time. This is why this vaporizer is the best handheld vaporizer on the market today. Firefly 2 uses the convection method of heating and does not require you to finely grind the herb.

Why? The machine and the heating chamber is efficient enough as the surface area exposed to heat doesn’t reduce the quality of your vapor. Firefly 2 upholds the quality of the vapor that was excellent in its forerunner as well. The vaporizer is compatible with both dry herbs as well as wax concentrates, where wax concentrates require higher temperature and Firefly 2 satisfies the demand.

The vapor is smooth and consistent with respect to both dry herbs as well as wax concentrates. This additional feature of using borosilicate glass vapor path has taken the vaporizer to a different level by preserving the natural flavor and keeping it aromatic.

In my opinion, other portable vaporizers require additional and unique features to stand against Firefly 2 in terms of the best weed vaporizer. The vapor quality offered by this vape is quite hard to find in other vaporizers. The smooth draw with excellent flavor quality in a short time is amazing and definitely recommended for novice vapers to avoid any fuss and to make them fall in love with vaping.

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5. Pulsar APX V2



If you are looking for the best cheap dry herb vaporizer, then you have found the best one. APX V2 satisfies all your demands within the desired price. Unlike its former vaporizer, V2 is compatible only with dry herb and excludes other concentrates.

You get a very basic kit, ideal for all the newbies to avoid any complications. The device is super portable without compromising with any features for this price. The device is sleek, stealthy and tiny that fits well in your pockets. Although V2 doesn’t support wax or other concentrates, it has been upgraded with some cool features that its forerunner lacked in.

The design of this vape has been upgraded by introducing a better user interface that involves a rubber button, preferred by most of the users.

Moreover, temperature setting method has also been addressed with the help of light indications (active – lights up and others remain dim) on the marked temperature values at the back. This design has been updated with a mouthpiece featuring a silicone vapor path than a stainless screen (like the former vaporizer), that enhances the airflow and decreases the maintenance.

According to me, the vapor quality of this vaporizer was above average, kind of intermediate, neither superb nor disappointing. To be honest, not at all bad for this price. This is not optimal for high level vaping but convenient for primary level. The vape uses a combination of conduction and convection method of heating, carried out by a ceramic material.

The best-suited temperature for vaping would be between 356℉-380℉ to avoid instant heating up of the mouthpiece and also to experience good flavor. The battery power of 1600 mAh does a good job for this little vaporizer. It retained for 90 minutes by allowing 90 minutes for it to completely charge. The haptic feedback mechanism has been included as well.

Overall, the vapor quality and the features offered for such a low price is commendable. Yes, I agree there are few minor drawbacks with this vape but expecting something of high level with this inexpensive vape is not at all feasible.

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6. Airzer Solo 2


This one’s not a super portable vaporizer but yes, it is one of the best personal vaporizers to enjoy at home with friends. This vape will blow your mind in terms of its vapor quality and cloud production.

The built-in quality and the design of the vape is next level, and it doesn’t make use of any smartphone app. Everything is confined in a single vaporizer. Solo 2 is an updated device produced after the original Solo with excellent features – with respect to enhanced battery life, ameliorated screen interface and increased heating time.

Let me tell you, this vape is not a pocket-friendly device, kind of large with a protruding mouthpiece. With its ergonomic and user-friendly interface, Air 2 grabs vapers attention towards it. This vaporizer comes in two colors (carbon black and mystic blue) that gives it a sexy look. Aluminum shell body makes the vape sturdy as well as light.

Air 2 involves a replaceable battery feature, where an extra battery kept as a backup can easily be replaced or you can even charge the batteries using a charger when at home. Borosilicate glass is used in aroma tubes to retain the flavor quality, which also keeps the herb fresh.

Temperature control settings have been improvised with easy to use buttons along with an OLED display. The temperature ratings start from 122℉ – 428℉. You can increment the temperature by one or ten-degrees and also, the vape allows you to set a timer which can be shut-down automatically. Hence this vape doesn’t require any app for its operations.

One thing that is impressive about this vape is – that, it produces cool, flavorful vapor. The cloud production for dry herb is pretty amazing. The airflow has been improvised that helps in taking longer, bigger hits to experience that quality of vapor.

I would suggest starting with the initial temperature and raising it slowly to obtain maximum efficiency from your herb. With all these improvisations compared to its former, Air 2 still lags in the time it takes to heat up. Anyhow, that shouldn’t be a major concern while you are getting one of the best vaping experiences in your life.

Apart from being large and not so pocket-friendly, Air 2 doesn’t lack in providing an amazing vaping experience. You can definitely count on this vape as the best dry herb vaporizer 2018, maybe while relaxing at home or while vaping with your friends.

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7. V2 Pro Series 7

Screen-Shot-2018-10-11-at-19.39.05There are so many vaporizers in the market but this one ranks first among the best 3 in 1 vaporizers category. Got some doubt about this vape’s efficiency? You better take that away from your mind because this vape is going to impress you with its performance and features. The device is small, sleek, as well as portable. You can vape either eLiquid, loose leaf herb or wax by just flipping the cartridges. Well, if you are someone who likes to vape different kind of substance and hates to buy different vaporizers for each one, then this is the vape you should consider.

V2 Series 7 is similar to its precursor (V2 Series 3) but with added features and has been flourished as a highly portable vaporizer. This one’s slightly smaller and bit wider than its former. All the drawbacks of its precursor have been addressed and the quality of the vaporizer has been improved to a greater extent.

