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1. Air Vape X

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2. Kandyan K-Vape

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3. Kandy Vape K-Vape

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Cereal vapes are a new phenomenon in the current vaping market and not many people have an idea about the cereal vapes. It is comparatively newer things which are being popular and is being liked by everybody especially the teenagers. If you are somebody who likes vapes will definitely love cereal vapes too. If you are looking for best cereal vapes, I will guide you about how cereal vapes work, which flavors work the best and my personal favorite cereal vapes that work the best.

Cereal vapes are ejuice or vapes that are cereal flavored and it a sweet delicious treat for you to vape more often. Vaping is more of a trend these days, and vape lovers cannot hold it still. Most of them love these flavored cereal vapes fanatically. This cereal vape culture is slowly becoming common. New vaping tricks and methods are being emerged every day, but this cereal flavored vapes are considered one of the best. Here is our guide to find the best cereal vape.

How It Works

As this trend is new and not many people know about this, therefore there are not many people who know how it works or this cereal vapes works. First, you have to learn the basics to enjoy the underlying sweetness and the exciting flavors. There are 3 basic components, a battery, a tank, and an atomizer. The battery is used to power the atomizer which will help the e-juice heat enough to vaporize and the tank is where the e-juice is stored.

E-juice or vape juice is a cereal-flavored juice with a sweet taste for you to enjoy it the fullest. You put the liquid into the tank that gets heated with the help of atomized and then you inhale it. These cereal liquids come in many flavors to suit you and to match your taste. These e-juices also contain nicotine and it is available in different nicotine levels for people to switch smoking and reduce the nicotine intake.

The Best Flavors

With all the new things being introduced in the market it’s time for you to try some new flavors. Rather than what you have already tried now, you can focus on some new flavors. These cereal vapes have taken the world by storm and its flavors are getting better with every passing is even better when you try something you haven’t tried before. What makes it even better is the fact that it is used for making your vaping experience better. We will help you find the best cereal ejuice.

Cereal ejuices are getting popular day by day and it is one of the most used and liked categories of ejuices. These ejuices are made of fruity sweetness and milk and might also compose of various grains. The most popular cereal flavor is the fruity cereal with a creamy milky base. Markets are flooded with various cereal flavoring for you to best suit your taste.


Most people like candies a lot no matter how old they get. Most of us adults have sweet tooth and we do like the flavors of caramel cotton candy and many more. These flavors allow us to relive our childhood. These everlasting flavors trigger the memories we made in our childhood and these are reunited with these nostalgic flavors when it all used to be fun, minus the school and homework.

There any candy flavored cereal vapes out of which a few are mentioned below,

The Gummy Bear Flavor

It is inspired by the famous gummy bear, it has all the tastefulness and yums from the gummy bear candy. It is one of the best flavors and it is truly incredible it has this deep yummy flavor you cannot get over with. It is highly recommended and it has the taste you can never get over with. It is the most flavourful and delicious experience I have ever experienced. It is by far my favorite flavor.

Cotton Candy

If you are looking for something really very sweet cotton candy flavored will be your go-to flavor. It is exquisitely sweet and delicious. The cotton candy hits you in as the aftertaste and it is a wonderfully made flavor. You will love it if you like sweet fruity flavors.


E-juices not only focus on candy and tobacco but also food. Wouldn’t you like inhaling the main course and would you not enjoy it? It does sound appealing and it is possible to have those flavors in your vape and enjoy them as much you want. There are many flavors out there which are based on food and I am sure you would enjoy inhaling them. You can easily find an ejuice based on the flavor you want to enjoy.

Banana Nut Bread

It has this rich taste that reminds you of how your mom used to make bread for you and to satisfy you. It is simply one of the best flavors. It is like you will fall in love the first time you use it. It has many amazing reviews and it will take your vaping experience just like it made my vaping experience so much better. It is a really amazing flavor.


Some of the smokers or some of those who are switching from smoke to vape prefer something similar to the taste of tobacco. They want something that could satisfy their need for cigarettes. According to me, tobacco vapes are a lot better than the vapes in other flavors, it is light and satisfies the need. And these tobacco flavored vapes help people to reduce their nicotine intake and help them stay away from cigarettes.

Some tobacco flavored vapes get that flavor from the extract from tobacco leaves. You vape the tobacco you enjoy it even more.

Peach Pit Tobacco

This flavor is nice and soft. Subtle enough to suit your taste and it definitely satisfies your need for a cigarette. It might become your favorite flavor as soon as you try it. My friend recommended me that and not now I am a big fan of it. It is my favorite flavor so far, it definitely is an amazing flavor.


A meal is not completed without a drink. And you should not be surprised t see the drink flavored vape and I am sure you will enjoy it too. You can enjoy the flavors in coffee and strawberry milk. Other juices also include tea juice soda or many others. There are different drinks for every event, these flavored vapes will help you cut the nicotine intake and satisfy your nicotine cravings.

