Best Dab Pens Of 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Arizer

Air II Vaporizer Best Dab PensCheck Price

2. Storz & Bickel

Mighty VaporizerCheck Price

3. Apollo Vaporizer

Airvape X VaporizerCheck Price


Marijuana is legalized in many regions, and hence one will come across various devices that help people to get stoned. Standard ways of ingestion are topical, oral, inhalation, and sublingual. This green flower has won many hearts of the people who want to experience high.

Among all of the methods mentioned above, inhalation has the quickest effect, and the best dab pens are designed to enhance the experience. We have studied many such dab pens available in the market. After coming across with users, manufacturers, and carrying out relevant studies, we have unveiled some lesser-known facts about this device.

Here we have assembled some important information about the best dab pens, which will guide you through the selection of the best wax pens for added experience.

Top 11 Best Dab Pens 2020

1. Air II Vaporizer

Air II Vaporizer Best Dab Pens

Air II Vaporizer by Arizer is the upgraded version of popular Arizer Air vaporizer. It offers faster heating due to a 50% higher battery capacity compared to its predecessor. For those looking for pure vapor with extra flavor, this vaporizer is an ideal option. It is among the best dab pens with its temperature control feature that works with meticulous precision.

Isolated airpath ensures that the vapor inside the path is pure and would never come in contact with the electronic housing. There are no chances of off-flavors in this wax pen as the entire path is made with the combination of stainless steel, ceramic, and glass.


  • Easy to clean accessories for fresh vapor every time
  • Two year warranty for peace of mind
  • LED display for easy to control customized vaping
  • Powerful battery


  • Regular cleaning to ensure proper performance

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 2. Mighty Vaporizer

Mighty Vaporizer

If you love the aromatic blends, then Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is the right choice. It features powerful dual lithium-ion batteries to offer lasting performance for hours. It can also be operated with a power adaptor if your device ran out of battery.

The user-friendly design allows both new and old users to indulge without getting stuck into the operational aspects. You will enjoy efficient vaporization with the combination of full convection and conduction. The required temperature is reached very quickly with precise temperature control that ensures that dry herbs are not burnt in the process. Just plug in and enjoy the flavor.


  • Enhances the aroma of the herbs
  • Full hot air convection and conduction
  • Vibration alarm
  • Temperature control to avoid burning of herbs
  • Works with both solid and liquid concentrates


  • Quick heating, so good to use precise temperature control feature

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3. Airvape X Vaporizer

Airvape X Vaporizer

Airvape X Vaporizer from Apollo Vaporizer is the upgraded version of Airvape XS. You will find it more powerful and convenient. The best part is you need only fewer reloads because longer sessions offered by the expanded ceramic chamber can hold about 25% more herb than its predecessor. The vaporizer has an aluminum chamber and is compatible with both dry herb and concentrate. The pocket-friendly design makes it the perfect choice.

Use it for complex flavors and enjoy the way you want so that you can get pure experience with the ceramic airflow box.


  • Lightweight design weighing only 3.2 ounces
  • Highly inert, so retains the pure flavors
  • Pocket-friendly design
  • Easy insert with magnetic chamber lid


  • A little high on a budget but worth it!

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4. Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

If you are looking for a lightweight vaporizer, then this vaporizer is an ideal pick with its light-alloy construction. It is good to hold with the unique ergonomic design. Enjoy the ease of control with the particular GHOST App that allows you to control the temperature for both concentrates and dry herbs. The product features a 2600mAh battery for powerful battery backup for every charge.

The device is offering full convection heating so that you can get smooth, refreshing, and aromatic vapor with pure flavors.


  • It comes with a retractable mouthpiece
  • Easy controls with a soft-touch button for activation
  • Charging cable with Micro USB
  • Lightweight


  • One needs to load the app for precise control

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5. Miqro Vaporizer

Miqro Vaporizer

Davinci Micro is a portable vaporizer that will not let you down when it comes to performance. The 31% smaller design compared to its predecessor makes it very small and easy to handle. It is designed with a ceramic zirconia vapor path to ensure that no flavors are lost in the process of heating the herb.

The device is just 3” tall and can be conveniently handled even when you are traveling. The replaceable battery offers a backup of about 1.5 to 2 hours when used continuously. Apart from vapor generation, the device also displays 71 positive affirmations while not working.


