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1. KandyPens Slim

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2. Evod Twist VV

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3. Auto Draw Variable

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Oil vape pens are a combination of three basic components namely oil, the atomizer, the cartridge, and the battery. The battery of a vape pen is one of its most important components because it stores and supplies the right amount of power to the atomizer of the vape pen. This means it performs more than a standard Li-on battery does. So in this article I am going to guide you about the best 510 thread battery.

The best 510 thread battery for cartridges also has the entire circuitry to control the supply power, LEDs and displays to indicate the power level and many different features that could help you achieve the optimal vaping experience like voltage controls. This guide is all about finding the best battery for your Vape out there. I have personally had very interesting experiences with batteries. So, let’s read and find out.

How Vape Pen Battery Works

Once the battery transfers power to the atomizer of the vape pen, a wire coil or ceramic elements heats up and vaporizes the oil present in the vape cartridge. So in other words, the best 510 thread battery of a vape pen is a power source that stores and manages the supply of power to the atomizer for an optimized vaping process. To have a flawless and smooth vaping experience with your vaping kit, all the parts of your vaporizer must be in sync and they all must work together. When it comes to oil vape pens, the atomizer is built into the cartridge of the pen.

But not every coil is suitable for every oil cartridge. Similarly, not every battery works wells with every cartridge. Sometimes, if you insert an incompatible battery, it may not even fit perfectly. For best 510 thread battery for oil vapes, the cartridge needs regular change, but you can make use of a battery without having to change it for several years. Like with most cartridges, an oil cartridge is recommended to be filled only once or twice until it’s time to discard it.

What do We Mean by 510 Threaded?

This term confused me initially a lot. 510 threaded is a term we use to describe the threading that connects the battery and the vape cartridge. There are ten screw heads, and the cartridge is typically five millimeters in length, hence 510. There are also other configurations out there like the 808 and many others. Batteries usually come with two 510 threaded ends, along with e-Go threads.

This allows the user to make use of a wider range of cartridges and enjoy their concentrate. Plenty of mods and atomizers also use 510 threading. But it’s not the case for all mods and atomizers so you must be careful and be on the lookout for 510 threading when you go shop.

Oil vape pens do not come in a single shape or size. They vary vastly from one another in physical measurements. The use of these vape pens results in a variety of different features and benefits that could be availed by the user.
A large collection of oil vape pens is available in the market which can make it difficult to choose which style and size of an oil vape pen you need. Determining the features and specs of the device that may sit perfectly with a specific 510 thread vape pen battery is another significant choice.

Different terms for 510 Thread Battery

There is no one fit formula through which you can find best 510 thread battery. The 510 thread battery refers to a thread design that does not really have any similarity or basis in any technical aspect of the thread itself. It is also referred to as an ego thread. The term is used to explain the style that has become part of the vaping industry over the years and is used for a variety of different products.


It is not necessary that anything with a 510 male thread will work perfectly with a 510 female thread. It is very important to determine whether you are using the correct components despite the fact that they fit or are a misfit. But you do not have to worry much about compatibility because as discussed earlier, the market is flooded with products.

This means most of the cartridges work well with different batteries which allow most of the cartridge brands do work perfectly with batteries from different brands. However, it is necessary that you have the knowledge of pairing components so that you can easily get a kit that works perfectly with different types of cartridges with 510 threads. 510 threads are preferred because they allow the vape pens to be open source so the vapers can customize them as per their preference.

For Pre-Filled Cartridges

In the end, we all prefer pre-filled oil cartridges that make the best 510 thread battery for cartridges. They do not create a mess, you do not have to fuss over them, they do not leave behind any stench, no fire, and definitely do not produce smoke. They are discreet and very effective.

Most of these pre-filled oil cartridges come with the best 510 thread battery. These cartridges screw on to rechargeable batteries. Most of these batteries heat up once you draw, but many others contain buttons to power them up. Some batteries even come with multiple temperature settings while some may just heat up to a preset temperature.

Specifications Of 510 Thread Battery


Let me talk about some technical aspects now. Vape pen batteries come in a wide range of voltages and are also available in variable voltages. The most common range users usually go for is between 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts. You must know that any stylus or slim pen voltage is going to be in the range of 3.3 volts.

