Best 18650 Batteries for Vaping 2020

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1. Sony VTC5A

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2. Samsung INR 18650

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3. Samsung 25R 18650

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Are you considering exploring the amazing world of Vaping but have no idea where to start and what products to buy or rely on? Well, search no more and read this complete guide to get a satisfying and fulfilling Vaping experience. I will you guide about the best 18650 battery and others that you might want to go for while finding your best vape battery.

In this article, we will be covering all aspects of a vape battery, what factors to consider when going for the best vape battery of your vape kit, which products to choose from and topmost reliable brands to go for, for a complete vaping experience for all you vaping enthusiasts. However, keep one thing in mind, that there is no one fit formula for all and best 18650 battery is the one that is compatible with your vape.

Buying the best 18650 battery that is reasonably priced, durable and fits all that you are looking for is a nuisance. Well, choosing the best 18650 battery that is just right is easy once you know the parameters to consider when buying them. High-quality Vaporizer batteries can be very heavy on the pocket. This is the part where we enter with our expertise, to guide you through the tedious process of getting a flawless product from the range of thousands of counterfeit products that are out there and avoid getting conned by fake re-furbished material.

Now, to select the perfectly efficient best vape battery it is essential to understand the science behind these vape batteries and the principle on which they work so that you can prevent any unwanted incidents or explosions from occurring. In other words, a battery that is safe and effective!

So What is a 18650 Battery for Vape?

A vaporizer battery is the life of your vaporizer, quite literally! Like the blood that flows through our arteries and veins, energizing and nourishing every cell and tissue in our body, a vape battery supplies the required energy to the rest of the vape setup for the proper functioning of the setup as a whole.

So, before we jump to our topic, it is important to understand a little bit about the structure and function of Vape batteries as part of your Vape kit and setup. Every vaporizer setup comprises of the following, as part of its body:

Housing: fundamentally, this is the mod of the vape setup. It can be either an EGO Pen, a box mod or a simple tube mod, etc. This is designed as such to be able to hold the power source i.e. 18650 vape battery of any other electronic part in order to allow and control variable powers and prevent any unwanted short circuits for safety purposes.

Tank or clearomiser: the tank of the body holds the liquid, wick and coil and this is screwed into the housing through a thread.

Drip Tip: this is connected to the tanks and allows the enthusiast to be able to inhale the wicked sweet (or sour, no judgments here!) vapor.

Different parts of a 18650 battery for vaping are interchangeable, within reason of course! You can easily use different mods with different tanks and the end body will work through the same principle. The powerhouse of the body i.e. the battery, whether external or internal/fixed, operates through a stimulus button. The attached coil has a specific resistance and when this voltage difference is applied, current flows from the vaporizer battery and this, in turn, heats the coil. As a result of which e-liquid in the tanks heats and vaporizes and voila! The experience of a lifetime!

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best 18650 Battery

We know what it’s like to invest your time and money on something that brings you happiness and have that money be flushed into the drain because of a single wrong decision, isn’t it the worst thing ever! I know right!
To avoid going through the pain of a bad battery ruining your entire vaping kit and the satisfying experience, here is a list of parameters you should consider when investing your hard earned money:

1) Mod Compatibility

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind and personally my top factor to keep in mind when I go for a trip down vaping heaven. Now some technical details, so one critical thing to take into account when talking about batteries and mod compatibility is the difference between a mechanical mod/hybrid mod and a regulated mod.

Keep in mind that a mechanical mod draws energy from the vape battery directly, meaning that it is crucial to have known whether the battery has the ability to provide the electric current needed to fire the coil. This is the tricky part, as, without appropriate knowledge of the dynamics and working principle of the vape battery and Ohms law of resistance, there is a high chance of you ending up, either damaging the battery or worse, hurting yourself because of an unanticipated explosion.

Coming to the regulated mod, as the name indicates is safer. In this mod, the vape battery is driven through a chipset which is present within the device. This chipset is able to regulate the amount of current that is conveyed to the coil. Generally, the parameters that are set on the mod that determine the potential difference and drawn power principally drive is regulation, thus, protecting the vape battery as well as the user from any unwanted accidents, damage, explosion etc.