  • Five-year warranty for complete quality assurance
  • Anodized aluminum casing for lightweight design
  • Bowl size can be adjusted
  • 71 affirmation messages to keep you motivated when the device is not in use


  • Good to have an extra battery to enjoy continuous power backup

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6. Honeystick Bee Keeper

Honeystick Bee Keeper

Honeystick offers a wide vaporizer that is compatible with all 510 cartridges. This sturdy Honeystick Bee Keeper Vaporizer comes with five click locking and rapid heating functions. The pocket-friendly vaporizer houses the 20-watt battery for remote backup. You will be impressed with the ¾” mouthpiece in this vaporizer is designed for optimal flow. It is the size of lighter and fits well in your palm.


  • Portable design that fits in your palm
  • Designed with a magnetic attachment for smooth operation
  • Longer battery backup
  • Rapid heating technology


  • It comes in black color, so not for those looking for choice in color

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7. Arizer Solo

Arizer Solo

Solo Vaporizer from Arizer is designed with seven temperature presets for optimum results. The all-glass mouthpiece enhances the experience. The heating element housed in the device is made of ceramic for quick heating. You will find it quite easy to clean and operate since this is the two key factors that make this vaporizer accessible. You can charge and use this vaporizer to enjoy longer sessions without interruption.


  • Rapid heating with a ceramic heating element
  • Passthrough charging technology
  • Heats in 2 minutes 30 seconds


  • Make sure not to drop it, which can cause damage

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8. Vape Pod Starter Kit

Vape Pod Starter Kit

Smoke Fetch has upgraded this kit with pro features, which makes it the best option for those looking for a blend of looks and performance. This vaporizer is not designed for power; the experts believe that more ability would not always result in better performance. You will find the right blend of performance and style. The kit features modern packaging with beautiful ergonomic design and a complete starter kit to help you start vaping whenever you want.


  • Protection against overheating
  • Cut-off after 10 seconds
  • Warning for low battery
  • Puff monitoring system
  • Magnetic pod for connection
  • Protection against short-circuit


  • The battery needs to be purchased separately

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9. Suorin Reno Starter Kit

Suorin Reno Starter Kit

Suorin Reno is an ultra-portable device that is very easy to use and offers excellent performance every time. It has a good power output of 13-watt Maxx provided by a 900 mAh built-in battery. The device offers an LED battery life indicator to help you charge your pod when required. It houses a duckbill mouthpiece that is good for the best vaping experience. You do not need to worry while charging the battery as it comes with overcharge protection.

The refill capacity of 3 ml provided in this pod is suitable for its size and may offer enough puffs per refill—a safe choice for vaping as it comes with protection against both open-circuit and short-circuits. You will find auto cut-off options too. Apart from the best technological factors, this starter kit is also available in different colors to help you select the one as per your wish.


  • 3 ml refill capacity
  • LED Battery life indicator
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy construction
  • 6-second protection for vaping
  • Protection against open-circuit
  • Protection against short-circuit
  • Micro-USB port


  • Rechargeable battery that needs to be charged to enjoy uninterrupted vaping

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10. Air Vape Pod Starter Kit

Air Vape Pod Starter Kit

Vape Pod from Voopoo Vinci is a tiny device with a lot many features and excellent performance. The dab pen here is designed in style to offer outstanding aesthetics and sleek design. If you want to have a small and elegant vape pen loaded with modern features, then VooPoo is the solution. It has a mode adjustment feature that helps you switch between manual mode and auto mode as required. The 4 ml refillable pod will offer you a generous amount of liquid to be puffed without frequent refills.

This device adorned with utmost protection and different protective features like short-circuit protection, max power protection, open-circuit protection, max power protection, and over-temperature protection. All these protections together make this device very safe to use.


  • Single-button control for firing
  • Dual airflow system
  • Built-in 900mAh battery
  • Zinc Alloy Construction


  • Not many reviews to reflect the cons

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11. Ultra-Portable Vape Pod

Ultra-Portable Vape Pod

As the name suggests, this starter kit from Joyetech is very sleek and easy to use. The vape pod under the brand name Joyetech Teros AIO will fit anywhere in your pocket or the handbag without causing much trouble. The dimensions of this portable device are 3-1/2” by 1-1/2,”, which makes it convenient to handle.

