Best Vape Mods for Clouds 2020

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1. Vapir Prima

Vapir-Prima-VaporizerCheck Price

2. KandyPens Ice-cream

KandyPens-Ice-cream-Man-VaporizerCheck Price

3. Genius Pipe – Classic

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The best part about vaping is making big clouds. The Best Vape mod  for clouds are used by many as a hobby or people who do stunt vaping. These days, some vape devices are especially made for cloud chasing. Special e-liquids are also used for larger clouds. It is important to find out the best vape for clouds out there if you are looking to polish your cloud chasing skills.

So, which device in the market should you opt for? This guide will have a list of best vape for cloud chasing. Let’s find out below.

Stunt Vaping using Clouds

Best-vape-mod-for-cloudsCloud chasing is the act of blowing out large plumes of vapor through an electric cigarette, otherwise known as a vape. Also known as “stunt vaping” or “extreme vaping”, cloud chasing is one of the many natural vaping habits that originated as a result of the evolution of a vaper.


Cloud chasing is more commonly called sub-ohm vaping and a lot of vapes are specifically designed and built to feed this purpose. Vapers who develop the habit of cloud chasing usually require an e-liquid with a greater quantity of vegetable glycerin to augment the production of larger clouds of vapor. Although the exact source of the origination of cloud chasing is still unknown, rumor has it that the trend first emerged on the West Coast of the USA.

Cloud chasing has become another source of thrill and excitement for vapers all over the world. Most people have embraced this stunt as a recreational habit to enjoy with friends, while the people who take cloud chasing more seriously actually participate in cloud chasing competitions.

Cloud chasing competitions are held for professional vapers. Most of these competitions offer free vaping gear to the participants, while others that are held on a larger scale have sponsors and offer cash prizes to the winners. These competitions feature a show of skills and tricks to wow the judges and blow out the largest, most impressive clouds. The competitors perform certain tricks and exhale in creative ways to put on a show for “cloud gazers” and impress the judges by their skill and performance.

Cloud chasing is usually what attracts most vapers to enter the vaping arena. But experienced vapers who have spent quite some time in the vaping world have split between those who still believe that cloud chasing is the true representation of the vaping culture and frequently indulge in it or those who think that cloud chasing, especially in public areas gives vaping and consequently vapers, a bad name.

The best vape pens for clouds are being designed rapidly by vape manufacturers everywhere due to the high demand of sub-ohm vape mods and pens from the vapers. As a result, sub-ohm vaping has not only reached new heights of popularity, it has also started attracting more people into the world of vaping.

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Vape Mod for Clouds

Most of the vapes that give bigger clouds and a good vapor production are a result of specialized components designed and constructed specially to give large clouds and an excellent vapor output. To find out which factors contribute to your cloud chasing experience, read on.


The choice of battery in sub-ohm vaping is very important. A regulated box mod vaporizer provides vapers with variable voltage and variable wattage, allowing users the freedom to explore and choose their own settings. A simpler vaping device usually comes with a fixed voltage. Cloud chasing can be done through both types of devices, but vapers usually prefer vapes with variable wattage to change the settings of their vaporizer as per their style. The more regulation and power settings your vaping device offers, the more you can synchronize the battery with the tank and air resistance to achieve the desired results.

Airflow Settings

Airflow impacts the vapor output directly. More airflow ensures a larger cooling capacity which in turn gives vaper a larger vapor output. Air keeps the coil from overheating and heightening the temperature. The temperature must remain low to ensure that the vaper does not burn the wick due to extreme voltage flow or inadequate airflow.

Low temperature minimizes the risk of firing up and allows for an increment in the condensation of the vapor into a cloud. So when you increase the airflow, you give your device the chance to produce more vapors. As e-liquid turns into a vapor, the gap above the coil becomes thoroughly saturated with vapor; the only way to clear that gap is to let some of the vapor condense back into e-liquid. This can be done effectively with sufficient airflow. If the airflow is inadequate or completely blocked, there will be little to no vapor production once the space above the coil fills up. Rapid airflow across the coil allows the old vapor to be replaced by the newly produced vapor, hence augmenting fresh vapor production for the vaper.

Vape Tank

Small tanks may be wonderful for everyday use and the perfect choice for vaping in public since they provide an excellent option for concealment, but if you are a vaper looking for the best vape for cloud chasing, you will require a low resistance sub-ohm clearomizer. The size of the tank determines its capacity to hold the e-liquid. Since cloud chasers require a larger quantity of e-liquid that those who prefer not to concentrate on producing larger clouds, they will need to use a larger tank for blowing big clouds.

Power Settings

The equation is simple: more power results in bigger cloud production. For example, if you vape at 60W, you will receive clouds a lot bigger than you would at 30W, given that the tank and the e-liquid remain the same. But before you take your power up a notch or two, there are a few things you must know beforehand. When you crank up the power of the vaporizer that passing through the coil present inside the tank, you also increase the amount of heat being generated during the process. Hence, you will require more airflow to keep your vaping device from overheating. Some people prefer hotter vapors than others, but a lot of people do not want to risk much and want the increment in temperature to be counterbalanced with extra air.