The voltage will be adjusted depending on your draw, and may even allow them to draw as low as 3 volts. For a common polycarbonate style oil cartridge, you will need a higher voltage range than 3.3 volts so that the ceramic cartridge can be heated properly. They require a voltage in the range of 3.7 volts or higher and offer excellent quality vapor output.

Finding the perfect voltage depends on the resistance offered by the atomizer to reach the optimal temperature range (Between 280 to 350 for most oils). Lower voltage promises pure vapor output, but a lighter hit. It is recommended that you always start out low and then work your way up from there.


To determine how long the battery will retain its charge, you must check for its mAh rating. This rating tells us how much power a battery can supply and for how long before it needs to be recharged. Most vape pen batteries provide around 280 to 900 mAh. The higher mAh usually works well with high voltage or high resistance kits, like a wax pen battery.


Let’s count off two very important things before we talk any further. First off, always try to use the charger that comes from the manufacturer same as the one your vape battery belongs to. Secondly, always try to use a normal speed USB charger than a fast or rapid charger. Using a rapid charger can cause damage to your Lithium-ion battery, the processor, or maybe even fry the battery.

Do not use your phone’s fast charger for vape batteries and always go for a USB port, a wall adapter or a car charger. You must always try to match the voltage of your charger with that of your battery. Some batteries tend to come with a higher voltage or higher amperage charger than most other batteries. Following is a list of the best 510 thread batteries.

Top 12 Best 510 Thread Batteries 2020

1. KandyPens Slim Battery ($24.95)

KandyPens Slim Battery ($24.95)I personally love using this brand. KandyPens Slim Battery is another remarkable product by KandyPens. This battery is 510 threaded, slender with a sleek design, slim and powerful. You can use a USB charger to power up the KandyPens Slim Battery quickly and effortlessly. This battery does not come with any buttons, and only heats waxy oils.

Its universal 510 threading is not only compatible with the KandyPens Slim, but it works perfectly with any 510-threaded tank. The slim design of the battery allows for an easy grip and is easy to conceal by simply slipping it in your pocket.

This battery is ideal to vaporize wax and comes in various different exquisite colors like bold black, sophisticated white, glamorous chrome, a soft rose gold, and flashy gold color.


2. Evod Twist VV Battery ($26.99)

Evod Twist VV Battery ($26.99)The EVOD Twist VV Battery is your loyal partner when it comes to vaping on the go. This 1100mAh variable voltage battery offers more than the average battery power, is easy and simple to operate, and is universally compatible with all 510-threaded cartridges and vaping devices.

This battery is also compatible with 510-threaded vape accessories; the EVOD Twist VV allows you to power up your favorite tanks and offers a long lasting battery life. The EVOD Twist VV batteries allow you to choose voltage in between the ranges of 3.2 and 4.8 volts. This 1100 mAh powerful 510-threaded battery is slender and easy to conceal when you are outdoors.

This is what makes it a perfect choice for vapers who prefer to vape on the go. It takes five clicks before the battery turns on or off. It comes with overcharge protection that keeps the EVOD Twist VV from overheating while it is being charged. This battery is ideal for e-juice when vaping on the go. The battery comes in four exciting colors: black, blue, green, and silver.


3. Auto Draw Variable Voltage Battery with Charger ($19.99)

Auto Draw Variable Voltage Battery with Charger ($19.99)I had a good experience using this. Auto Draw Variable Voltage Battery is a product of GreenWorld. This battery is compatible with 510 threaded oil cartridges. It sleek and slim design allows vapers to vape liquid concentrates on the go. This device comes with one button control, and its Auto Draw Variable Voltage functionality allows users to choose from four different voltage settings and preheat setting that allows the vape to prepare for thicker oils and is an easy way to go for beginners.

The battery can be powered on by five successive clicks, three clicks will allow you to access voltage settings, and two clicks will reset the device to the preheat setting. This battery also comes with a charger so you can up your device from any place that has a USB outlet available. The USB charger is attached to the battery through 510-threading.

Auto Draw Variable Voltage Battery allows you to change its temperature settings. This allows the user to gain control of their vapor profiles, and allow them to choose the best temperature for their oil concentrate of choice. All you have to do to switch the temperature is to press the tip of the battery. This battery is the perfect choice for vapers who are on a tight budget and prefer to vape on the go.


