Best Desktop Vaporizers 2020

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1. Volcano Dry Herb

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2. Arizer Extreme Q

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3. Plenty

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You might be tired of those portable vaporizers and vape pens, and If I am not wrong, you are certainly looking to have a better vaping experience. You might be a fan of tabletop vaporizers or you might be a complete novice user looking to invest in a desktop vaporizer, whatsoever, your thought of enhancing your vaping experience using a desktop vaporizer is absolutely the right one. This article will certainly guide you to buy the best desktop vaporizer that you won’t regret investing your money in it.

What Is A Desktop Vaporizer?

best dry herb vaporizerDesktop vaporizer also known as a tabletop or home vaporizer is a vaporizer that is to be enjoyed at home. People who had enough of portable vapes and want to enjoy some more powerful clouds or who like vaping with their friends will definitely look for a desktop vaporizer. Tabletop vaporizers are quite hefty as well as expensive but the price is complete justice for the quality of vapor and experience you get. These vaporizers don’t limit to stoners or just for vaping purpose but are also used for medicinal purpose.

If you are new to desktop vaporizers, then the first thing to be learned about these vapes is its types. There are two types, whip-style vapes, and forced air vapes. Most of the vaporizers these days features both whip style as well as forced air type vaping.

Types Of Desktop Vapes

Whip style vaporizers

Some of you might have seen this medical grade tube with a machine used for medical purpose, and that’s how the name whip. Whip style vaping is to vape using this tube. Vaporizer with a whip resembles a hookah or shisha in the design. This style is more likely by somebody who would like to take direct hits, vapor reaching directly to the lungs. With whip style vaping, the vaporizer will be compactly sealed without any loss of vapor which results in extremely dense and flavorful vapors. This style also gives a hands-free experience while vaping.

Forced air vaporizers

It follows a method of hot air propelling, wherein the fan blows the air through the herb with extreme speed. The vapors produced are stored in a balloon bag attached to the valve of the vaporizer. These days a vaporizer with just a balloon bag is outdated, hence there are dual-function vaporizers that feature a fan involving a whip as well as a balloon. This style is very efficient when you are vaping along with a bunch of friends, where you can pass the bag among your friends.

Now that you know a bit more about what a desktop vaporizer is, and what the different types of desktop vapes are, it is time to go into the best picks!

Top 10 Best Desktop Vaporizers 2020

1. Volcano Digital Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizer

Volcano-Digital-Desktop-Dry-Herb-VaporizerIf you’re following the vape market from a long time, you might have heard about the crafty and the mighty vaporizers, the best portable vaporizers for dry herb produced by Storz and Bickel, the German company. The Volcano is another beast produced by the same company but this is a desktop vaporizer. This has been running in the vape market since it was first launched and still, this is considered as one of the best desktop vaporizers. Volcano comes in two different styles, – Classic and digital.

Classic style involves a dial, whereas, digital style comes with a digital temperature gauge. The vaporizer features a balloon style vaping and comes with two different valve kits – Easy Valve and a Solid Valve kit. Either of the kits can be chosen for vaping. I would prefer an Easy Valve kit, as it is simple and easy to use. Here, the balloon comes pre-assembled with a two-piece herb chamber.

The Solid valve kit is slightly complicated but comes with many parts and one advantage with this kit is that the balloon can be customized according to your preference.

The design of the vaporizer makes justice to its name, it is a tiny silver volcano. The vaporizer has an appealing sturdy look with large simple buttons. This vape is hefty and hence, you will require your two hands to hold it. The firm base of 8’’ diameter adds stability and prevents this vape from falling down from an uplifted surface. Well, with two different styles (classic and digit), the temperature can be set precisely using digit.