Even though, the airflow lowers the temperature and keeps things safe, too much airflow can also affect the tightness of the draw. Lesser air will increase the resistance, but a larger airflow will give the vaper an airier vape. In the end, it all depends on how you like your draw. You can find out your vaping preferences and style by experimenting a little with your vape settings.

Listed below are ten best vapes for cloud chasing that you may easily find available in the market.

10 Best Vape Mod for Clouds 2020

1. Vapir Prima Vaporizer ($99.99)

Vapir-Prima-VaporizerThe Prima is a conduction vaporizer manufactured by one of the most trusted names in the vaping industry, Vapir. This is one of the best vapes for cloud chasing and is compatible with both herbs and wax. The Vapor Prima comes with a sleek aluminum design, removable stainless steel vapor channel, and a replaceable lithium-ion battery. The device is a portable vaporizer, is designed for durability, and has some weight to it.

The vaporizer has four optimized temperature settings ranging between 350 degrees Fahrenheit and 400 degrees Fahrenheit and makes sure that the user gets a near combustion-free experience. The performance and durability of the Prima have been outstanding and any other product has yet to meet the Prima’s standards of quality performance. It comes in a range of bold colors like black, blue, orange, and silver.

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2. KandyPens Ice-cream Man Vaporizer ($99.95)

KandyPens-Ice-cream-Man-VaporizerKandyPens is one of the most prestigious vaping brands in the industry. Five presses of the power button turn on the vaporizer and three more clicks allow you to navigate the temperature settings. The device offers three different temperatures that are 350 degrees Fahrenheit, 390 degrees Fahrenheit, and 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Different temperatures are optimum for use with different heating concentrates for intense flavor and big cloud production. The vapor quality of KandyPens Ice Cream Man vaporizer is known for its thicker and milkier cloud production which is a step ahead than what most regular vape pens offer.

The flavor and texture of the vapor are good but not better than most vape pens available in a lower price bracket than KandyPens vaping device. The best results stem from loading small amounts of material into the chamber so don’t try to fill up the tank to take advantage of the space available. The built is very much like most KandyPens vaping devices. The device is strong and smooth, and sleek enough to be a perfect fit for your hand. The quartz crystal chamber can hold an ample amount of product and the dual quartz rod atomizer keeps the device from over-heating or heating unevenly. The battery performs well and lasts for at least a couple of days in a single charge. The Ice Cream Man uses a temperature controlled battery and automatically shuts off to save battery life.

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3. Genius Pipe – Classic ($74.95)

Genius-Pipe-–-ClassicGenius Pipe is one the best vape mod for cloud chasing that comes in a completely original design and a waterless filtration system. The Genius Pipe comes with incredible quality and is very easy to use for vapers. Genius Pipe is a good fit for your purse or pocket and is the perfect choice for you if you are looking to vape on the go. The device is cooled and filters the smoke through it waterless filter and does not dilute the flavor and aroma of the concentrate.

It’s easy to use and clean, and one of the best quality herb pipes currently available in the market. People who are tired of loading and cleaning their water pipe but seek smooth draws from their vape should definitely go for the Genius Pipe. The top and bottom interior of this vape pen consists of two-thousand dimples that efficiently sift smoke and collect oil and tar to cool before every single hit received by the vaper. The device comes with a built-in mouthpiece and an exceptional airflow. Genius Pipe is popular for its flavor rich and smooth hits with little to no hassle on the user’s part. The device comes with three pieces; two plates and a thin face plate.

The pieces are connected by a total of twelve magnets that enable the user to easily draw the pieces apart and then putting them back together just as easily. The Genius pipe has a strong medical-grade anodized aluminum built that’s comparatively easier to clean as compared to other vaping devices and the complex cleaning methods that follow. It is the best option for cloud chasers who want clean, comfortable and intense flavor hits without having to go through the trouble of cleaning the vape over and over again.

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4. SMOK Alien ($49.95)

SMOK-AlienThe SMOK brand has built itself a remarkable reputation for its high standard and quality vaping devices. It offers some of the most promising and durable vape mods currently available in the market and SMOK Alien is undoubtedly one of the best vape mod for clouds. The 220W SMOK Alien mod is a powerful vaporizer that produces thick plumes of vapor and provides excellent conditions for ohms, volts, and wattage. What makes SMOK one of the most powerful vaporizers is its tremendous power output of 220W accompanied by effective temperature control settings. You can turn up the heat or increase the resistance by turning up the ohms. This mod vape is designed for handling strong electrical signals due to large power output as per the demand of the user.

The device comes with different types of tanks designed by SMOK to hold a large quantity of e-liquid and produce large clouds with an intense flavor hit. This is one of the best mods for cloud chasers combined with powerful coils required to vaporize e-liquids at maximum skill and efficiency.