4. Variable Voltage Battery without Charger ($19.99)

Variable Voltage Battery without Charger ($19.99)This is another device by GreenWorld which my colleague uses. This device is compact in size and structure but delivers a massive power output of 400mAh vape battery that is compatible with most of the oil cartridges. Most batteries that are for disposable oil cartridges are single temp, but the Variable Voltage Battery enables you to adjust the power so that your battery is compatible with a larger range of e-liquids including oil concentrates.

All you have to do is click a few times and you will be ready to vape in a matter of seconds. This device is super compact and is easy to conceal in your hand. This powerful battery has the power of 400mAh which makes it a better alternative to the Vertex 350mAh VV. This battery comes with a USB charger so you can charge this from anywhere. This battery provides excellent vapor production, portability, and convenience.

The battery device is easy to use. You have to click five times to power on this device, three times to adjust temperature settings, and twice to reset the device to preheat the coil to provide instant vapor output once you draw. You can power off the device by clicking the button five times in rapid succession. This battery ensures a hassle-free, safe, easy, and smooth vaping experience.


5. KandyPens 350 mAh Battery ($34.95)

KandyPens 350 mAh Battery ($34.95)When I want something more robust, I go for this. This KandyPens battery is more powerful, more compact, and performs really well. This 350 mAh battery delivers the power of 350 mAh and longer battery life. It is ultra-compact and is one of the only 350 mAh 510 thread vape batteries in the market. This battery is the perfect partner for you when you are a vaper who vapes on the go. Its variable voltage allows you to vape as per your preferences.

With a few clicks of the button, you can vape exactly how you want to vape. The sleek design of this battery allows the vaper to vape on the go. This battery is available in three exquisite color schemes like cherry red, black, and white with stylish KandyPens emblem on its shiny exterior. This KandyPens 350mAh vape battery is 510 threaded and performs with excellence. This battery is easy to operate.

It comes with a single button option for controlling the device functions. You have to press the button five successive times to turn on and off the device. You have to press the same button successively thrice to adjust the voltage. The battery comes with LED lights and the bottom of the pen color coded to indicate the level of voltage. Green indicates 3.7 volts, blue indicates 3.9 volts, and red indicates 4.1 volts.


6. KandyPens Donuts Battery

KandyPens Donuts BatteryAgain this is something I use when I want more options. This powerful battery by KandyPens is slim and sleek in design and has a beautiful and sophisticated look to it. KandyPens Donuts Battery is a replacement temperature controlled battery for the KandyPens Donuts Vaporizer.

This battery allows the vaper to choose from the options of three different temperature settings at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, 390 degrees Fahrenheit, and 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

The battery comes with the universal 510 threading and is the best 510 thread battery for oil. It has the same finish and design as the KandyPens Donuts, but it is also compatible with KandyPens Galaxy atomizers. This battery offers a voltage range of 3.2 volts on the red color, 3.7 volts in green color, and 4.2 volts on a blue color. The device can only be used with the KandyPens Donuts and the KandyPens Galaxy vaporizers.


7. KandyPens Galaxy Battery

KandyPens Galaxy BatteryKandyPens Galaxy Battery is a replacement temperature controlled battery that is only compatible with the atomizers of KandyPens Galaxy and KandyPens Donuts atomizers. Similar to the KandyPens Donuts Battery, this one also allows you to choose from three different temperature settings like 350 degrees Fahrenheit, 390 degrees Fahrenheit, and 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

It comes with the universal 510 threading and has quite the same finish as KandyPens Galaxy. The device comes with LED display lights, temperature control settings, a glossy enamel sparkle finish, a slim and sleek design, and is color coded. It comes in various different unique shades of colors like black sparkle, turquoise, white, glossy black, purple, red, and rubber black. This is another best 510 thread battery for oils.


8. O2 XL Vape Pen Battery ($32.95)

O2 XL Vape Pen Battery ($32.95)This 3.7 volts XL battery is the next step from O2’s best-selling 3.7-volt vape pen battery. This battery has an increased capacity which means that the vaper does not need to charge it as often and you can travel through long journeys and go on long hikes without having to worry about recharging your batteries.

This is one of the best 510 threaded batteries for oil cartridges and gives just the right temperature for most oils.