This doesn’t mean that the classic style is not up to the mark, there are just minute temperature fluctuations with classic style but the performance remains the same. The digit also features an auto-shutoff-timer, where the vaporizer shuts down after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Yes, I agree that this vaporizer is quite expensive but the vapor quality offered by this vape is worth every penny. The vapors produced by this vape are tasty, potent and dense. Finely grind your herbs and you are more likely to get denser vapors. Both the styles (classic and digit) of volcano involves good temperature controls, you can set the maximum temperature up to 450℉ for both the styles, starting at 266℉ for classic and 105℉ for digit.

Personally, vaping at 380℉ is what I usually prefer, I get the best and tasty vapors at this temperature. If you are new to desktop vaporizers, I would suggest starting at a temperature of about 350℉ and increase it slowly. Cleaning this vape is necessary but it is not at all a laborious process, you can clean it using any brush.

Maintain this vaporizer properly and I am sure, this is going to perform exactly the same even after so many years as it does when it is newly installed. Even Though the vape market is flourishing with new vaporizers, Volcano will always remain as one of the best home vaporizers even in future.

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2. Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer-Extreme-Q-VaporizerArizer Q is one of the best dual-function desktop vaporizers. Dual functionality includes balloon style as well as whip style vaping. If you are willing to try different vaping styles using desktop vaporizers without spending a hefty amount, then this can be an ideal vape for you.

Arizer has been building vaporizers with top-notch design and this one’s exceptional. The vaporizer is built using glass and it appears more like a coffee maker than a vaporizer.

Talking about the design, – you can see a lot of detailing with respect to the temperature controls, digital display and the structure of the vape. You can control the temperature, fan speed, timer, sounds and under glow with the help of digital display. However, the up and down arrow buttons are used to precisely set the temperature. The fan features three different speed levels, which can be turned off when using direct draw whip.

The material or the herb is packed in a cyclone bowl, which has ground glass on both the ends to establish a perfect connection to the heater cover and an elbow adaptor that fits into the top.

The vaporizer has adapted internal heat source that has been deployed exactly below the chamber where the material is packed to provide even heating, and hence, you are able to taste vapor with some good flavor.

The ground glass surrounding the bowl also add up to the production of flavorful vapor. A warning – do not touch the glass bowl while vaping, if you do, you will definitely end up burning your fingers.

Some of you might love vaping using balloon because it produces smooth vapors and it lets the vapor to cool down until you take a draw. However, vaping using a balloon might be prodigal if you are vaping alone. Vaping with a whip allows you to take some quick direct hits but some folks don’t like the warmth of the vapor produced by this style.

Hence, dual functionality will be a good choice. The vaporizer calls for a slightly higher temperature, so you can set the temperature starting at 360℉ and rise up to 415℉ and vape at a temperature you are comfortable with.

Meanwhile, allow the vape to heat up for 40 seconds and then place the cyclone bowl connecting it to the adaptor and the glass to heat and by doing this you will be able to produce nice and much thicker vapors.

Well, the vapor produced by this vape is tasty and above par, and can definitely be called as one of the best table top vaporizers. One thing is that – you just can’t fill the bowl in a row while vaping continuously. Apart from this, the vape is clean and versatile and you will definitely enjoy vaping with Extreme Q.

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3. Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty-VaporizerDo you think vaping could be more fun if vaporizers had these funky look and appear more like toys? Well, the mother of vape brands Storz & Bickel has come up with a funky looking vaporizer called Plenty, this looks funky but is another beast in terms of its performance.

This features a whip style vaping and is quite expensive in the market. Moreover, the performance of this vaporizer is so satisfying that investing in this vape will not require a second thought.

This vape looks pretty weird, as I mentioned funky kind of a thing. Holding this vaporizer is as easy as holding a mug because of its design. The vape features seven different temperature settings and holding the trigger for some time will heat up the vaporizer. There is no digital LED display but there is an analog display similar to a pressure gauge to indicate the temperature.

The stainless steel coil (whip) performs best in cooling down the vapor. While some vaporizers require high-temperature settings to produce immense clouds but plenty doesn’t require any high temperature to produce chunky clouds.