Frozen Lime

It is another great cocktail flavor and it is incredibly good and you will enjoy it a lot, it is few of those flavors I personally recommend. It’s light and breezy. Its tartness is paired with a coolness which makes it unique.


Fruits are the base of many flavors. Strawberry and watermelon are two of the most popular and frequently used flavors which are liked by many people. Sone of them taste exactly like fresh fruits and they just don’t have the sweetness but also have its other characteristics.

You may see the flavors of other exotic flavors such as kiwi, berries. Other fruits include apple, pineapple, grapes. There as many combinations that are available in the market to suit your taste and your likeness.

Watermelon Wave

It is a very refreshing flavor and has a very light aftertaste. If you are somebody who likes fruity flavors, like me, you will definitely love this watermelon flavored vape a lot and you will not get bored of it.

Here is the list of top ten best tried and tested cereal vapes which I personally recommend, you would never be disappointed with our list of these 10 best cereal vapes.

Top 10 Best Cereal Vapes 2020

1. Air Vape X Vaporizer ($179.00)

Air Vape X VaporizerAir vape is a thin vape. It has this elegant design and it could be your go-to vape. It is pocket-friendly and affordable. It can control the vaping the temperature. It has this sleep style and it is one of the most powerful vapes yet. It is highly recommended. It has this long, spacious chamber inside of it and you can not be fooled by it is the small size it can store a lot of ejuice. It is built for longer sessions and lesser reloads you can experience the wonderful flavors and the aroma that stays faithful. It is made of ceramic.

It is easy to clean it and maintain its best performance. It has this hybrid heating system which makes sure the flavor hits you right and is as strong and smooth as you want it to be. It makes sure that your vaping experience is a high quality every time and you enjoy it even more and more. It is a very pocket-friendly design that you can bring anywhere and everywhere you want. It is made in accordance with your palm size for your grip to be easy and smooth. It has this aluminum build which makes it last longer and makes it even more durable.

It has this precise quality of temperature control which I not available in many other portable vaporizers and in this you can choose a specific temperature you want. It has this strong and powerful battery and it can be recharged quickly via USB. Now you can enjoy this experience of the lifetime in the palm of your hand.


2. Kandyan K-Vape ($99.95)

Kandyan K-VapeThis k-vape it the first portable vape from kandypens. It is highly portable and affordable. It is the first choice for those who are just starting for its portability and affordability and all the other nice features. It has preset heat settings and a sleek design. It also has a lifetime warranty, what else can you ask for? It is highly recommended for someone who is looking for a high-quality vape and which doesn’t break the bank. This vape makes vaping fun for the beginners.

it has 3 temperature settings to make sure the ejuice is warmed perfectly. You would be inhaling pure vapor as there is no conduction involved so there would be any smoke. It has the quality which is highly recommended and you can trust it without having second thoughts. It is durable and can be your go-to vapor for its portability. It has this lifetime warranty and strong batteries. It is one of the most trusted vapes in the market.


3. Kandy Vape K-Vape Vaporizer- 24k Edition ($119.95)

Kandy Vape K-Vape Vaporizer- 24k EditionKandy K-vape is one of the most afforable and popular brand in the market . It is a trused brand and it is now available in a brand new, ultra-sleek finish – and in the limited edition 24K version. This Edition of K-Vape features the advanced technology and it also shows dependability as the original K-Vape, but with a very eye-catching gold trim which is available in both white and black. This vaporizer also comes with a matching grinder, so that you have all the tools you want.

This vape has the true convection technology. Meaning that your ejuice never come into contact with the heating element. Instead, they are essentially “baked” in the stainless steel heating chamber, allowing the active ingredients to be released. As a result, there is true vaporization with no combustion and absolutely no smoke, you just inhale the pure vapor. The K-Vape utilizes 3 different temperature settings which you can set according to the way you want it to be.

This vape is built to last. It speaks quality and it is made with the best material. It is constructed from high-quality materials, the vape’s durable design and elegant style make it perfect for vaping on-the-go. It is a very handy vape and it is very portable. It has really nice functionality, they give you a lifetime warranty, and what else do you want! Any issues related to the heating element, battery or electronics are fully covered and resolved by the manufacturer warranty, which makes the K-Vape one of the most trusted portable cereal vape in the market.


4. Airvape Xs GO ($99.00)

Airvape Xs GOAir vape go is very easily portable and has a simple, sleek design. Its sophisticated style makes it stand out. It is very pocket-friendly and super lightweight. One of its other really good features is that it has changeable batteries. For you to enjoy longer vape sessions. It has dual filters all constructed from high-grade plastic, to produce clean air.

It is travel-friendly and produces vapor with great power. Portability is its best feature. It has the feature of convention heating too. It does not cause combustion ensuring smooth and pure vapor. No combustion produces more flavourful vapor. It is a compact vape but portable at the same time will extract aroma and strong flavor.