As you know this is a 3 in 1 vaporizer and that has been achieved using 3 different cartridges that fit perfectly due to an inventive magnetic mechanism. A powerful battery of about 1800mAh has been introduced, that can sustain different temperatures (390℉, 415℉ and 440℉). Also, you get three different voltages (3.7, 4.2 and 4.7) required for three different substances respectively.

V2 Series 7 performs differently for different substances. When it comes to eLiquids, the vapor quality and the throat hit from this vape is decent but not as much as you get in sub-ohm vaporizers. The performance of this vaporizer with dry herb is remarkable.

You can easily fill up to 0.5g of herb in the oven. You have to just wait for 30 seconds for the vape to heat up and then, you are all set to vape! The vaporizer retains the taste that you expect while vaping dry herbs and produces normal clouds. A minor hitch is that the vape turns off after two minutes of being active. Well, it restarts again after 10 seconds but this interruption might be annoying sometimes.

Although you get some tight draws initially, the performance of the vape doesn’t slash down. I would suggest vaping dry herbs in low-temperature settings for a better experience. For vaping wax substance, you have to purchase a separate cartridge which is slightly expensive. The performance of the vaporizer with wax doesn’t blow you off but works normally.

According to me, V2 Series 7 is definitely better than V2 Series 3. There are certainly better vaporizers that concentrate on a single substance in the market with better performance but V2 Series 7 is exceptional in the line of 3 in 1 vaporizers. The flavor quality, the construction and overall vaping experience using V2 Series 7 is remarkable. This will certainly win the hearts of users who are looking for the vaporizer that is compatible with different vaping substances.

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8. Hydrology 9

Hydrology-9-Portable-VaporizerThis Vaporizer has put other vaporizers in trouble by imbibing some of the advanced features that have not been introduced by any other vaping company. You can call this vape as the best personal vaporizer.

Hydrology 9 is the latest vaporizer produced by cloudious 9. Personally, this is one of the prettiest vaporizers I have ever seen. Not just being pretty but the vape has ranked among all the features that a vaper looks for. Wondering what would be the new attributes that have set this vaporizer apart from others? Let’s take a look into it.

Hydrology 9 has a futuristic design that can make anybody fall in love with it. Due to its sturdy look and functionality, it is is also known as a ‘glass-bong’. This vaporizer involves an onboard water filtering system and also has a patented stirring mechanism for the bud, pretty cool!

This is not the kind of vaporizer that you would like to take it along with you on a hiking trip but use it at home, probably with your friends. Due to its size and weight, the vaporizer cannot be called as one of the best portable vaporizers but its functionality will definitely get it into the category of the best cannabis vaporizers.

The battery life offered by this vape is killer! You get around 15 to 16 sessions when the vape is fully charged and it takes around 60 seconds to heat up, which is considered quick.

It is so evident that the company’s prime focus is to stagger vapers with its design and vapor quality. You will definitely feel happy while vaping, the draw is smooth and the quality of vapor offered will definitely kick your mind.

Well, this is only because of the inbuilt water-filtration system as well as the presence of separate air vents that add to this personalized experience. Temperature setting is kind of advanced as well, where the oven is made up of porcelain and the precise temperature is attained using a microchip installed that monitors the temperature in the oven by responding in seconds for any change in the temperature.

Another reason for this immense vapor quality is the addition of stirring mechanism – it blends herb evenly that results in the production of high-quality vapor. I believe that this is one of the best vaporizers for loose leaf herb.

Overall, Apart from being heavy, large and not so portable, the vaporizer doesn’t compromise with its quality. This vaporizer can be an asset and a must-have vape if you are a vaporizer-geek.

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9. Ghost MV1

https://vapornation.sjv.io/m4GX1Ghost-MV1-VaporizerAll the hype about this vaporizer has come to an end now. The most awaited vaporizer has been released with some unprecedented features. This dual-use vaporizer works on an on-demand convection heating process that works well for both dry herbs as well as wax concentrates.

Unlike PAX 3 and Davinci IQ, this vaporizer is not super portable to be carried in your pockets but yes, you can definitely take this around in your backpack. The detailing of the design, as well as the versatility of the vaporizer, is to another level.

Looking at the design – MV1 comes with replaceable batteries and also with a detachable oven chamber. Moreover, this device features a retractable mouthpiece to avoid any breakage and also a Bluetooth option to connect the device to any smartphone. This is because the vaporizer has a smartphone app required for its operation.

The oven is small and can hold up to 0.12 grams of herbs, quite smaller than other vaporizers we have seen so far. The temperature settings are already pre-programmed and easily customizable using the smartphone app. There are six different temperatures – 5 for dry herb and another higher one for wax concentrates.

There is this mode button on the vaporizer that displays the battery life and also adjusts the temperature that is indicated using three LED lights. In spite of being the large vaporizer, MV1 is comfortable to hold. The only thing that might annoy you about this vape is the cleaning process, requires a lot of patience.

The vape works on the on-demand convection heating process, which means you do not have to wait for the vape to get ready, it will always be ready when you are ready. The vaporizer offers very low draw resistance (you will be able to pull for about 15 seconds at a time) that brings out the flavor to be crisp, potent and delicious.

Personally, this vapor is some of the best vapes I have experienced so far. Vapers look for vapor quality than cloud production while vaping dry herb and you can achieve that quality by vaping at moderate temperatures than at higher ones. With the customizable temperature settings as well as draw resistance features, the vaporizer gives you the freedom to enjoy the flavor according to your preference.