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5. Innokin iSub Apex Tank ($29.99)

Innokin-iSub-Apex-TankWhen it comes to the cloud chasing frenzy most young vapers these days frequently indulge in, Innokin has rivaled and won the race with its best quality e-cigarettes designed specifically for cloud chasers. These vaporizers have been available in the market for years and each new release has one-upped the previous one, making the brand one of the leading manufacturers of the best vapes for cloud chasing. The Innokin iSub Apex Tank is one of the top quality products from their line of vaping devices.

It has a strong and sturdy built and is very easy to use. It is one of the top choices for beginners and even experienced vapers who enjoy the sport of cloud chasing. The iSub Apex has a fantastic design and includes a top filling mechanism with an easy way to change coils. One of the best features of this cloud chasing vape is the Apex Prism technology. This technology offers a standard model that is fueled by two 0.5 ohm coils and an excellent performance of twenty to thirty watts.

The device comes with adjustable airflow, a hundred percent stainless steel body and a Pyrex glass tank with about 3 ml capacity to hold the concentrate.

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6. Arizer Air II Vaporizer ($179.99)

Arizer-Air-II-VaporizerArizer Air II Vaporizer is available in two deep colors: carbon black and mystic blue, and offers excellence in vaping without any hassle. This vaporizer is the successor of the original Air, a powerful portable vaping device that comes with a fifty percent higher vaping capacity with excellent battery life, fast heat up time, and additional features that make it a great choice for vapers. Arizer Air II Vaporizer comes with an isolated air path and a kit of glass aroma tubes that bring intense and pure flavor in each hit and gives its user an engaging and enjoyable experience of true vaporization.

The device is perfectly portable, comes with variable temperature control settings so you can find a temperature you are comfortable with based on your preferable vapor output. The device comes with a two-year warranty which is more than what can be said about a lot of other vaporizers currently swarming the market. Its components are of highest quality, give easy heating, and provide an ease of use so you can give you a good vaping experience and produce massive clouds to enjoy the thrill of vaping, this feature makes it among the best vape tank for big clouds.

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7. Volcano Classic Vaporizer ($479)

Volcano-Classic-VaporizerThe Volcano Classic Vaporizer is a quality vaping device and another remarkable release from the German manufacturer Storz & Bickel. This device has gained massive popularity since its release almost a decade ago. This powerful and high performing vaping device comes with a three-year warranty with a classic dial for temperature regulation. It’s a quality product engineered by the German manufacturers. It comes with safety precautions like food safe aluminum heating block and a high-quality vapor bag delivery system to avoid any mishaps. The device offers temperature control settings from 266 degrees Fahrenheit to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

With its iconic style, excellent vapor output, massive cloud production, safety features, and pure, potent flavor hits, this device is easily one of the best vapes for clouds and is equally as expensive, too. The device is free of harmful irritants with an easy to use rotatory dial and allows for maximum customization in each vaping session. It features a mouthpiece on the vapor bag to allow for easy consumption. It Easy Valve balloon-bag system can store vapors for up to a maximum of 8 hours. The device offers quality, excellent vapor production, an easy to use design, and has been one of the most popular vaping devices for almost a decade.

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8. SMOK TFV8 Sub Ohm Tank ($34.95)

SMOK-TFV8-Sub-Ohm-TankSub ohm vaping has been the go-to way for vapers to enjoy massive cloud production, and no vape provides a quality sub-ohm vaping experience better than SMOK TFV8 Sub Ohm Tank. Sub ohm vaping requires equilibrium between the draw of the coil and the power offered by the battery. This vaping device by SMOK provides the perfect balance for cloud chasers. They produce a fantastic flavor hit and accompanying it are huge rings of vapor clouds. The build quality of these sub ohm tanks makes them truly exceptional. They offer durability and come with a pair of coils of 0.4 ohms and 0.15 ohms.

These coils consequently result in strong and powerful draws that can vaporize any e-liquid into huge clouds. The device comes with a top fill design that makes it easy to refill the e-liquid and offers a combination of intense flavors and thick plumes of vapor.

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9. Source Nail Vaporizer – Premium Kit ($149.95)

Source-Nail-Vaporizer-–-Premium-KitThis vaporizer is an e-nail that offers a powerful vaping experience. The device is compact, comes with excellent temperature control settings, harnesses massive power and delivers a quality vaping experience. The device features powerful atomizers with an easy to clean device structure and lab tested titanium, ceramic and quartz build. This vaping device offers a lifetime warranty and is an ideal choice for vapers who love to dab wax concentrate.

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10. Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer ($34.99)

Honey-Stick-Elf-Auto-Draw-VaporizerThis three-inch miniature vaporizer provides a magical auto-draw vaping experience. It is the perfect choice for people who vape on the go. It is easy to conceal and fits perfectly in your pocket.

This vaporizer offers intense and flavorful hits and an excellent vaping experience for cloud chasers. A discreet port is available so you can slide in your oil cartridge and easily attach it to the device. It is a palm-sized vaporizer that is light in weight and enables convenient on the go vaping.

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Cloud on With the Best Vapes for Clouds!

The above-listed vaporizers are few of the best available options for vapers who are cloud chasers and enjoy the thrill of producing massive rings of clouds during their vaping sessions.

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