The refill capacity of 2 ml is not very generous but good for a few days. You may charge it without any need to check again and again as there is a battery life indicator that also shows when the device is fully charged. It has 480mAh built-in battery with 7W output to offer sufficient battery life after every charge. Charging is also very convenient with a micro USB port provided for charging.


  • Increased battery efficiency with Eco-technology
  • Side fill method
  • LED indicator for battery life
  • Thermochromic design that changed color along with the temperature


  • 2 ml e-liquid capacity may call for frequent refills

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Factors To Look For When Buying Best Dab Pens

Many manufacturers will provide you with the best dab pens with utmost heating and battery backup. While many factors individually affect the performance of the dab pen, we have found that the best dab pens are the combination of all the following factors.

You can always weigh these factors according to your requirements and make the appropriate selection from the available choices. Some of the critical factors that we have found after talking to the users and researchers are mentioned here to guide you through the buying decision.

1. Battery Power

This aspect may not affect the performance directly, but it has a significant role to play in the overall experience. Imagine a situation where you want to use your dab pen, and it is out of battery. You may never want to experience such a situation, and hence battery power is the essential factor.

Even the best wax pens will be useless when dead. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with high power capacity are useful in such a scenario. Recharge the pen once and enjoy it as the charge lasts for almost a week for casual users.

Some best vape pens for wax have a replaceable battery. You can carry another piece of battery in this case so that you always have a backup with you. For those who are looking for lithium-ion batteries, check out for higher battery capacity to make sure that you get more charge per charge.

2. Auto Shut Down

Best Dab Pens are the ones that correct your mistakes and reduce your burden. There are vape pens offered with auto cut-off function to save battery if you forget to recharge. This pen is suitable for those who are forgetful and may keep the vape pen on all the time.

Such a pen would turn off on its own after 15 to 20 minutes. It is indeed a practical option to save the battery even when you forget to switch off the pen while you are busy. Also, when you put the pen in your purse, you can do it without any worry as the pen will go off on its own even if you unknowingly kept in on.

3. Airflow Regulation

Airflow regulation is an essential function that needs to be considered while selecting the best dab pens. Most of these best dab pens, 2020, are designed to offer quality airflow every time. These pens have a physical design that ensures quality airflow, but you will also find the pens that allow you to regulate the airflow manually.

Regulation of airflow manually would mean you can either have high airflow for more vapor generation so that it will be less harsh on the throat. Studies have unveiled that less airflow is a little harsh on the throat, but if you like it that way, then you can lower the flow as well. Adjustable airflow is always the right choice as you can make changes as per your mood.
4. Multiple Power Settings

Many users would like it if one can decide the dosage. It has been observed that many do not like various power settings offered in the dab pens. However, it is an essential factor to consider when you are using this pen regularly.

In the working world, vaping needs differ from person to person. Even the time and mood would decide the vaping needs of the person to a great extent. Some of the vape pens are offered with multiple power settings to control the dosage per inhale. You can select from low power, medium power, and high-power setting to ensure that you get what you want.

5. Convenient Charging

Many experts have hailed USB charging as one of the most suitable charging options. Some pens come with complicated charging options where you need to unscrew the pen for charging, while some others come with a replaceable battery. Both these options are good to have, but it is hard to get convenience from any of them.

You will come across devices available with magnetic USB charging cords and USB charging facilities to offer convenient charging. Look for a suitable USB charging device with high power rechargeable battery to enjoy the uninterrupted vaping experience in a single charge. It is always advantageous to charge the vape pen with a USB charger than to open it and replace the battery or charge it after unscrewing the battery unit.

6. Compatibility With 510 Cartridges

Compatibility with 510 cartridges is considered to be a critical factor in the selection of the vaporizer. Most of the cartridges come with 510 threads, and hence compatibility with this type of threads would make the vaporizer compatible with most of the cartridges.

Many companies are now coming up with the different cartridges, and even dry herbs that are used in vaporizers. So, if you have found the vaporizer with all other qualities, then it is possible to find the cartridge that is compatible with it.

