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1. KandyPens Rubi

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2. Honeystick Minimax Pro

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3. Yocan Hive 2.0

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We can see many smokers adapting vaping as an approach to quit smoking and the success rate has also been increased. Unlike earlier days, the vaping industry is booming with a variety of vaporizers today. For example, the pod vapes are gaining popularity these days and the manufacturers have released some of the best pod vapes in the market. Some novice users tend to opt vape pens due to its inexpensive and user-friendly nature or some might opt advanced vapes without appropriate knowledge of using them. I don’t think this is an optimal way to begin your vaping journey because some random vaporizer might sometime end up leaving you with a bad experience.

Vaping industry is huge and finding the perfect vaporizer that suits your needs requires a lot of time researching on the internet. Still, you won’t be able to decide which is the best for you. Assuming you are a newbie to this industry, and what if I tell you that I have found the best vaporizer for you? This vaporizer might become a stepping stone to your vaping journey too. Yes, I guess, pod vapes are the ones that suit your preferences. In this article, I will take you through some of the best pod vapes in the market and at the end of this article, you will have a clear idea about pod system vapes.

Top 10 Best Pod Vapes

1. KandyPens Rubi

KandyPens-RubiPod vapes are my favorite and KandyPens Rubi tops my list of best pod vapes. It is surprising to see such a tiny vape with all the features performing better than some other bigger vapes. I love the design, it is smoother, more rounded design, fits right in the palm. The vape includes refillable pod system, which distinguishes Rubi from other pod system vapes.

Considering the 280mah battery and 8W maximum wattage output, this vape is certainly not designed for longer vaping sessions but suited best for stealth vaping. The vaporizer includes a ceramic coil (the heating element) and a stainless steel coil (1.6-ohm) which is wicked in Japanese cotton to bring out better flavor. Being an open pod system, Rubi is compatible with e-juice as well as oils. Moreover, the cloud production varies with the e-juice or oils you use.

This vaporizer does not cease to surprise, I enjoyed the vapor and the subtle flavor produced by this pod vape. Considering its short battery life, I was able to get around 30 to 50 draws easily. However, it recharges in no time and also consists of LED lights as indicators. The vape is leak proof and also, I haven’t experienced any dry hits or spit-back through the mouthpiece either. I take this pod vape along with me while traveling because it is super portable, light, compact, and an open pod system. Hence, Rubi should definitely be considered among the best refillable pod vapes in the market today.

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2. Honeystick Minimax Pro

Honeystick-Minimax-ProMinimax pro is an affordable and reliable, small fob vaporizer with an exceptional design feature and built-in quality. Unlike other best pod vapes, minimax pro includes a user-friendly feature of ejecting the cartridge, activated using a single button press. Imagine a luxury car key fob and Minimax pro looks similar to that. Moreover, it also has a key ring making it easy to carry along by including it with other keys. It is hard to distinguish between this vape and other premium vaporizers.

Similar to other best pod systems, this vape is also an open pod system and doesn’t come with any pre-installed pod. The vaporizer is 510 threaded and includes 650mah battery with variable voltage for three different temperature settings indicated using different colored LED lights (3.6V Blue, 3.8V white, 4.0V Red). According to me, this feature will help all the newbie users to have a good vaping experience and also the veterans to enjoy their right hit. Performance wise, you will certainly be able to get some fair clouds and flavorful vapor with appropriate settings, it also depends on the oils you choose. Overall, this pod vape is fair and you will enjoy vaping with it.

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3. Yocan Hive 2.0

Yocan-Hive-2.0The vaporizer is a 2-in-one device, compatible with oils as well as wax concentrates. A compact, discreet, and super portable device with zero learning curve. It is so plain and easy to operate that a novice user can start using it without any instructions. The vape includes two atomizers since it is compatible with both wax and oils. These atomizers can easily be modified due to the magnetic connections that build up the vaporizer.

This well-engineered pod vaporizer even has a small window to monitor the e-liquid, hence preventing the device from any leakage. I am surprised to see such a tiny device with multiple features. Tiny because the device is barely visible when held within the fist and comes with just 0.8 ml tank capacity. A quickly rechargeable 650mah battery runs the device and contains LED lights to indicate different voltage levels.

I also like this feature where I can switch between different voltage levels, and with this vape, it can be done just by clicking the control button three times for each level. Unlike other best pod system vapes, the vapor produced by this vape is average, perfect for the newbie vapers. Also, the vaporizer suits best for stealth vaping.