2) Reliable Brand Of The Product

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a battery for your trip to vape town is the brand you are going for. There are only a handful of brands out there that are true to their claims and maintain high integrity when coming to the quality of their products and the promises they make to their buyers.

You would be surprised to know that a lot of companies out there are selling counterfeit batteries and are dishonest when rating their products, often times making false claims and promises that do not live up to the expectations of the user.

It is indeed a greedy world outside and for some brands; the only goal is to sell as many products as they can at the cost of quality and user experience. It is no mystery or secret that most Chinese products follow this trend and are oblivious to their corporate responsibilities.

To ease up your search and protect you from going through the pain of buying a substandard brand, here are the names of most reliable and trustworthy brands you can go for that produce the best 18650 battery. Now keep in mind that they might be a little heavy on the pockets, but if you think about it, replacing a substandard product every 2 months costs the user even more than a good long term investment.

The four most important brands that manufacture vaporizer batteries who you can trust with your life (okay, that may be an overstatement), but you can surely rely on them to provide quality, consistency and truthfulness in their rating of batteries and those brands are; Sony, LG, Samsung, and Panasonic/Sanyo.

These are globally well established and successful brands and the organization upholds its stance on a high standard, quality and customer experience. In fact, more often than not these batteries are underrated for their performance and when used, you vapers would find it to outdo our expectations.

On the same hand, there are false claimers that would do anything to sell their products and there are many overrated batteries out there claiming to have a capacity of even greater than 4000 mAh for 18650 lithium-ion batteries.

Such sellers are to be looked out for as there is currently no 18650 battery out in the market with specs that are rated above 3500 mAh capacity or a 30-ampere continuous discharge rate. Beware of the con artists!
Now coming to the milder brands that have, although, slightly exaggerated ratings and specs but the risk vs. benefits ratio is more towards the favorable end of the spectrum.

These brands have been working over the years to improve the quality, durability, safety, and effectiveness of their products and have improved substantially over the years. Safe to say that they may even catch up with our leading brands, in a few years.

These include Efest, Vapcell, Imren and MXJO and these brands may tend to be generous in the battery ratings in order to sell more but they do offer more value by providing a thicker wrapped battery. This provides an extra layer around the battery for protection and a free cover. Let’s face it, everyone loves free stuff!

3) Potential Difference/Voltage

As you may know by now, that there are two types of mods; Regulated mods and Mechanical/Unregulated mods.
When considering the former, regulated devices, higher the potential difference, lesser the current extracted from the battery. The high potential difference means that the battery would have to do lesser work.

Now coming to the latter, the mechanical/unregulated device, the high potential difference would mean that the battery will deliver more charges per unit time to the vape coil. This, in turn, will increase the temperature of the coil and higher temperature will result in more vapors, enhanced flavor, in other words, a more colorful experience for our enthusiasts.

In vape lingo, this phenomenon is called “hard hits” which is more enjoyable for cloud chasers. So when you hear someone say “hitting harder”, what it means is that the potential difference at which the device can maintain halfway through its sequence or even longer than that. This is generally called voltage sag. Some batteries can stay at around 3.7 volts halfway through its cycle, on the other hand, some can do it at 3.2 volts

4) Capacity Of Charges

For those of you who didn’t pay attention during their physics lectures, the capacitance is the ability of a battery to store charges and is basically the opposite of resistance. As is self-explanatory, the higher the capacitance, the greater the time your battery will able to supply charges to the vaping device.

The unit that is generally used for measurement of capacity is milliampere times hours and this represents the milliampere of current that can be discharged for the battery for the allotted number of hours.

However, a major downside to high capacity is that it comes at the cost of continuous discharge rating i.e. the maximum current at which the battery can be discharged continuously without being damaged. So you can have one or the other but not both together.