The temperature ranges from 100℉ to 420℉ and the clouds you get at 420℉ are killer. The vape takes around 3 minutes to heat up and this might set you off but it is worth the wait when you get to taste that flavorful massive vapors.

So, what makes plenty to produce such massive clouds? All the credits will go to its well-designed heating chamber and its surface area, which is broad and enables quickly heating up of a large blend at the same time.

There is no doubt about the vapor quality of this vape but when it comes to taste, I am a bit sensitive to plastic. The mouthpiece of the whip is made up of plastic and I feel a bit uncomfortable to vape with it. Apart from this, there are no issues with this vaporizer.

If you don’t have any problem vaping with the plastic mouthpiece and love playing with massive clouds, this can probably be the best desktop vape for you.

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4. Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver-Surfer-VaporizerThis is a uniquely designed vaporizer produced by 7th floor and it just looks sexy. This is a high quality, durable vaporizer and comes with a 3 years warranty. To stand against the competition, 7th floor has adapted reverse 90-degree angle. This vape involves a ceramic heating chamber.

The 90-degree tilt makes it unique and keeps away the ceramic chamber out of all the elements, which is a major plus, also the reason for making a name in the vaporizer market since its arrival.

The 90-degree tilt doesn’t mean that it is not going to stand stable, it has a flat base for stability with the body reversely tilted at an angle of 90-degree. You will know the built-in quality and the sturdiness of the vaporizer with a single touch. Most of the parts are built using ceramic and the whip is built with silicone, effective heat resistant materials.

There is only a single knob that is used to turn on and off the vaporizer as well as used to set the temperature. There is no digital display that is why novice users might find it difficult to set the appropriate temperature.

The vaporizer takes around 3 minutes to heat up and just involves whip style vaping. You might find it a bit harder initially to vape but once you get used to this, you will definitely enjoy it.

Ceramic chamber does all the work and keeps the vapor clean and pure avoiding any toxins that can infect the vapor. For me, the vapor production was decent not like spectacular but doesn’t taste bad at all.

All I can say is that Silver Surfer might not perform as some of the best table-top vaporizers in the market but has a decent performing curve worth the money.

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5. Vapir Rise V2

Vapir-Rise-VaporizerThis is another dual-function under-priced desktop vaporizer, a budget vape for people who cannot afford other high-end tabletop vaporizers. I personally like the design of the vape which is similar to Arizer Extreme Q but with a few changes.

The vaporizer is sleek and simple featuring balloon bag as well as a whip. The vape has a chamber at the top resided on a funnel-shaped base and also features an inbuilt fan. You can control it using the control buttons present at the base.

The LED display and the control buttons reside side by side at the base, wherein there are different control buttons to set the temperature as well as to control the fan. The stainless steel vaping path cools down the vapor and provides excellent flavor.

The good thing about this vape’s construction is the use of stainless steel for the body and silicone for the whip rather than any other materials. These materials act as an efficient heat resilient materials and enhance the quality of the vapor.

Honestly, I did not smell any gas or other foul odor using it for the first time. I like the herb chamber, it is very spacious, and I was able to pack quite a large blend (around 2 grams). The vape heated up in no time once I pressed the heat button, as an indication – the LED turned red from green when the vape was fully zapped up.

Just like Volcano, even Rise has super solid valves to attach the balloon bag, also there is a multi-user adapter that can hold more than one whip at a time. Sharing a single whip with the person next to you might eventually end up spending the herb completely the next time you take a draw. Hence, this issue has been resolved using the multi-user adaptor feature.

Personally, I prefer vaping through a whip and I was able to produce pretty good vapors with the lowest level fan turned on and vaping at the highest temperature. Well, I wish there was an option to turn off the fan because it runs continuously once you press the heat up button.

The vapor produced using the bag was solid too and I was also able to take quite a number of hits with the fully packed herb chamber. Another feature that is cool is the installation of a HEPA filter at the bottom that produces very pure and clean vapors, which is very important for medical marijuana patients to consume their medicine in a sterile environment.