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4. KandyPens Feather Vaporizer

KandyPens-Feather-VaporizerKandyPens Feather is the first e-cigarette or pod vape designed for nicotine salts or e-liquids by KandyPens. The feather follows a design pattern which is disparate from some of the best pod vapes as well. It is more like a rounded parallelogram with a size less than four inches, super slim with rubberized coating and fits perfectly in the palm. Moreover, the vaporizer is built using premium materials but follows a minimalist design.

There are no buttons on the vape but five LED light indicators to indicate the battery level. It features a 380mah lithium ion non removable battery with a lifetime warranty. The feather looks small but features a 2ml e-liquid tank capacity. Moreover, this is an open pod system, you will have complete freedom to select an e-liquid of your choice. However, as far as the design and purpose of this vape are concerned, it is always best to use highly concentrated e-liquids.

This small pod vape is designed for the users who are looking to switch to vaping and quit smoking, hence it is a mouth-to-lung vaping device. With 0.8-ohm resistance coil and 15W output power, the vape surprisingly produces intensely flavorful smooth vapors with rapid hits. However, this vape might lack in some features compared to other pod systems but it can be considered as one of the best pod vapes for all the novice users.

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5. Smoking Vapor Mi-mod

Smoking-Vapor-Mi-modMi-mod is a small, portable, all-in-one device manufactured by Smoking vapor company, well known to produce small, portable, and user-friendly vaporizers. You might have seen some pictures of mi-mod, if not, it is square shaped, looks more like a tiny box and easily concealable by your hands. The design of the vaporizer is too appealing and it also comes with a lanyard which could be used to hang it around the neck. The vaporizer comes in different colors and different design patterns on it, some with leather finishing and some with metal finishing.

Looking at the size of the device, I was surprised by its 950mah battery and 2ml tank capacity. It’s light, barely can feel its weight on the hand and the chances of dropping the mod are high. Hence, you need to be careful as the device is not sturdy enough to take in too many drops. There is a tiny on/off button on the top which is quite tricky to press but since the mod is draw-activated, the button is barely used. The pod is easy to refill and replace but the mouthpiece might feel weird for the first time as it is in a different shape, anyhow, it will take some time to get used to it.

The device also contains LED lights to indicate battery status as well as the variable voltage levels ( Blue (3.7V and above), purple (3.4V-3.7V), red (3.4V and below)). 1.2-ohm coil and two spare pods are included in the kit, you will also find a hole in the mouthpiece for airflow. You will be able to get good flavorful vapor and huge clouds only when the coil is properly wicked. I enjoy tight mouth-to-lung draw and with this vaporizer, it was a bit lose for me. However, considering the size of the vaporizer, this device won’t let you down when you feel like taking a draw on the go. Also, in the list of the best refillable pod vapes, mi-mod secures a place and definitely can be enjoyed by the newbies.

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6. Innokin EQ AIO Vape Pod Starter Kit

Innokin-EQ-AIO-Vape-Pod-Starter-KitWith an innovative mesh style coils, Innokin EQ has paved its way in the pod vape industry. We have seen vapes from Innokin that follow a minimalist design pattern and known for the quality, and EQ has also imbibed the same structure. This pod has been released in five different colors (gray, blue, black, purple, red) and consists of a rubberized material framework. The rubberized coating feels so good on the hands and provides perfect grip and to my knowledge, it won’t chip even when you try scratching its surface.

While most of the mini pod vapes are trending, EQ is a bit bigger in size, similar to Aspire Breeze and even comes with a cap on the top. Just like Aspire Breeze, EQ is not a draw activated device and has a fire button, which more likely acts as an on/off control button. The device is powered by 800mah battery capacity with 15.5 output power, it also consists of LED lights that serve the dual purpose. LED light acts as an indicator for the battery life and also for the varying wattage modes. EQ possess all magnetic connections, making it simple to use and involves a cartridge that holds 2ml of e-liquid which is refillable.

The two wattage modes, normal (13.5W) and boost mode (15.5W) are of great help if you are willing to get appropriate nicotine hit. The unique mesh coil called the plexus EQ is the reason for this vaporizer to standout from other best pod system vapes in the market. With 0.5-ohm resistance and thin kanthal sheet construction plexus coil functions extremely well in bringing out the subtle flavor. It also has a rapid heat diffusion property and promotes a faster wicking process that increases the vapor production. Vapor production is normal but in terms of producing flavorful vapor, I must say, EQ is one of the best pod vaporizers.