An example of this is the Panasonic NCR18650B which I consider is the best 18650 battery. It has a Continuous Discharge Rate of only 4.9 Amperes and discharges at a relatively low speed, but the capacity of 3400mAh which is quite high. On the other hand, the LG HB6 has a high discharge rate of 30 Amperes, but a smaller capacity of only 1500mAh.

Unbelievably so, there are also some devices that are designed to maintain an equilibrium between capacity and current rating. These can maintain a balance between current flow and capacity with great precision. Some examples of the concerned devices are Samsung 25R and LG HG2.

5) Continuous Discharge Rating (CDR)

The foremost and most important thing to keep into account when going vape battery shopping is the CDR (Continuous Discharge Rating) of the battery.

So, what is Continuous Discharge Rating?

The rate which the maximum amount of current can flow continuously and be discharged through the battery into the device without damaging the battery or affecting the capacity of the battery is CDR.

This is not to be confused with pulse rating, which is the rate at which maximum current can flow through the battery for a short time interval without damaging the battery or affecting the capacity of the battery. Pulse ratings are not normally used as a parameter for rating vape batteries because of its multiple dependency nature like consideration of the length of pulses, resting time between pulses, etc.

The increased number of factors makes the process more tedious and unsafe. This is why; we use the Continuous Discharge Rating rather than the Pulse Rating as a choosing parameter.

Prior to choosing any battery, it is essential to understand and do your research on the amount of current the vaping device you are using requires, in order to function. If the current rating between the battery and the requirement of current by the device do not match or complement one another, that would cause a major issue.

For example, if the CDR of the battery is less than what is required by the device, to function, the battery is bound to get overheated due to the continuous strain and overwork it is doing to match the current requirements.

6) Overheating Factor

This is a very crucial factor consider in terms of the safety of your vaping battery, to prevent any possible accidents that may ruin your vaping experience, or even cause damage to the user. This is the very factor that has made vaping unpopular to some extent among its users, as the battery tends to explode when over-heated.

A constant overheating and a consistent increase in temperature indicate that the battery is being overused and being pushed beyond its normal limits.

If your battery continuously overheats to or beyond 45 degree Celsius, the aging process of the battery multiplies by many factors and such a battery is likely to become useless much quicker than a normal cool running battery.

This also increases the chances of unanticipated accidents and explosions due to the presence of lithium ions which are alkali earth metal and highly reactive. Key to solving this problem is to choose a battery with an appropriately higher CDR rating.

Here are some safety measures you can take that may help you keep your vape setup safe, and might even save your life!

  • Avoid keeping external batteries in your handbags or pockets
  • Always use a plastic case as storage for your battery to prevent exposure to the environment.
  • If your battery is overheated, do not use or charge it
  • Avoid overusing beyond marked limits
  • Discard or rewrap batteries with damaged wrappers
  • Avoid forcing into an unfit housing kit
  • When the battery has aged, discard to recycle it as mentioned on the label

7) Value for Money

Another under-addressed factor to consider when buying a vape battery, or any product, is its monetary value and whether or not it is worth the services the user is receiving. For example, The Samsung 30Q 18650 Battery has a capacity of 3000mAh and a CDR of 15A, which exceeds its rating of 15A and all while giving you 3000mAh of capacity. This offers higher capacity and a lower cost than the VTC5A which means higher value and lower cost.

8) Shape Of The Positive Terminal

The last you would want to consider is the type and shape of the positive terminal of the battery, whether you want a button top battery or flat top battery. The shape always refers to the cathode i.e. the electron receiving end of the battery. Here’s how the shape may affect your experience.

A button top battery as indicated through its name has a protruding surface as a result of which the length of this battery is increased as opposed to the flat top surface and this may cause fitting issues in the housing of the device.

A flat top, as the name suggests has a flat surface on the top end and may appear to be too short if your device is requiring a button top battery. The key is to match the housing length with the battery length and choose the flat or button top accordingly.