Overall, Rise is durable as well as easy-to-use vape with easily interchangeable modes and quick heat-up time. You just have to get used to it and you will be able to take large hits. Apart from the continuous fan rotation thing, every other thing has been perfectly designed, including in the list of the best desktop vaporizers 2018.

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6. Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

Dr.-Dabber-Switch-VaporizerDr. Dabber Switch is an innovative, versatile and the first desktop vaporizer with an induction style heating system. The induction style heating system means it is pretty fast.

Dr. Dabber is known to produce some of the best wax vaporizers in the market and Switch is versatile with wax as well as the herb. So, how well can this vaporizer perform? Can this match the quality of the best desktop vaporizers? Here is a brief review.

The device is kind of bright and very eye-catching, also comes with a lot of goodies in a kit. The hour-glass shape body sits perfectly in the hand and you won’t find it hard to assemble all the units.

This one stands upright being 9.5’’ tall without the glass bubbler and 13’’ with bubbler on it, and four inches wide. A switch along with controls and LED lights has been placed in the front, to indicate five different temperature levels.

You can change into either wax or herb by just flicking the switch present at the bottom, while the button in between the control buttons will start the healing process. As the device works on induction heating method, the induction coils are placed at the top in conjunction with the cups.

The cups are required to load that can be done using tweezers that are provided in the kit. Adding to this, the induction method involves 25 different temperature settings for both wax as well as herb and the Switch can last up to 159 heating cycles with a fully charged battery.

I was really shocked to see the vaporizer to heat up within 4 seconds, that was really very quick. The vape gives you no time to arrange things or grind the herb, it should be done in prior while vaping with Switch. The vape operates in two modes, a standard mode, and an advanced mode.

In the standard mode, both wax and herb operate equally. You will have to pack the herb in the cup and load it inside using the tweezer near to the heating element. While vaping in standard mode, the vape holds the heat profile for about 15 seconds then cools down which is indicated using blue LED.

The standard mode works well for wax concentrates whereas with herb, you will get a nice taste but doesn’t hit your lungs.

The advanced mode requires a bit of a learning curve and I suggest you read the instruction manual before getting on this. There are 5 LED lights, purple being the indication of the lowest temperature and yellow being the indication of the highest temperature.

Each of these settings involves 5 inner settings each and that’s how we get 25 different temperature settings, ranging from 300℉ to 800℉. This mode is extremely designed for advanced vapers. The vaporizer features either low temperature or very high temperature for dry herb, which lacks in the fine tuning of temperature.

I was able to produce some good massive flavorful clouds but the very high temperature would burn the herb resulting in not so flavorful vapors. This problem should be addressed seriously if that is done, then this vaporizer can definitely be called as the best table-top desktop vaporizer.

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7. Herbalizer Vaporizer

Herbalizer-VaporizerIt is a dual-purpose vape designed by ex-NASA engineers, a tough competitor to the best desktop vape since years, the Volcano. This is designed as such to provide aromatherapy as well as for the purpose of vaping. I must say the designers of herbalizer took a long route to build such an aesthetic device. It is sleek and classy looks more like an oyster shell.

The vape comes pre-assembled, no hard work to be done, just needs to be connected and loaded with the herb. All the controls and materials are packed within the shell. There is this mezzanine storage area that stores all the other materials that are needed for its functioning.

You can see a digital display and the control buttons residing within the flip-up lid, while the whip wraps around the outer edge of the device. Believe it or not, herbalizer doesn’t take more than 5 seconds to heat up, the device will be ready to vape within a flash of a second.

There is this new feature that distinguishes herbalizer is the halogen bulb, which can be set up to a temperature of 800℉ and is used only when it is necessary. This feature is remarkable to be added in this small device to produce extra vapor.