The most awaited vaporizer will not let you down and it stands true to all the hypes done by the company. With its vapor quality and engineered design, the vape can definitely be counted as one of the best vaporizers for dry herb. If you are somebody that likes to get really high, then this vaporizer must be your primary choice.

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10. G Pen ELITE


Grenco Science, the company that took portable vaporizers to a whole different level by producing some of the super portable vaporizers such as G Pro and now G Pen is exceptional in that line.

The vaporizer is tiny, sleek, with an ergonomic design that feels smooth on hands. The curves on the pen ensure a perfect grip and hence, the vaporizer is one of the best handheld vaporizers for weed. The thought process for designing this vaporizer is definitely worth appreciating, the LED, the chamber, temperature settings, everything has been perfectly placed.

This device when held feels more like a tiny epilator than a vaporizer. The vaporizer is built using ‘food grade’ plastic externally and ceramic is used to build the chamber. The rest of the components are comprised of silicon rubber and aluminum alloy, giving the vape a hefty look.

The vaporizer looks simple but is a classy product. The unique packaging of the vaporizer will definitely make you fall for it. You get a metal card that looks similar to a credit card, which is used to blend the herb and can be easily carried in your wallets, best suited for traveling.

Talking about the vapor quality – G pen looks tiny but possesses quite a large chamber that can hold up to 0.5 g of herb. The ceramic does its work pretty well by evenly heating the herb. The vaporizer takes around 30 to 40 seconds to heat up and then you are all set to go.

Initially, the first 2 draws might not produce enough flavor and clouds but once it is primed, you will love that warm, crisp flavor and the adequate clouds produced by the vaporizer. As the chamber is placed beneath the mouthpiece, I was really surprised to see the cool vapor and also, the vaporizer doesn’t get too hot that you would end up burning your fingers when you vape on high temperatures.

The temperature can be set by clicking the arrow buttons on the vaporizer. It starts at 200℉ that can be raised up to 428℉, allows you to experiment with different cannabinoid profiles.

This vaporizer is a tiny bomb. Don’t go on its size, this will definitely surprise you with its flavor quality. Apart from a minor hitch that is, – to hold the power button for 5 seconds to initialize heating, apart from this, every other thing has been perfectly designed. I must say, this is one of the best vaporizer pens for dry herb.

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11. Atmos Jump


If you are somebody who is following this vaping market then you would know that these vaporizer pens were very expensive and yet wouldn’t satisfy vapers. Today, technology has revolutionized the vaping industry and also, the competition among the different vape brands has resulted in the production of high-quality inexpensive vaporizers.

Atmos Jump is one of the best cheap dry herb vaporizers.

Wondering why? This is one vaporizer that has adopted some high-level features and yet is affordable without compromising the quality of the vapor. The vaporizer works on a convection method of heating and is a true portable vaporizer.

You get to see a very simple design but the built-in quality is impressive. Carbon is the prominent material used to build the vape externally, while the anodized stainless steel material fills up the inner materials. The vape comes with an undetachable mouthpiece and a 12000mAh powered battery.

There is this single button on the vaporizer that contains an LED light indicator, which turns ‘red’ while the vape is turned on and turns ‘green’ to indicate that the vape is ready. The design of this vaporizer is simple yet has a stylish look.

To be honest, I was in a fix about the quality of the vapor that could be received by this vaporizer that too with a constant temperature setting. Well, I must say, the vapor came out to be very decent and crisp. The vapor quality offered by this vaporizer at this price is certainly remarkable.

This works fine with small draws and the surprising part is, – it just takes around 7 to 8 seconds to heat up, isn’t that amazing? The convection heating method performs fine to bring out the natural flavor and not just burning the herb. In the end, I could see the herb that had a consistent brown color, that indicates the quality of oven chamber offered by Atmos.

Aren’t these features surprising? What else can we expect from a vaporizer that is available in the market at this price? If you are looking for a portable weed vaporizer for $100, then this must be your first preference.

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12. Crafty Vaporizer

Crafty-Dry-Herb-VaporizerStorz and Bickel, the German company has been continuously awarding the vape industry with some of the most irreproachable vaporizers in the world. To mention some – may it be Mighty, Crafty, Volcano and plenty others, none of them seem to let us down.

Talking about the Crafty here – this is one of the most durable, highly portable, dual-use vaporizer we’ve seen. This seems to suit best for experienced vaporizers but that is not true, a complete newbie can easily get along with this vape. Similar to some other portable vaporizer, Crafty also comes with a smartphone app, compatible with both Android/iPhone.

The appearance of the vaporizer itself will give you an idea about the build quality of the vaporizer. The exterior of the vaporizer is constructed using a high-quality plastic and I bet you can’t even find a scratch if you ever drop it down by mistake. The vaporizer has adapted a vented design that helps in providing the necessary grip and to dissipate heat that will be produced during vaping.

The swiveling mouthpiece does a great job and is made up of plastic to remove the fragile nature possessed by glass mouthpieces. The crafty comes with a default temperature settings (356℉ and 383℉) that can be customized using the app starting from 104℉ to 410℉. The oven intake is around 0.2-0.3 g and I would suggest not to over pack the herb, keep it within the limit and the vaporizer will give you a killer experience.

The default temperature set by the vaporizer works pretty well, resulting in smooth, crisp and dense vapors. Draw resistance is smooth and hence you can sip for either 2 seconds or take longer draws of 15 seconds to get thicker clouds.