It has pre-set heat setting for your ejuice to be warmed properly and your vapor to be strong and smooth. It has a red light display showing the lowest and highest temperatures. Once you choose the temperature it heats the ejuice in 20 seconds. You can choose between 5 temperatures. You can also Control temperature using a simple single button interface.

It comes with a changeable battery and enables continuous vaping. Once a battery dies, you can always change it with the charged one. It heats fast and lasts long. It Charges up via micro-USB, it preserves battery power by turning the heating system off after three minutes


5. Volcano Vaporizer ($479.00)

Volcano Vaporizerthis volcano vaporizer is a German made, equipped with advanced technology, it is considered one of the best desktop vape. Equipped with all the advanced features such as convection heating and precise heat control, it has a really great vapor quality and reliability. Valcono vapor has this powerful boost convention heating system, it delivers you an extremely pure vapor. It will give you precise temperature control. You can always customize your clouds to get the rich vapor of that specific compound. This vape is available in two different models which are both equally compatible.

This volcano is built with superb quality and ultra-high manufacturing standards. It has almost zero defect rate. This delivers you a remarkable vaping experience, and it will deliver you the purest vapor. It is made of aluminum ensuring the durability and reliability of this vape, it will give you a remarkable vaping experience. It uses a convection heating system and heats it to the ideal temperature, producing you the best flavor and incredible aroma. It causes zero combustion. It is equipped with a very powerful convention heating system and it will give you a very pure vapor.

Volcano vaporizer comes with temperature control and it comes with temperature control. It will give you that smooth vapor you want. This volcano vaporizer allows you to choose temperature from a wide range to suit you the best. It is easy to control temperature on volcano vape. Once you have chosen the temperature it heats up in 180 seconds.


6. Firefly 2 Vaporizer ($329.95)

Firefly 2 VaporizerThe Firefly vaporizer has a sleek body and elegant design, it works on a convention technology. The wait is over! The Firefly 2 Vaporizer features technology to vaporize dry material. It comes with a power efficient battery which is capable of fast charging and adjustable temperature settings, the Firefly 2 is a must for everyone who loves vaping.

The Firefly uses the most advanced vaporization technology available. The convection heating technology utilizes sophisticated software which allows you to choose between varieties of heating choices. The Firefly 2 activates uses touch sensor technology and heats to 400 °F after only 3 seconds! It takes short time for light vapor or takes longer draws if you prefer a strong vapor. You can completely control firefly 2 vaporizer.

Firefly 2 comes pre-set heat setting of medium-high. This vapor will allow you to select from six pre-set temperatures. It is counted in one of the pest cereal vapes.


7. King’s Crest Cereal Killa Duchess E-liquid ($24.95)

King's Crest Cereal Killa Duchess E-liquidThis cereal flavor change your favorite, and this flavor would definitely change the game, 2 Industry titans have come together to make a cereal flavor that is sure is a really great flavor. 9 South Vapes and King’s Crest present this cereal, a flavor that’s been one of the best flavors.

This amazing e juice just not for your weekend mornings anymore. It is a combination of fruity cereal infused with a sweet and creamy cake. It will leave you mesmerized and incredibly good. And it will keep coming back for more time and time again. This is what the hype is all about and it is one of the best and amazing flavor. You will definitely enjoy this best cereal ejuice.


8. The One By Beard Vape Co. E-liquid Bundle ($43.00)

The One By Beard Vape Co. E-liquid BundleThe flavors in this vape juice bundle designed to save your money and satisfy your dessert cravings and for you to enjoy the best flavors. With this vape juice bundle, you’ll receive a pack of two, get to taste the flavors that have been famous in the whole industry and which the market is buzzing about. It has a bottle of The One, a mouth-watering delicious combination of warm glazed doughnuts, and the other will have the flavor of fresh strawberries and ice cold milk.

It also includes a bottle of The One Lemon Crumble Cake, it is a very tasty moist cake with tangy lemon cream filling, sweet and delicious crumbles and it is finished with a fine dusting of powdered icing sugar. These are the 2 flavors you simply will not want to put down. They both are designed for you to suit your tastes and for you to enjoy as much as possible and have the best vaping experience.


9. Fruity Cereal Vape Juice ($15.99)

Fruity Cereal Vape JuiceThis flavor is a throwback to your childhood and it takes you back to the time and brings back all the nostalgic memories. This flavor is designed for your likeliness. It has that sweet fruity taste and it is a cross between cookie and candy with a pinch of creaminess.

It will definitely become your favorite and will definitely suit your taste and satisfy your craving for dessert. It is one of the best cereal vapes. And one of the best cereal ejuice.



Consider the Options and Choose the Best Cereal Vape

Here we have reviewed for you a few of those products which you might be searching for and would be needing a review about. Our in-depth reviews on all the above vape models will help you choose the best cereal vape.

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