7. Heating Method

Apart from the above-stated factors, it is good to look for the heating method conducted in a vape pen. The two standards methods of heating are conduction and convection heating.

1. Conduction Heating

The conduction method applies direct heat on the herb and e-liquid, whereas the convection method offers indirect heating to the herbs and e-liquid. If you are using dry herbs, then it is good to turn the flowers from time to time to ensure even the burning of the flowers while using the conduction method. This method works well with e-liquids.

2. Convection Heating

The convection method of heating is about preventing the direct combustion of herbs. This method of heating is a little complex, but the results are excellent. You may get even heating of flowers, and hence the result would be pure bliss.

8. Design

Without a doubt, you will come across many smart designs for a vaporizer that will lure your eyes. But the real choice lies in many factors other than the visual appearance. The device that has various vital displays would be more useful compared to the one with your favorite shape, color, and size.

You may look for factors like battery status, charging status, and power settings, but size also matters to some extent, especially the portable device that is easy to carry anywhere without a fuss.

9. Aesthetics Matter

There is no harm if anyone wants to flaunt a vape pen as a style statement. When all factors are met, the next important thing is to have a style. You would need an aesthetically appealing dab pen that suits your color and styling needs.

Many brands are coming up with sleek designs that are good to hold and flaunt. Make sure you check out for your favorite color, shape, and size after you have shortlisted the dab pens based on all other factors.

10. Warranty

Warranty matters the most if you are going to use the dab pen quite often. Most of the dab pens will work continuously to offer you the best experience, but there are times when these pens encounter some manufacturing defect or any other operational defect.

The brand that is confident about its product would offer a repair or provide you with a replacement warranty. A good warranty would give you more confidence in the product, and it would be worth spending a little extra on such products. Always check the warranty well in advance to ensure that you are buying the correct product.

Apart from the above factors, the key decision-maker is always a price. The price should fit in your budget. The price of the product here is considered here in two components: buying cost and operational cost. The dab pens that are very low in price may sometimes cost you a fortune. The reason here is the operational cost. The cartridges used in the dab pen may decide the operational cost.

Even battery life is an essential consideration as every time you have to get the battery replaced, this thing will cost you paying a high price frequently. Some dab pens last for a very long duration while some need quick replacements. Hence, all these factors together decide the price of the dab pen. Check for all of the factors mentioned above along with total expenses related to this pen and then determine the one you would like to buy.

Cleaning Tips For Dab Pens

Vape pens are easy to maintain. You can clean these pens easily if you are aware of maintenance tips. Regular cleaning and maintenance would increase the life of your vape pen. While cleaning of dab pens is quite simple, it is good to follow some simple tips to ascertain good cleaning of the pen without any damage.

1. Disassemble The Pen

Vape pens are used to smoke herbs, flowers, wax, and oil. The cleaning approach depends on the material used for vaporizing. The first step, however, is disassembling the pen. Mostly all of these pens are made of three chambers: battery, heating chamber, and mouthpiece. Regardless of the material you are vaporizing, the first step is to disassemble the pen. The cleaning steps will then be decided based on the material used for vaporizing.

2. Dry Herb

The cleaning starts with the removal of ashes by tapping the heating chamber. You will be provided with a brush in the packaging of the dab pen. Use this brush to clean residues. When the residues stay in the heating chamber for a more extended period, it will affect the overall efficiency of the dab pen.

It is better to clean the dab pen for such residues after every use to ensure the proper functioning and enhanced life of the coil. Use cotton cloth to wipe it dry. Do not use water for cleaning, as it will affect the electrical parts used in pen. You can clean the mouthpiece in running water.

3. Concentrate

You need to be over-cautious when you are using wax concentrates, as the wick and coil would damage the atomizer. Use light alcohol to scrub the surface with a soft cloth as this will remove the residue without damaging the coil. Just like other electronic devices, avoid water for cleaning. The manual that you receive with the dab pen is the best thing to follow for cleaning as the use of chemical solely depends on the material of its construction and the way it would react to such chemical applications.

4. Oil Or Wax

Using water is strictly prohibited in this type of dab pen. Even when you are using some alcohol solution for cleaning, it is essential to dry the heating chamber entirely before assembling the pen back. Take caution to avoid any damage to the pen. It is also recommended that you be cautious enough while cleaning the heating coil as this is one delicate part of the vape pen and may get damaged with little pressure.