Overall, Crafty is one of the well built, pocket-friendly and a premium quality vaporizer. According to me, the battery life can be enhanced but apart from this, Crafty can be included in the list of best portable weed vaporizer in 2018.

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13. Atmos Tyga x Shine Pillar Vaporizer Kit


Another solid vaporizer produced by Atmos in collaboration with American rapper Tyga is perfectly suited for beginners to jump right into vaping. Atmos has been producing good quality affordable vaporizers. This one is an easy-to-use portable vaporizer for dry herb as well as wax concentrates.

The vaporizer is more of a pen style with not so slim design. The mouthpiece is black in color and comes with a built-in screen that can be removed with a gentle twist. Opening the mouthpiece will expose the ceramic heating chamber for dry herb and a titanium cup is included for wax concentrates. The ergonomic design helps you find the best grip on the vaporizer.

The air-holes present on top of the pillar allow the passage of air and keeps the vapor cool. The pillar consists of a single-button functionality, which means, there is a single button to handle all the functions. Press thrice on the power button to turn on the vaporizer.

There are six different preset temperatures offered by the vape. You have to press and hold the power button for 2 seconds in order to raise the temperature. The blinking LED light is the indication that the temperature has been increased. The solid LED light indicates that the Atmos is ready to use.

Similar to other Atmos vaporizers, even this one surprised me by producing a fair amount of vapor with decent clouds. The vaporizer offers low draw resistance and hence, I was able to take small as well as long draws. The air vents don’t lack in its functionality and help to keep the vaporizer cool during high temperatures. Well, after vaping, the remains of the herb gave me a clear picture of how well the oven works on convection heating. The vape remains active for 3 hours after it is completely charged, which is a sign of good battery life. I must say, this is one of the best herbal vaporizers.

Atmos has not disappointed its users till date and this product is another gem to the company. I really love that ridged design, it is durable and comfortable to hold. The vaporizer works fine producing satisfying vapors and also stays cool while vaping at high temperatures. This vaporizer is very easy-to-use as well as very easy to carry around.

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14. Vapium Summit Plus

Vapium-Summit-Plus-Dry-Herb-VaporizerThis vaporizer retains a simple, straightforward design. The most anticipated vaporizer feels light on hand and is built with high-quality materials. The original Summit was a huge success and this one’s another badass. If you are a person who likes camping, skiing, off-roading and other adventure sports, then this vaporizer must be on your list.

Summit Plus has been primarily designed to operate in extreme conditions. As I mentioned before, the design pattern is very simple involving three buttons (a power button and two temperature setting buttons). A strong magnet in the mouthpiece helps it to stay firm and also, the vaporizer possess excellent battery power (3300 mAh).

The oven can hold up to 0.2-0.3g of ground herb with a built-in stirring tool. The vape is resistant to dust as well as splashing water, a perfect partner for your adventure trip. Additionally, there is a Bluetooth enabled smartphone app that helps to customize the temperature precisely.

Usually, the vapes with conduction method of heating might require you to draw harder sometimes but I did not experience any such hitch while drawing. The draws were free and smooth which led to the production of fair, tasty and colossal visible vapor. The vape has 8 different temperature settings out of which, vaping at 5 and 6 levels suited the best for me. I felt little uneasy to vape at 7 and 8 levels at normal temperature, and hence, I wouldn’t recommend that to you.

You can easily get around 12-13 draws and there is this auto-shutdown feature in the middle, i.e the vape shuts-down after every 90 seconds and a blue light glows as an indication. Well, this might annoy some users but this is not of a major concern as you can wake the vaporizer by clicking the power button once.

As you can see, Summit Plus is not a fancy vaporizer but does it work extraordinarily. This vaporizer is one of the best vapes for the money. If you are an adventurer then this vaporizer is definitely worth buying.

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15. Air Vape XS

AirVape-X-VaporizerThis discreet portable vaporizer is damn attractive and looks more like a small perfume bottle rather than a vape. The vaporizer feels no pain in the hand due to its sleek, lightweight design, featuring a digital temperature control system. The build quality is top-notch which can be predicted by looking at the vaporizer itself.

The company has not even used a tiny plastic to construct the vape, you can find a sturdy metal casing that feels smooth on your hands. It features a small (0.3g) capacity ceramic chamber with a glass mouthpiece, making it highly portable dry herb vaporizer. The vaporizer consists of 3 buttons (a power button and two temperature setting buttons) with a customizable auto shut-off feature.

You get nice, clean and tastier vapors due to the presence of the ceramic chamber that is certainly different from what you find in other vaporizers. The mouthpiece features a cool screening system that filters the vapor, channeling it to a specific path by avoiding it from getting into your mouth directly.

Vaping at lower temperatures will give you mild, tasty vapors, whereas, – increasing the temperature will end up in producing harsh and denser vapors. You can definitely vape at higher temperatures to obtain denser clouds but I will not recommend doing that.

You have seen vaporizers vibrating to indicate few things, which is featured by this vaporizer as well! This is one of my favorite features that I prefer in the vaporizers. There is also an auto-shut-off timer system that can be adjusted from 3 to 5 minutes that will let you have a good vaping experience.

I am sure, you will definitely like the design of the vaporizer and what is more interesting is its performance that will satisfy your demands. This is one of the best dry herb vaporizers you can look for under $200.