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7. Suorin Air

Suorin-AirImagine a vape that is nearly the size of a credit card and fits easily in your wallet, Suorin Air is exactly like that. It is a slim, sleek, compact, tiny portable vape. The design of the vape is quite impressive, it’s hard to identify this device as a vaporizer by someone who is new to vaping. You will find an on/off button in one bottom corner, a USB charging port and an air slot at the bottom.

Suorin Air includes 480mah battery with 16W maximum wattage output, the battery life is indicated using LED light present beside the on/off switch. Red light indicates the battery status to be below 50% and a blue light indicates the battery status to be above 50%. The device contains open-pod system, it doesn’t come with any prefilled cartridges. Unlike other pod vapes, the device doesn’t come with an extended or swiveling mouthpiece, you can take a draw from one rounded corner at the top.

To avoid leakage, it is better to use a higher amount of VG juice than PG mixed in a ratio (like 70/30 VG/PG). Using 50/50 might end up causing leakage. The cartridge is rectangular in shape and sits above the battery with a magnetic click. Fill in the e-juice and if you are doing it for the first time, then allow the cotton around the coil to saturate for about 8 minutes before using. A 1.2-ohm coil is used by the vape, which produces very satisfying vapor. I experienced an efficient nicotine hit and with a tight MTL draw, I was able to produce exceptional flavorful vapor. Thus, this vaporizer certainly marks a place in the list of the best pod system vapes of this year.

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8. KandyPens Flacko Jodye Vaporizer ( Maple Collection)

KandyPens-Flacko-Jodye-Vaporizer-Maple-CollectionThe outcome of the collaboration between KandyPens and rapper A$AP Rocky is the Flacko Jodye vaporizer. Compatible with wax, oils, and e-liquids this is a premium vaporizer by KandyPens. It has a fancy gold and wood veneer finish design which also comes with a custom brown leather carry case. The design looks and feels rich, adding to this, the vaporizer includes two atomizers. A ceramic coil and a quartz coil for vaping e-liquids or wax concentrate.

The vape includes 510 threaded battery and a refillable pod with fire button, which means it is not draw-activated. The battery comes with a lifetime warranty and has variable voltages or temperature settings indicated using LED lights. Variable temperature setting is the best feature to optimize your vaping experience. There are four different temperature settings indicated using four different colors ( pink (300℉) red (350℉), green (390℉), blue (430℉)).

The tapered mouthpiece is quite a new design by KandyPens but I like it and feels good while drawing. Two atomizer coils, hence you will be able to get different vaping experience. Vaping using a ceramic coil with low-temperature settings will bring out the subtle flavor and fair clouds, best for discrete or stealth vaping. However, higher temperature settings will increase vapor production. Additionally, the dual quartz coil will produce massive clouds, suitable for veteran vapers. With appropriate temperature settings, this pod vape can be used by both newbies as well as veterans and this premium vape definitely ranks a place in the list of the best pod vapes.

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9. Synergy V-pen

Synergy-V-penSynergy V-pen is another pod vape pen compatible with both oils and wax concentrate. The design is simple yet sturdy, built using quality materials. This one’s a hidden performer, a super portable device that can be carried almost anywhere and you will never crave for taking a puff. The device features a 510 threaded tank and 950mah battery, which is efficient for vaping on the go. There is a small transparent window on the device to monitor the e-liquid.

Just like other best pod systems, LED lights indicate the battery status of the vaporizer. No control buttons on the vaporizer which means, it is activated when you take a draw. Heating chamber of the vape is pretty efficient and heats up rapidly. There are no manual temperature settings, the device automatically adjusts the temperature, leaving newbies to have an easy vaping experience. The automatic temperature optimization feature of the vaporizer will certainly produce some flavorful vapors and fair clouds. However, doyen vapors can look for some strong, best refillable pod vapes but newbies can have a good vaping experience with this pod vaporizer pen.

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10. Sutra Dash POD Vaporizer

Sutra-Dash-POD-VaporizerSutra is a known brand to produce, simple and discreet vaporizers and yet, Sutra Dash follows the same pattern. It follows a pen drive style structure with a metal body and no buttons on the device. The device is draw-activated and few rapid draws, in the beginning, will prime the coil. There are LED lights at the bottom to indicate the battery status of the device which is powered by 350mah capacity.