There are two separate trays, one for vaping purpose and the other for aromatherapy. Aromatherapy will require some oils and wax concentrates to fill in, and the herb is needed to be packed in the heating chamber for vaping. You can either go with a balloon bag or a whip, both of them works great with the vaporizer. I find vaping through the whip more efficient for me.

The vapor produced from a whip turned out to be dense and flavorful, exactly how I like it to be. For me, the balloon bag didn’t do the magic, the taste was not exactly similar to that of the whip. The fans can be set at different levels, from least to the highest one, and same goes with temperature marking the highest to be 440℉.

Doesn’t matter if the device is working at the highest fan level along with the highest temperature, you can just hear it whispering and doesn’t make a noise like other desktop vaporizers. One thing that made me think about the design is that the lid doesn’t perfectly sit on the base.

You can see a gap in between. This might help the elderly patients to quickly open it but a magnetic latch system would have been a great option just like the magnet used for the heating chamber. This is a perfect vape for all the medical marijuana patients and also to the novice users. This is quite expensive but yes, it doesn’t compromise with the performance.

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8. VapeXhale Cloud EVO

VapexhaleA premium vaporizer produced by a young and reputable company looks more like a bong than a desktop vaporizer. The vaporizer will make you fall in love with its design at the very first sight. It is all made up of glass and is a table-top vaporizer standing 8 inches tall. You can vape either concentrates or dry herb, and this is more likely to be a personal vape and not that party animal.

With a 3-inch square base and an 8-inch tall body, the vape stands tall on the table. You can notice a temperature dial as well as a switch in the front, and a computer power cable socket at its back. The outer body is made up of Zytel which is a very effective heat resistant material.

Although Zytel is used to build the body, it gets warm sometimes while vaping at a higher temperature, and that is when this VapeXHeat shield comes in that will allow you to hold the vape without any risk of burning your fingers.

To give the user a healthier vaping experience, the vape is designed with a patented heating system, known as a perpetuHeat, a heat source that is durable, reliable, non-erodible, which is very quick. A ceramic chamber fits in wrapped around with a glass tube and on the top is a glass connector.

I know some of them might not find the temperature setting dial to be an optimal choice but all I can say is, turning the dial on two o’clock simply works the best for dry herb and setting at the maximum temperature is preferred for concentrates.

Moreover, as an extra level of safety, a water filtration system has been adopted, you can either use your bubbler or it is best to get one of the best bubblers called ‘Hydratube’, specifically designed for VapeXhale Cloud Evo.

With its true convection heating system, the vaporizer is able to produce the most potent, dense and very tasty vapors. Glass does not taint the flavor in any way, and hence produces pure and clean vapor.

You will have to wait for around 2 minutes for the vape to heat up and is indicated by flashing green LED light. There’s also an auto-shutoff feature that has been designed for the safety purpose but most of them find it annoying though.

I suggest you not to completely fill the ceramic chamber with the blend but to leave some space for the air to pass-in for a better vaping experience. This lightweight vape is no less than other beasts in the vaping market.

This is sturdy and new, provides a good vaping experience and can be added to the list of best desktop vaporizers 2018.

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9. Zephyr Ion Digital vaporizer

If you are looking for the best home vaporizer, something like the Volcano but cannot afford one, then Zephyr Ion is here to satisfy all your needs. This vaporizer looks more like a sculpture displayed in some museum than a vaping machine to be displayed in a smoke shop. However, the company has literally focused on the performance than its design, certainly built for a long tow.

You can see a wide base with an LED display along with a few control button and a tapered neck on the top. Bowl carrying the herb resides on top of the neck which also includes a valve for attaching the balloon. It has sturdy look built using high-quality materials and weighs a few pounds to keep up with the sturdiness.

The heating chamber is made up of ceramic and is properly enclosed, protecting it against any bumps or any other things. You can set the temperature using the controls residing beside the display. The temperature ranges from 100℉ to 440℉ and this range is pretty much efficient and go well with this vape.