The 18650 battery is one of the most common batteries used for vaping. The best 18650 battery is a lithium-ion battery made of lithium and carbon combination. Using lithium ions means that the 18650 batteries are capable of recharging quickly and repeatedly. When it comes to battery time, lithium-ion is one of the best types of battery. The Li-ion battery will only lose 5% of its charge if left for a month unused. They are generally very safe to use and are durable. This is why it is a popular choice to be used in Vapes.

The user needs to be sure that battery in the vape does not wear out quickly or leak dangerous chemicals that could be potentially hazardous to the vapers health and detrimental to the Vape. These 18650 are also commonly used in other devices such as Laptops, cordless power tools, electronic vehicles, LED lights etc.

Although there are other types of batteries such as the 20700s and the 21700s available in the market, these are rarely present in dual or triple battery vape mods due to their large sizes. Due to the popularity of the 18650 batteries, it is not uncommon to find counterfeited batteries in the market, so it is very important to do thorough research before buying one from the market.

Below are some of the best batteries currently available in the market. These batteries are ranked on various parameters and also the specifications they have to offer to the user.

Top 11 Best 18650 Vape Batteries 2020

1. Sony VTC5A

Sony VTC5A

The number 1 spot goes to Sony for product best 18650 battery! Sony requires no introduction, being the leading electronic brand in the world. In the domain of vaping, this might be Sony’s only contribution and they made it count.

The Sony VTC5 works flawlessly with regulated as well as mechanical mods. While most of the other batteries offer 2500 mAh, Sony provides an extra 100 mAh and offer 2600 mAh.

This difference might not be highly noticeable, but it surely is more than enough to power the device. The battery life highly varies on how frequently you vape as well as on your mod and tank.

However, this battery will give you an impressive 30 amps of continuous discharge. It also gives an outstanding 3.6V of power. When it comes to price, it makes things, even more, better, it is fairly cheap. With these specifications and price, it is definitely the best vape mod battery currently available in the market.

Pros of this Brand

  • High amperage, around 30A of continuous current discharge
  • Cheap for the specifications it packs.


2. Samsung INR 18650 2500Mah

Samsung INR 18650 2500Mah

The second place on the list also needs no introduction at all. Samsung, which is one of the market leaders in the smartphone market, lives up to its reputation when it comes to vape batteries.

The Samsung 18650, packed with 2500 mAh, performs quite well. Although these 18650s might stand out like other brands, these are par on what the user might expect.

With only a 100 mAh less than the competitor Sony, which is barely noticeable, they give a continuous current discharge of 20 A.

Coming to the wattage of this battery, this battery has around 3.6 V of power which can be deemed quite standard. With these standard specifications, this 18650 is at its best a mid-range battery.

The best part of this battery, however, is its extremely budget-friendly price. It is an ideal battery for people on a budget and those who prefer to vape at low wattages.

Pros of this Brand

  • Budget-friendly
  • Ideal for people with low wattage preference


3. Samsung 25R 18650 2500Mah

Samsung 25R 18650 2500Mah

This Samsung battery is one of the best 18650 batteries in the market there is. With a large capacity of 2500 milliampere-hour and a continuous discharge of 20 amperes to match, it is definitely in our bucketlist of products and accessories to complete our vape kit.

These attributes make suitable for any kind of use and have landed it a spot in our top 11 list. One of the most highlighting qualities is its ability to fully charge and discharge 250 times before having a reduction in its capacity and quality.

This is the long-standing tested product which is the most reliable in the market currently. The 2 editions of this vape battery although have the same working principle, the green pack have a longer lifetime than the blue pack.

Pros of this Brand

  • Lengthy lifespan
  • High charge/discharge cycles


4. Efest IMR 18650 35A

Efest IMR 18650 35A

The Efest IMR 18650 battery is a powerful beast. Its high power makes it stand out when compared with above 2 electronic giants. It is an ideal candidate for sub-ohm vaping with power upto 4.25 Volts.

The Efest IMR 18650 35A is provided with around 20 amps of continuous current discharge and a maximum discharge up to 35 amperes. When it comes to capacity, it packs a standard 2500 mAh.

With such power, one might think that it would come with a very high price tag but that is not the case. At a very low price, it is packed with one beast of power.