The device is light and small hence includes a tank capacity of 1ml. Anyhow, the vaporizer includes open pod system and you can use other filled pods when needed. As mentioned, this is a simple, user-friendly device that produces satisfying vapors. The vapor production depends on the oils/e-liquids you use, suits best with concentrated e-liquids. The vapor production might not be that great like the best pod systems designed lately for veterans but fair enough for new vapers.

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What Are Pod Vapes?

People who are looking forward to taking up vaping sometimes tend to settle with inexpensive vape pens and people who are completely new might feel difficult to operate a box mod. Pod vape bridges the gap between both the type of vaporizers as it includes super portability and inexpensiveness of vape pens on one side and on the other, the performance and longevity of a box mod. This is an ultra-portable device and doesn’t include any traditional tank or atomizer. A pod is present within the mod which holds the e-liquid. However, the pod system includes everything required for vaping – cartridge with a coil, wick, cotton, and the e-liquid.

Substantially, pod vapes offer mouth-to-lung vaping than DTL, as MTL is convenient for novice users. Vaping market is huge and manufacturers are introducing a variety of innovative, well-engineered, portable, and user-friendly vaporizers to the customers.

Open And Closed System Vape Pods

Open System Pod Vapes

Pod vapes with open pod system provide you the freedom of selecting e-liquids of your choice. Refill the pod with e-liquid by choosing between a number of flavors, sizes, nicotine strength the way you prefer. I feel refillable pod systems tend to produce a great number of vapors by offering smooth draws. Open system pod vapes are even available within $20 in the market. The only downside of this vaporizer is the extra effort required to fill the pods.

Closed System Pod Vapes

You might be familiar with a cartomizer for a cigalike device, closed pod system works similar to that. In contrast to the open pod system, it contains pre-filled cartridges. Replace the empty cartridge with a new one and you are all set to take a draw. Closed system pod vapes are also inexpensive, user-friendly device, best for novice vapers. However, you will not have the complete freedom of selecting e-liquids with appropriate flavors and nicotine strengths of your choice. Sometimes, you might experience weak draws and spitbacks with closed system pod vapes.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Pod Vape


Pod vapes are compact, sleek, and light. Weightlessness and small size are the major factors that contribute to its portability. You can easily conceal it in your hand or carry it in your pockets or handbags effortlessly. Moreover, the USB charging port is super feasible as the device can also be recharged using a power bank. Anyhow, even the largest vape mods are smaller than some of the box mods.

Pod vapes are designed with zero learning curve, it includes a basic design with a single operating button. Most of the pod system vapes these days are draw-activated, completely eliminating the use of any buttons. The elements of pod vapes are magnetically connected which adds to the convenience of the user.

Strong nicotine hit
Normally, an average sub-tank is to be used with e-liquids containing 3-6mg of nicotine to experience nicotine hit and sometimes, it is not even efficient for veteran vapers. In contrast, using nicotine salts will allow you to experience exceptional strong nicotine hits as per your likes.

The design and open/closed pod system types are so unique and efficient that pod vapes do not fall into the group of vaporizers that leak. Hence leakage through pod vapes is barely reported.

Yes, pod vapes are capable of producing massive vapors but the production of vapor can be controlled. Most of the pod vapes are efficient for stealth vaping.


Shorter battery life
Although the pod vapes contain a battery with a rapid rechargeable property, the vapes cannot be used for a longer vaping session like the box mods. You might be able to vape 2-3 hours and they are done.

Small capacity
If weightlessness and portability are the major criteria, then the pod vapes are required to sacrifice a few things. Hence, pod vapes are not capable of holding e-liquids more than 2ml.

Choosing the best pod vape made easy
Pod vapes are suited best for the users who are opting to vape as an approach to quit smoking because of its ability to produce strong nicotine hits. However, this doesn’t mean that the veteran vapors cannot use it, veteran vapors can add this pod vape to their collection and take it along with them wherever they go. Pod vapes can certainly settle those quick draw cravings and not only that, but these vapes also perform well to an extent similar to other bigger vaporizers.

Personally, I feel, pod vapes are the most creative devices. The idea of open and closed pod system compatible with oils/wax concentrates is simply great. Adding to this, including multiple features with fair and some even possess longer battery life is amazing.

Initially, I wasn’t sure about the performance and the throat hits through these vapes but some best pod vapes such as Rubi, Suorin, etc left me with the similar vaping experience that I get from bigger vaporizers. I prefer pod system vapes than any portable vaporizers. Anyhow, you might be a veteran or a novice user, just give these pod vapes a shot and I am sure, you would love to have one in your collection.

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