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16. HoneyStick hrb

Honey-Stick-HRB-Dry-Herb-VaporizerAfter producing some of the best extract vaporizers in the market, HoneyStick has now entered the world of weed vaporizers. HoneyStick hrb is the first weed vaporizer produced by the company and it is totally ideal for novice users. The device doesn’t possess any fancy design but is practical.

The device has a well-polished exterior with ridges at the sides to ensure a perfect grip. A glass mouthpiece, single button feature as well as cooling vents on the vape are all the simple features that vape includes. As mentioned, the vape is more likely compatible for beginners and hence, the vapor quality and hits were subtle, not incredible.

Well, the device is just counting its steps in the market and has a long way to go. However, I am sure, the vaporizer will not let you down if you are new to dry herb vaporizers.

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17. Boundless CFC 2.0


This vaporizer is released after the original Boundless CFC that certainly ruled the herbal vaporizer world as the best affordable vaporizer past year. But now let us check if its successor can be counted in the list of the best portable dry herb vaporizer 2018.

The vape features a conical mouthpiece and follows a ridged pattern to offer a non-slip grip. The device has an ergonomic design with clear and brighter OLED screens. About the performance, you can say it produces decent vapors with a fairly low draw resistance as well.

It is certainly a budget vaporizer but you can find other vaporizers that can perform better than this. Beginners can give it a try but experienced vapors should definitely check on some of the best flower vaporizers present in the market today.

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18. Airzer ArGo

Arizer-ArGo-VaporizerWe have seen some of the best vaporizers produced by Airzer and you can call this one of the best vape brands in the market today. ArGo is a truly portable dry herb vaporizer in a small package that gives a tough competition to other vaporizers in terms of its performance.

ArGo retains all the major properties of its forerunners within this tiny palm-sized vaporizer. This has powerful 1860 mAh swappable batteries, borosilicate glass mouthpieces, clear and precise temperature controls and a clear OLED screen display. Additionally, the vape features a customizable session and temperature settings.

You can easily customize your sessions according to your preference and guess what? You can also increase the temperature whilst vaping. If you love dense and flavorful vapors, then ArGo is your perfect match. For me, the temperature between 390℉ to 400℉ worked great and might do the same to you as well.

Everything fits well with the vaporizer but there is a minor snag that can break your heart – you may have to give the vaporizer a short break of around 2 minutes to cool down, which is harder on your side. Well, that doesn’t pull this vaporizer from being counted in the list of the best herbal vaporizer 2018.

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19. Linx GAIA

Linx-Hypnos-Zero-VaporizerWe have seen vaporizers with ceramic and metal chambers so far, Linx GAIA is the world’s first vaporizer to possess a quartz chamber. The device is sleek, simple, yet stylish as well. The device features a quartz oven, OLED screen, temperature control buttons, a glass mouthpiece, magnetic packing tool and a unique air insulation system.

The device gives the feel more of a high-end vaporizer due to the brushed aluminum finish on the exterior resembling a tiny mod. I really love holding this vape in my hand. I was eagerly waiting to experience the vapor quality offered by the quartz-built chamber featured by this device.

To my expectations, the vape produces pure, tasty vapor with minimal draw leading to a delightful experience. May it be small draws or long ones, you will be satisfied with the vapor content. Additionally, the long battery life owned by this will definitely allow you to enjoy vaping either on your hiking trip, music festival, or a road trip unless you are not driving and vaping.

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20. Black Mamba

Black-Mamba-VaporizerCan you believe if I tell you that you can own one of the best dry herb vaporizers under $50? Well, here is one unique, slim, portable vaporizer wrapped with a rubber coating known as Black Mamba. The vape features a ceramic chamber with an all-glass vapor path, it is really fun looking at the vapors traveling upwards. You can vape at any of the temperatures, choosing one temperature among five settings (365℉, 374℉, 392℉, 410℉ and 428℉).

The design of the vaporizer is very plain without any LCD display or an OLED screen but it consists of LED lights that work great! Well, you know this is a budget vaporizer and the vapor produced by this vape is fair and decent. You don’t get to see dense clouds but the flavor definitely reaches your taste buds when you vape at medium temperature.

Vaping at higher temperature can bring in some clouds but will not retain the same taste. Well, I have to say the vape works fine for the money but adding a fine-tuning feature to set the temperature and increasing battery life would be of great help to the users.

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21. MigVapor DRAY

Mig-vaporizerThis tiny, sturdy vaporizer is another vape machine consisting of a quartz chamber and looks more like a vape pen but slightly longer in width. You can predict the build quality of the vaporizer just by looking at the rubber chassis exterior. This easy-to-use vaporizer is a highly improvised successor of its precursor (Mig Vapor’s Matrix).

This simple vaporizer consists of 3 buttons (a power button and two temperature setting buttons) along with an OLED display. As you know, quartz chambers are very effective in producing clean and purest form of vapors, thus, I was able to produce the same vapors with this vape.

Moreover, the vape allows you to precisely set the temperature and for me, the temperature between 400℉-410℉ turned out to be the best for enjoying the flavor. The battery life of this vape is flawless; You will definitely have a minimum of 10 vaping sessions when it is completely charged. This one is a good quality vaporizer, which can be easily operated and this can really be a good choice for beginners.

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22. Mighty Vaporizer

Mighty-Dry-Herb-VaporizerAs the name indicates this is one of the most powerful vaporizer manufactured by Storz and Bickel, a sibling of one of the best loose leaf vaporizer, the Crafty. Both vaporizers have similar features but with few add-ons with respect to Mighty.