This definitely makes it one the best vape batteries currently out there in the market. It performs quite well and is not so heavy on the pocket. All in all, it is a good value and the best 18650 battery from the brand!

Pros of this Brand

  • Not expensive
  • High voltage is impressive


5. Brillipower 18650 40A

Brillipower 18650 40A

The Brillipower 18650 40A is a true example of a perfect battery! With every feature just quite right, this is one of the best battery out there right now.

Starting with capacity, this beast is packed with 3100 mAh, which gives the user a longer vaping time when compared with the rest of the 18650 batteries!

The discharge on this battery is a tale on its own. It gives around 40 amperes of continuous current discharge which is incredibly impressive. The voltage is around 3.7 V which is quite standard.

The price is the best part of this battery! With being at almost the same price as a standard battery it is surely incredibly cheap given its specifications.

Brillipower is a respectable brand with very positive reviews. If you really want your value for money, definitely go for this battery. Everything about this battery is good and it is definitely one of the best in the market.

Pros of this Brand

  • Relatively cheap given the specifications it packs
  • High capacity
  • Very high amperage
  • Ideal for cloud chasers


6. Sony VTC4 18650 2100Mah 30A

Sony VTC4 18650 2100Mah 30A

The Sony VTC4 18650 2100mAh 30A battery is another contender to be used in the vaporizers world. It is just as strong a contender as its previously mentioned competitor and brings the generous capacity of 2100 milliampere-hour capacity to the table. With a flat top design and a nominal potential difference of 3.7 volts, it gets the job done with robustness.

The 30 amperes continuous discharge rating makes it a dream come true for heavy vapers can bear very heavy loaded vaping sessions.

With these features, it is easy to say that it is one of the best batteries in the market but it does not come with a competitive price. It is just not a good value for money keeping in mind the competition it has with some of the less well-known names.

This been said, it might be correct to assume that some people might feel more comfortable buying a rather well-known brand than going for a relatively unknown brand. This battery is also durable, performing even past its expected lifespan. Its weight in the hand might some people to feel the vape more durable and strong.

Pros of this Brand

  • Durable with a long lifespan
  • Heavy watt-vaping
  • Robustness


7. Samsung 30Q INR18650 3000Mah Battery

Samsung 30Q INR18650 3000Mah Battery

The Samsung 30Q INR18650 3000mAh battery is made for a targeted audience. And is ideal for vapers that requires removable high drain 18650 battery.

This flat-topped lithium-ion battery is an INR battery with a very high capacity of 3000mAh (MAX), a Continuous Rated Discharge of 15A (MAX), and a Nominal Voltage: 3.6V-3.7V. This battery is highly durable with a life cycle of 250 full charges/discharges cycles, and after that its capacity falls to 60 percent.

Pros of this Brand

  • Very long battery life
  • Ideal for low wattage vaping
  • Durable

It wasn’t until mid-2017 that the 20700 vape battery started to emerge. The 20700 vape battery has a superior vaping time between charges as compared to the 18650 cells. Many of these 20700 batteries perform better at higher wattages.

The bigger players in the electronic industry such as Sony, LG, and Samsung are yet to enter into the 20700 battery competition. Most of the top picks in this category are actually rewrapped cells and are sold with exaggerated specs. It is highly advisable for buyers to do their research prior to buying one of these batteries from a credible and authentic source. Some of the authentic picks are listed and reviewed below.


8. Golisi S32

Golisi S32The S32 is a high capacity 20700 battery. It provides the user with up to 75 watts of vaping power per cell with a single or dual 20700 devices.

Like the first entry in this list, it also comes with a 3000 mAh capacity which is more than enough for a long lasting vaping between re-charges. However, the power output is slightly less than the Ampking. They, nevertheless, give a superior battery life than the 18650 batteries.