The cleaning of heating chambers may differ according to the material vaporized in pen. The cleaning of the mouthpiece, however, is more or less the same, which can be cleaned with a damp cloth, or it can also be washed in running water. Using alcohol can also be a good idea in some cases, but it should only be done if recommended in the manual.


1. Does The Vapor From The Dab Pen Smell?

It is a good question if you are planning to use your dab pen in a public place. The wax vapors from dab pens do smell. You can find some aromatic blend to avoid grabbing the attention of people around you for the wrong reasons.

2. What Is The Best Way To Store The Dab Pen?

Storage of dab pen would decide its performance when in use. There are few simple tips for storage of the dab pen that can be followed daily to increase the life of the pen and to get the enhanced experience from the cartridge. The standard storage tips are:

1. Store it after proper cleaning. This process will help in avoiding any reaction between the residues and the chamber material. Clean with a dry cloth if storing for a more extended period.
2. The cartridge should remain upright to avoid leakage during storage. The mouthpiece should be kept in a position where it faces down.
3. Switch off the pen before storing else it will drain the battery completely. The pens with the auto-cutoff feature will automatically turn off after15 to 20 minutes. However, it is still imperative to switch off the pen when storing for a more extended period.

3. How To Avoid Leaking Of A Cartridge?

The leakage of the cartridge is mainly due to wrong storage or physical damage caused to the vape tank. Any damage caused to the O-ring of the tank may result in the leakage as it is nothing but the breakage of the seal.

Similarly, a burnt atomizer head can also result in leakage. Check for such physical damages and correct the same. Apart from this, over puffing would also result in leakage. Store the cartridge in an upright position to avoid possible leakage.

4. How Many Puffs Can I Expect To Have From 500 Mg Cartridge?

The number of puffs from 500 mg cartridge would solely depend on the amount you pull and how long you do it. It is usually observed that any 500 mg cartridge would offer about 150 seconds of inhalation. It means that if your single puff lasts for 1 second, then there would be 150 puffs in 500 mg cartridge. If you pull for a longer time in a single puff, then several puffs will be reduced. Similarly, if you pull for the duration lower than 1 second, then the number of puffs would be more than 150 from 500 mg cartridge.

5. How Are The Vape Pens And Cartridges Disposed Of?

There are particular bins available for the recycling of electronics and batteries. The vape pens, batteries, and cartridges cannot be disposed of in these bins for recycling. You may look for the correct way to dispose of this trash so that it is adequately recycled in the process.

There are individual hazardous waste disposal facilities located at various places to accept such wastes for recycling. Take the pen along with the battery to any such facility for safe disposal.

6. How Do You Handle Wax While Placing It On The Coil?

Wax tends to stick to your fingers. The best way to avoid sticking of wax is to apply some water to your fingertips before handling it. You can also put the wax into the freezer for some time to prevent sticking. It will help in efficiently placing the wax on the coil.

7. How Many Vapes Are Equal To Puffing One Cigarette?

It depends on how you puff your e-liquid. It has been observed that one drop of e-liquid results in seven puffs. A single cigarette lasts for about 14 puffs, and hence you will be using two drops of e-liquid in a process. Each ml of e-liquid contains about 20 drops of liquid, and therefore it is equal to puffing ten cigarettes.

For general vape pens, the e-liquid capacity starts from 1 ml, and hence you do not need frequent refills if you are a moderate smoker who consumes only about a couple of cigarettes per day. However, a more substantial capacity is suitable for chain smokers.

Enhance Your Vaping Experience With Best Dab Pens

Dab pens are getting more and more popular around the world, and this guide will come in handy to get the best one. As many may know, the vapors generated by vape pens offer pure flavor with an enhanced experience. There are many brands rolled by different manufacturers around the world to provide the best vaping experience to the user.

The idea of finding the good vape pen for wax may turn out to be quite overwhelming with so many choices available in the market. Make sure you can look for the best option with the help of the factors mentioned here. It is essential to weigh the above factors according to your need, as every person’s vaping need differs from one another.

Also, make sure that you adhere to the cleaning and storage tips properly to get the same experience throughout. One must opt for only quality cartridges to enjoy vaping.

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