One major difference between both the vaporizers is the pocket-friendly nature, which is more likely found in Crafty. Mighty features a powerful battery (2668 mAh) with 90 minutes of active time and takes about 2 hours to recharge.

This vape doesn’t come with any smartphone app but consists of a LED screen that displays the temperature and battery life. Temperature can be set using two buttons present beside the screen.  You can set the temperature as high as 410℉, which is sufficient to produce dense, tasty and plenty of vapor. According to me, this is one of the best herb vaporizers to produce massive vapor with high flavor content.

There is this minor snag common to both the vaporizers (Crafty and the Mighty), that is the auto-shut-off timer, where the vaporizer shuts off after a minute to retain the battery. This is not a big deal but annoying sometimes. The vape vibrates when it is ready to use, preferred b most of the vapers. Overall, I must say, the performance of the vaporizer is phenomenal and is worth the price.

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23. Atman Hachi

Atman-Hachi-VaporizerThe device is made up of beautiful Rosewood giving it an earthy and green feel. I cannot resist admiring the craftsmanship of this vaporizer. This is a very simple device with a single button functionality and a single LED to indicate the status of the device. The ceramic chamber comes with a magnetic lid that snaps perfectly into place, the mouthpiece resides at the top and there is an airflow grill at the back of the unit.

Another thing that I like about this vaporizer is the lightning charging cable that allows me to charge my iPhone as well as this vape with the same plug. This vaporizer might seem very simple for most of the veteran vapers but is a bonus for all the newbies.  The vaporizer works on convection method of heating and the time it takes to heat up is around 2-3 seconds, quite impressive.

You just have to press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to start a session and you can instantly see vapors coming, even before you take a draw. Well, this vaporizer is a decent one and you will require some time to get adjusted to it but definitely not a bad deal for the money.

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24. DaVinci Miqro

DaVinci-IQ-dry-herb-vaporizerThis is the latest vaporizer produced by DaVinci after IQ, and IQ is one of the best weed vaporizers in 2018. How is Miqro different than IQ? Basically, Miqro is a miniature version of IQ, which means, all the functionalities of IQ has been packed in a smaller vape called Miqro.

Miqro has followed the same design pattern as IQ, instead of 51 lights on the front of the vape (as in IQ), Miqro features 15 lights. You can find every single feature in Miqro that is present in IQ. Moreover, you can even find that Zirconia pearl in the chamber and the smart path feature has also been retained to offer the same vaping experience that you get in the IQ.

The anodized aluminum body provides maximum durability and the zirconium ceramic airpath provides maximum purity. What do you think about the flavor quality of this vaporizer? Will it perform like its big brother? Definitely yes. You will taste some best flavor from a device this small. The smart path really helps you have a good control of the vapor, which is hard to find in some of the larger vaporizers as well.

Well, the battery life of this vaporizer is a stumbling block, you get around 4 sessions that last for 5 minutes each. The company has a backup though, the batteries are replaceable and hence, you can change them anytime. Well, something had to give to get all these functionalities in such a small package. This doesn’t pull this vaporizer from being the smallest and the most portable herb vaporizer.

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25. X MAX Starry

X-MAX-Starry-Vaporizer-POTVThis one’s a good budget vaporizer with high portability, good performance and a lot of features. The appearance of this vape is similar to some premium vapes such as PAX 3 and Swift Pro and the build quality is also great. Anodized aluminum is used to build the external cover of the vaporizer and a small ceramic chamber is present internally.

The oven can hold around 0.17-0.3 g, only if the herb is finely ground. I like the mouthpiece, it consists of a magnet and the swiveling part is really my favorite. This vape is very easy-to-use involving just three buttons (power button and two temperature setting buttons) and a LED screen to display the temperature and battery status.

Pack the herb closely and you are more likely to get around 15 draws. The number of draws also depends on how long or short you pull. Leave this vape for around 30 seconds after turning it on and then take a puff and you will see decent clouds with good flavor. I started at a high temperature of about 390℉ and that really worked well. I am sure, that will work for you as well.

You will also find an auto-shut-off timer that is set for 5 minutes to avoid the vape from getting hot, that’s pretty typical in most of the vaporizers. I don’t recommend this vaporizer for proficient vapers but yes, this is a great deal for all the newbies to get started.

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26. Flowermate Mini V5.0S

Flowermate-Mini-Vaporizer-V5.0SThis is a miniature version of the Flowermate V5.0S at a reasonable price. This is a super portable, easy-to-use, conduction vaporizer. The vape consists of a very small heating chamber that can hold up to 0.2g of herb. There are three temperature settings (385℉, 400℉ and 415℉) that are indicated using three different LED lights that blink in three different colors (Blue, Purple, and Red) respectively.

The vaporizer works on a sole button,- 5 clicks to turn on the button and a long press to change the temperature of the vaporizer. The vaporizer is well built using anodized aluminum externally with a glass mouthpiece. Allow 30 seconds for the vape to heat up and you are all set to vape! You get smooth flavorful vapors and around 10-15 draws from a fully loaded chamber.

I suggest you start with a higher temperature because the lower temperature didn’t work well for me. The vape also features a 5-minute auto-shut-off timer, which is pretty common in almost all the vapes. The only downside according to me would be its battery life but you can’t expect much at this price.

Overall, this is a great vaporizer with all these features and easy-to-use functionalities and I must say, this is one of the best affordable vaporizers one can have.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Dry Herb Vaping

What is vaping?

Inhaling the vapor produced by an e-cigarette or a vaporizer is known as vaping. The vapor can be produced by using materials such as e-Liquid, dry herb or a concentrate.