Pros of this Brand

  • High Capacity
  • Good battery life


9. iJoy 5 Leg

iJoy 5 LegThe IJOY 5-leg batteries are one of the best options in the 20700 categories currently in the market. Unlike its predecessor the IJOY 4-Leg cell, these 5-leg cells perform much better. These 5-leg cells are packed with a stunning 3000 mAh capacity which is par with the rest of the batteries in the market.

However, there are currently several types of 5-leg cells out there in the market so it’s important to do thorough research before buying one.

Pros of this Brand

  • Very High capacity


10. Efest Purple

Efest Purple

The EFEST purple 20700 are flat-top cells. When it comes to performance, these 20700 batteries compete well with the IJOY and the Ampking 20700 batteries. However, there are cases of EFEST cell’s specifications exaggerated on the wraps. Nevertheless, these cells are one of the best EFEST has to offer and are worth buying.

Pros of this Brand

  • Incredible Performance


11. Vaporfi High-Capacity 15A 3000Mah Battery

Vaporfi High-Capacity 15A 3000Mah Battery

Being a reliable high power source with very high capacity as well as a high current discharge of 15 amperes, this keeps the mods running strongly and smoothly.

The superior wattage leads to an extraordinary vaping experience and improves the life of the battery. It was created to provide optimal power for higher charge cycles.

Due to the high capacity of 3000 milliampere-hour, there is enough amount of capacity for your battery to run for more than 6 hours.

The dual battery mods feature of this battery is attributed to its continuous discharge rating of 15 amperes, the charging potential difference of 4.20 volts and the nominal potential difference 3.6 volts. Easy to carry as it is sold as a single unit.

Pros of this Brand

  • Very high power
  • Very high capacity
  • Ideal for cloud chasers
  • Ideal for dual mods


To understand better how a battery works, let us take a brief look at the internal anatomy of a battery:

Anatomy of a Vape Battery

There are three main parts of best 18650 batteries: electrodes, an electrolyte solution, and a separator
The electrodes: There are 2 conductors at each end of a battery and these are called electrodes. One is known as the cathode and this is connected to the positive terminal of the battery and this is the point from where the electrical current leaves the battery during electrical discharge. This happens when the battery is being used to give power to some material. The other end/electrode is known as the anode and this is connected to the negative terminal of the battery, the point where the electrical current enters the battery during electrical discharge.

The electrolyte: Inside the battery, in between the 2 electrodes, there is a solution called Electrolyte. This is a liquid or gel-like substance that contains electrically charged particles, or ions. The ions combine with the materials that make up the electrodes, producing chemical reactions that allow a battery to generate an electric current.

The separator: This is the final part of the battery. Its function is to assure that the 2 electrodes, cathode, an anode, stay apart from one another and do not come in contact, as the contact between these 2 will result in a short circuit.

Different types of vape batteries are chemically different on the basis of different anodes. Some of the most widely used with their attributes are listed below:

Chemical Classification Of 18650 Lithium Ion Batteries

IMR (Li-Manganese): These batteries are attributed to discharge at a higher current than others, at the same time preventing overheating. In other words, a safe and effective solution for all your vaping problems.

INR (Lithium Manganese Nickel): The addition of Nickel in this has done wonders for the chemistry of this battery and this is, hands down, the reigning champion of the 18650 batteries. The stable chemistry of this battery nullifies the need for high-end protective circuits, meaning the product is both safe and light on the pocket.

ICR (Li-Cobalt): The big one! This chemistry delivers the highest energy of any 18650 battery but at a cost. They are the most dangerous li-ion 18650 batteries available! This is also a problem for high-current discharging, as you cannot safely discharge them at a higher current than their mAh rating.

Keep the Factors in Mind and Choose the Best 18650 Battery for Vaping

So my fellow vapers, there you have it! We hope you would find this guide useful. We know that there are plenty of options to choose from, but it is important to keep an eye out for all the fakers who may take advantage of your lack of knowledge on the subject.

Keep in mind the factors you have to look for when spending your money on a vape battery and you will surely get your hands on a product that is effective, safe and has high-quality standards. We recommend you choose from the top list of products in this article and enjoy having an experience of a lifetime.
Happy Vaping!

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