You can go through the instruction manual once before getting started with this, however, the vape does not include any sharp learning curve and is very easy to get along with this. This is a dual-function vaporizer ( balloon bag and whip style) and I did not find it hard to use any of them.

You can see a green color display that will be turned on to indicate the active heating process and turns red asking for a temperature to be set, and again turns green when the desired temperature is reached. This is a very handy feature and I really liked it. Pack and load the blend into the stainless steel basket and you are all set to vape.

You will definitely obtain the best vapor quality for the price. Vaping using balloon bag will definitely be a good experience but the vapors produced using whip was not up to the mark for me. Ion lacks in advanced fan controlling system and this is why vapors produced using a whip didn’t meet my expectations.

This can definitely be a good choice to vape along with your friends, where you can pass over and avoid wasting any vapor. Unlike other desktop vaporizers, Ion does not produce any noise and is easy to clean and maintain.

If you are expecting a vaporizer with a performance similar to the Volcano but running short of money, then, in my opinion, this is one of the best tabletop vaporizers for you.

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10. Da Buddha Vaporizer

Simplicity at its best and I appreciate it, Da Buddha is a very simple looking vape, it follows a basic whip style vaporizer design. It is manufactured by 7th floor, built similar to Silver Surfer but an inexpensive version of it. This doesn’t mean it is made up of cheap materials, it’s just that a lot of flashiness as you can see in other vaporizers has been avoided to keep it simple.

This is a single function whip style vaporizer, comes in either black, silver or blue color. Aluminum body covers the ceramic heating element encased by a glass and the herb chamber sticking sideways at an angle.

You can just find a knob to set the temperature, yes, there is no digital display to know the temperature, which is quite a turn-off for me. But for me, placing the knob pointing towards 12 o’clock fairly does the job. I suggest you read the instruction manual before getting started with the vape.

You can add about 0.3 grams of blend in the chamber, which is plenty and can easily be shared with your friends. The vape takes around 90 seconds to heat up and the heat from the whip can be controlled by the pace of inhalation.

I was able to produce some good, flavorful massive vapors by drawing slowly. This is a budget-buy desktop vaporizer and all I can is that it provides justice to all the money you have paid.

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Benefits of using Desktop vaporizers

Home vaporizers tend to be bigger in size with all its features designed to be easy-to-use. They are easier to clean and maintain and I feel, they are friendlier. Exceptional vapor quality and dense clouds are certainly for what they are designed for. You can use it personally, especially when you are willing to stay peaceful and willing to relieve all the stress, you can take a few puffs and enjoy the pleasant vapor. Maybe you would like to call your friends at home and would like to enjoy vaping, then no other thing can be better than using these desktop vaporizers. Not only this, medical marijuana patients can take a different route and can enjoy their treatment using desktop vaporizers. Doesn’t matter if you just want to sit back and relax and would like to sense the smell of the herb or psychoactive element, desktop vaporizers will never let you down. Moreover, these are very durable and versatile devices, you can also vape your oils and wax concentrate in a single machine without the need of buying a different vaporizer.

Analog vs. Digital vaporizers

As the portable vaporizers come with temperature controls, even desktop vaporizers have these controls. The controls can either be an analog one or a digital one. Analog control includes a dial that has some markings on it as in Volcano and some other vaporizer like Silver Surfer has dial without any markings. Digital control involves a digital display, wherein the temperature that is set will clearly be visible making it easier for the user as in Herbalizer.


Yes, I agree that these table-top vaporizers very expensive but trust me, the vaping experience you get with these vaporizers will not be equal to the experience with any other portable vaporizers. This will just require a one-time investment and you will be able to use it for years. Some desktop vaporizers use some high-end features, which are very beneficial for medical marijuana patients and much suitable for aromatherapy. These durable vaporizers are not going to wither that easily, and in my opinion, having a home vaporizer is always beneficial. I guess, by now, you will have an idea about the best desktop vaporizers in the market and I am sure, you are going to get one ASAP.

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