What is a vaporizer?

An electric device that produces vapor using vaping material (e-Liquid, dry herb or a concentrate) is known as a vaporizer. It consists of a battery, cartridges, an atomizer or a cartomizer, and the main console. The battery generates the heat in the cartomizer that comes in contact with the vaping material and transforms it into vapor for inhaling.

What is a dry herb/weed vaporizer?

The vaporizer that is specifically designed to vape dry herb (raw cannabis or tobacco) is known as a weed vaporizer. This device consists of small ovens/chamber to heat the substance (dry herb) electrically using a battery to produce vapor. The vapor is inhaled to enjoy the complete benefits of any medicinal herb or extract.

The vaporizer uses either convection or conduction methods for heating, thus doesn’t burn the herb releasing carcinogens and other toxic substances. Today, we can see vaporizers with digital screen displays as well as with a smartphone app designed for user convenience.

How does a dry herb vaporizer work?

A vaporizer does not burn your weed, instead, it heats the weed present in the oven either by convection, conduction, hybrid of both, or induction methods. Thus, vaporizers prevent users from ingesting carbon-monoxide and other perilous materials occur in traditional smoking.

Is grinding the herb necessary for vaping?

It is not mandatory to grind your herb but to get the best flavor out of your herb grinding the herb is recommended. Grinding the herb ensures uniform heating of the weed that brings out more number of psychoactive elements in the weed and also, it increases the efficiency of the vaporizer. I am sure, you will definitely have an amazing vaping experience when you finely grind the herb.

Does a vaporizer smell like weed after (or while) using it?

Yes, the vaporizer will smell like weed but not as much as it does while smoking weed. There is this mild scent present in the vapor which can be sniffed when the user vapes, inhales and exhales vapor. This scent will be dissolved quickly even in a closed environment and it will not stick to anything or smell your breath. I suggest you clean the oven after each session to eliminate the smell.

How will I know if my herb is completely finished or vaporized?

I don’t think there is any method or formula to find an answer to this but yes, you can get an idea on when your herb has been completely vaporized by checking on few things. The flavor and the amount of vapor don’t remain the same after a certain number of draws. The potency and the aroma of the flavor reduce with use. Some people judge it based on their personal preference.

How do I clean my vaporizer?

Cleaning the vaporizer totally depends on the vaporizer that you are using. Some vaporizers come with some form of cleaning tool and if your vaporizer doesn’t have any such tool then using a pipe cleaner once the device cools down is suggested.

What is the best-suited temperature for dry herb?

Being new to vaporizers, I would suggest you start with a lower temperature. When the temperature gets closer to the burning point of cannabis (around 400℉), you will get harsher, more visible vapors resembling smoking and low temperature will produce flavorful mild vapors. Thus, start with the low temperature and increase it gradually.

What are these different heating methods?

Convection – In this method, the heat is generated away from the herb and is pulled in with the draw, the herb warms up when the heat passes by it.

Conduction – Here the herb is in direct contact with the heat.

Induction – Here a magnetic induction field is created, where heat is propagated within the field that heats the materials present within the field. This is one of the fastest heating methods.

Combustion – Here the herb is burnt using flame and is the oldest method of consuming marijuana, associated with smoking. With this method, the user ingests charred materials along with desired target – tobacco or dry herb.

Things to know before getting started with vaping

The first vaping experience really matters a lot for a beginner who is willing to quit smoking and adapt vaping. Let me break down some things about weed vaping that would help you to get along with vaping effortlessly.

  • Design features

These are the basic and mandatory features that you will find in any dry herb vaporizer.

Oven – This is also known as a chamber, a place where you place your flower/herb to heat. This is usually made up of materials that are good conductors of heat, popularly ceramic or metal.

Airpath – This is the path for the vapor to reach the mouthpiece. Basically, a longer mouthpiece is preferred as it keeps the vapor cool and doesn’t end up burning your lips.

Temperature control –  Vaporizers these days gives the user full freedom to set the temperature according to their preference. You can click on the arrow buttons to set the temperature or set it via the smartphone app featured by the vaporizer.

Mouthpiece – This is where you vape the herb and don’t forget to check on the factors such as – the length, draw resistance and concealability of the mouthpiece.

  • Choose the right herb/flower

There are so many different strains with different high offered by each, and it is better for all the novice vapers to make some good research before choosing any of them.

  • Grind and Pack your dry herb

The most vital part of vaping is to thoroughly grind the herb and appropriately packing them. Finely grinding the herb is essential to ensure uniform heating of the herb in order to produce the best quality vapor. I recommend you buy one of the best herb grinders for vaporizer available on the market. Also, packing the vape appropriately is as important as grinding it. Do not over pack the oven, or use any sharp objects to pack the herb. These things might end up damaging the oven.

  • Setting the appropriate temperature

As you are a beginner, I would suggest you start at a low temperature and eventually increasing it. Thus, you will get an idea about the vapor and how it feels in your throat.

  • Avoid hitting the vape very often

As you are new to vaping, the vaporizer may not get you high initially but that doesn’t mean you have to take a number of hits. Vapors are clean and light and tricky as well. You better take small puffs or draw slowly, as if you are taking normal breaths. Hitting the vape often may result in herb blocking the airway, taking short breaks in between is highly advised.

  • Maintain the vaporizer

Clean the vape after each session using the appropriate tools defined by the particular vaporizer. A well-maintained vape will definitely remain efficient.