What do I like most about it? This battery comes with a lifetime warranty and is the perfect match for a wide range of oil cartridges. This huge 650 mAh battery is for extended use. This battery is an intelligent combination of power and sleek design that is an excellent choice for vapers who love to vape on the go.


9. Ceram-X 510 Thread Wax Pen Battery ($49.95)

Ceram-X 510 Thread Wax Pen Battery ($49.95)This device is a powerful addition to the series of the best 510 thread batteries released by Ceram-X. If you need a tank of a battery to power your 510 Donuts, coiled, globes, quartz or ceramic wax atomizers day after day, then you must check out the Ceram-X wax pen battery.

This is a tank that has the brilliant potential of powering any 510 thread atomizer between the range of 3.3 volts and 4.2 volts. This voltage range means you can also use a ceramic oils cartridge on it. Might look a bit funny, but will rip like nobody’s business. I recommend that you use this device with an atomizer so that you can experience the true power and brilliance of its mind-blowing performance. The package comes with a wax vape pen battery along with a charging cable.


10. O2 Vape Gray Vape Battery ($24.99)

The O2 Gray Vape Battery is the buttonless version of their industry leading and extremely popular 3.7 volts vape pen battery. This rugged gray vape pen battery is beautiful and high in demand right now. It brings no burnt taste, allows the vaper to have big draws, and the battery itself has long battery life.

Let me tell you something interesting about it. Since the device is buttonless, it is not to assume that it will be difficult in functionality. It is very easy to use. It is a 350 mAh battery that runs as 3.7 volts. The device works efficiently with 510 thread cartridges and this beautifully rugged gray pen works the best with O2’s wicked glass vape cartridges and ceramic cartridges.

This best 510 thread battery is powerful and efficient enough to drive ceramic class cartridge which usually requires a lot of power. Do not use this battery with any of the polycarbonate or plastic cartridges whether they are of good quality or not. This battery is a lot more powerful than the original button less vape pen released by O2.

11. O.pen Vape ($20)

The long and narrow O.pen Vape batteries are currently the skinniest devices on the market and also in most cases the cheapest. So this makes it the best 510 thread battery for cartridges.

These devices are best known for their distinctive rubber tip, a stylus you can use on your phone between puffs from your favorite vape pen. This is the house battery for the moribund Golden brand, which was one of the pioneers in the vaping industry when vaping was legalized and is now off the shelves.

You are likely to find this brand name in high-end sophisticated shops like Serra, but if you shop for this battery at Amazon, you can get knockoffs for as little as $5.

But this battery comes with a downside. You will have to treat this battery as a semi-disposable device. From personal experience, I can assure you that after the first ten or so times of recharging, the power of the battery begins to wane off. There’s another version of this device for $40, that promises to be less of a disposable device, but given its history, I wouldn’t exactly recommend you to buy the more expensive version.


12. O2 Vape Flip ($39.95)

O2 Vape Flip ($39.95)I have heard a lot about this and went for it. It was not a bad experience at all. This vape battery comes with the universal 510 thread and is the product everyone has been raving about. The battery comes with a lifetime warranty.

Its concealed quick click cartridge ensure safekeeping of your vape juice or oil. This is one of the best 510 thread batteries for oil. It comes with a built-in USB which means now you never have to carry or worry about losing or buying a charger again.

This is a 3.7 volts battery which means you can use your favorite cartridge with it. This is the perfect device if you happen to have an active lifestyle of hiking, mountain biking, and snowboarding without risking cartridge damage. This is one of the ultimate vape pen products that are not only professional but discreet, too. There is no question about the longevity or quality of the device. It comes with the best features and you can even push a button and fold it out.

This device can be purchased here.


Purchase The Best 510 Thread Battery Now!

In the above list, I compiled, you can find the best 510 thread battery that will work with any of your 510 thread cartridges. These batteries allow you to get nice and easy draws with the perfect puff of oil concentrate of your choice. These batteries are the best 510 thread batteries for oil cartridges and most of them come with temperature control settings to allow the vapers to hit the right temperature.

These vape batteries offer power than a generic vape pen battery. This ultimately means that the vaper will be able to get better hits. A lot of the aforementioned products also come with a Lifetime Warranty so you know that you do not have to worry about spending on batteries anytime soon again.

These powerful batteries allow vapers to get tasty and intense hits without burning up their cartridge going through their oil too fast.

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