Factors that matter for choosing the best Marijuana vaporizer

Look out for these four major components that will help you in buying the best flower or weed vaporizer. The four factors are – design, portability, quality, and price. You can see vaporizers with some unique and high-tech features but these are the primary factors that should be satisfied in order to consider if the vaporizer is the best in the market. Veterans vapers will definitely know the best weed vaporizers for them but newbies are the ones who will require some guidance.

Your lifestyle, as well as preferences, matter to choose the vaporizer that suits the best. If you are someone who likes to smoke the herb occasionally then you should look into a vaporizer that is durable and efficient. On the contrary, if you are a chain smoker then look out for the vaporizer that is sturdy and offers the best flavor quality. There are numerous vaporizers in the market today, produced by the best vape brands to satisfy your demands and also, lies within your budget.

Vaping vs smoking dry herb

There are only a few people who actually know the difference between vaping marijuana over smoking it. Even I had the misconception that both are the same, I thought, the difference lies in the different device and methods in consuming it. Certainly, I was wrong, I didn’t know that I am not only consuming weed but consuming other substances as well while smoking it.

Setting cannabis directly into flames (combustion) in an open environment facilitating enough oxygen is known as smoking weed. In this process, the harmful chemicals that are released are what damages your lungs. On the other hand, vaping heats up the herb just below the burning point of cannabis by releasing other psychoactive elements into the air by avoiding consumption of toxic substances. This is a great way to enjoy the wonderful plant. Moreover, vaping focuses on the health benefits of the medical marijuana and helps to relax your mind, whereas, smoking is a little messy, distracting and a lot more smelly. Switch to vaping to have a mellow experience and to lead a healthy life.

Health benefits of vaping marijuana

Studies have proven some of the unique health benefits of vaping marijuana, let me briefly disclose them for you.

Cannabinoids are the collection of 66 active compounds possessed by marijuana that act similar to molecules in our body that influence our immune system, mood, memory, movement, appetite, sleep and also protect nerve cells from premature death. Vaping releases only the active compounds present in the cannabis without any toxic substances that are released while smoking. Basically, vaping offers high potency but with a limited dosage, that means – the patient can get the same relief with less amount of weed. Vaporizing marijuana is a safe and effective mode of treating symptoms and pain from serious chronic illness, this method has also helped thousands whose pain and illness could not be palliated by traditional medications or treatment.

To vape or not to vape?

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of a weed vaporizer that will help you take a decision.

Pros of vaping dry herb

No burning involved – As mentioned earlier, a vaporizer heats up the substance rather than burning it, avoiding the consumption of toxic substances released during combustion.

No foul odor – None of the vaporizers are completely odor-free but you won’t smell weed completely as you do in smoking.

Medical cannabis – Doctors and health professionals recommend their patients to vape cannabis using a herbal vaporizer for better results.

Great flavor content – You get to taste nice flavor while vaping weed than smoking it. Many people vaporize their bud because they are able to taste the flavor better.

Less harsh – Customizable temperature settings produces less harsh vapor than you obtain in smoking.

Short breaks – Vaping allows you to take some short breaks in between a session, especially with vaporizers like Ghost MV1 and Firefly 2.

Health benefits – Already mentioned above, studies have proven that vaping is the best method to consume cannabis that is also helpful in relieving stress and helping people with PTSD, anxiety, and stress.

Cons of vaping dry herb

Quite expensive – You can see that the best cannabis vaporizers are not cheap, requires a rather heavy investment initially. Today, you can find numerous vaporizers that are affordable and comes under your budget.

Requires regular charging – You cannot use your vaporizer unless it is charged for a certain time.

Cleaning and Maintaining – who likes cleaning? Here, cleaning your vaporizer after each session is necessary to retain its efficiency.

Proper knowledge and learning – Users need some time to learn to vape weed in order to achieve the best vaping experience. Once you learn the method to vape marijuana properly, then nobody can stop you from becoming a pro vaper.

Easy comparison of the best vapes for dry herb

Vaporizer Category Warranty
PAX 3 Smartest Vaporizer 10 years
Atmos Vicod 5G Best for novice vapers 5 years
DaVinci IQ Best dry herb vaporizer 10 years
Firefly 2 Best quality vaporizer 10 years
Pulsar APX V2 Best for beginners 1 year
Airzer Solo 2 Best personal vaporizer 2 years
V2 Pro Series 7 Good 3-in-1 vaporizer Limited
Hydrology 9 Best Bong-style vape 2 years
Ghost MV1 Best on-demand vape 5 years
G Pen ELITE Best weed vape pen 1 year
Atmos Jump Best cheap vaporizer 5 years
Crafty Best for group vaping 10 years
Atmos Pillar Best easy-to-use vape 5 years
Vapium Summit Plus Best durable vaporizer 2 years
Air Vape XS Best budget vaporizer Lifetime


I guess you have found your vaporizer by now and still, if you feel you are not ready to adapt vaping and continuing to smoke is a better option, then take my word, you are going in the wrong direction. It’s high time! Bring some changes in your lifestyle by choosing health over addiction. Moreover, if you have any doubt about being able to take a puff and get the same smoking experience, trust me, you will love it! Vaping looks complicated initially but it’s not rocket science that you will not be able to learn it. The vaping market for dry herb is coming up with numerous vaporizers with unique and fantastic features that some of the other vaporizers will perfectly match your taste. Give it a try and thanks for taking out your time for reading this guide, it has been my pleasure.


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